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  1. I got both editions from Jotnar edition. It crossed my mind to play the ps4 edition first, just for the autopop. But I ended up playing ps5 edition first. It all comes to your setup. I personally wanted to enjoy the 90fps dynamic 4k experience on an Oled with VRR. Then again if your TV doesn't support this higher specs, the ps4 version is almost as good at 60fps. You have to really pay attention to notice any difference. Personally I completed a playthrough with the ps5 version with best settings possible and then started again on the ps4 version and did the autopop. 20 more hours that a really enjoyed, as the game is excellent!!
  2. The best and better looking armor set for me is the survival one, the one you are starting with. After lvl 6 it gives a tremendous boost in every Stat.
  3. Is this a downloaded completed save cheat?
  4. yeah sorry i couldn t find another thread and didn t want to start a new one. i ll delete them if needed!!
  5. i saw someone has the ps4 version platinum in 30 seconds. I thought its not possible to autopop on ps4. Any ideas??
  6. What matters for me the most is the analogy between your trophy count. Hakoom has been overtaken by 5 people but he still has the best trophy analogy, thus he is still the best trophy hunter in my opinion. When you have more gold than silver or even bronze, it means you only play shovelware. Don't get me wrong I play them too, but I won't ruin my general gaming experience just for trophies. I will enjoy the occasional release of an interesting (for me) game, I will try different games (sometimes because they have interesting or fun trophies) and now and then I will buy a bunch of shovelware just to bump my numbers a little. I reached 7th in my country but I stop caring when people with 8k gold, 6k silver and 6k bronze overtook me. It's not worth it to destroy my gaming experience to hunt people you pay 20 to 30 euro a day just to play stupid games. Sony must address this or at least here at psnp it should me more about the ratio of your trophies, beacause the point syster is stupid. And I don't talk about rarity because rarity means nothing, it doesn't represent the difficulty just the % of people that were willing to put hours and hours into sport games that no one cares about. I don't think there are more than 50 trophies that are actually rare due to skill dependancy. All in all things have to change and in my opinion you need to give people the motive to play a big range of games, not only easy ones. Considering the situation this will only be possible if the point system becomes trophy ratio oriented
  7. Trophy rarity is just stupid. There are some ridiculously easy trophies that are ultra rare and then some difficult platinums that are very common. Even souls and soulslike games have common trophies. So what is the point? To have ultra rare trophies you have to play many sports games and games that nobody cared to even finish.
  8. With all due respect to all moderators i think you know that the majority of trophy hunters are stacking regional trophies!! I ve been doing it myself since 2018 and never had any issues. I think the whole point is that the timestamps are logical. Most of us don't use hacks or anything. We just play the games legit and use the trick to add it to our lists. If its illegal then more than 50% of trophy hunters must be removed from psnp. I really appreciate this site!!
  9. Top trophy hunters are stacking vita games for years and are still on board. I don't think it's illegal. I understand the danger of earn trophies in wrong order due to disconnection but if you are careful it ll be fine. Was just curious if anyone had any issues I didn't know tou could earn regional trophies offline!! Well after today i think i understand what you are saying. The solution i found was do trick, download and start game and earn the trophies. Then redid trick and sync amd everything went fine!! So i think this whole "must stay online" is not accurate. Well i learned that now at the end. Almost done with regional trophy stacking
  10. What do you mean everyone is doing this for years 🤣
  11. Trying to mop up some NA stacks but flr some reason the connection is very unstable. Some trophies got sync with alternate account and now i can't earn them again. Does anybody have any ideas!?
  12. After doing the remastered trilogy on brutal i think crushing is relatively easy if you are patient. Checkpoints are pretty generous too, so you can basically learn the enemy patterns. It's trial and error basically!!
  13. Eldlich deck carried me through the ranks!! It's very easy and simple το learn and you always have a move to make unless eldlich is banished. I was able to win even when i was trying to get the rest of the trophies. It's that good
  14. Did the backup solution and it only gave me veteran. Retried 7 times until hth popped. This is nonsense and it's finally over
  15. Stupid glitch. Did the backup thing and gave me only the veteran one. Had to retry 7 times before hth popped. No sense at all.