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  1. I'm a little confused as to why it shows there is 1 person with the platinum, but no one shows up when I click on the 100% leaderboard or even the platinum itself. Any one know why this is?
  2. Hey dude, started to friday the 13th and have a simple question, how do you play as jason? I keep getting options for freddy and Micheal Myers but not jason. This is utter bullshit. Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

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      Bruh, do you even know how to answer a question, gosh darn. I'm going to Xbox now.

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  3. Look at this trophy guide. How could you think this is bad:


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      B A D  G A M E  I S  B A D 

  4. Very constructive responses. Thank you. Your contribution is noted and thoroughly unappreciated. 👍
  5. The game releases on April 28th, 2020 (currently writing this on April 22nd, 2020) and there is already 1 person who almost has the I could potentially understand a day early at the most (still unsure how though) but this is over a week early.
  6. This ^
  7. Treasure Hunter only applies to the mission Taras Nabad. Super Gore Nest should not impact that trophy at all! Hope this helped 😀
  8. Can confirm that Weapons Expert only unlocks if you get the final kill with the BFG to both of them and win the match! Have boosted it multiple times with friends and it's popped every single time.
  9. Finally got the cow scene!! Chapter 3, Spring 3, 4pm (strangest part) - had both my cows outside, no rain, one pregnant and one not, full hearts - so yeah I really have no idea what exactly this CS requires but that’s when I got it finally.
  10. Fantastic! Thank you again for the information and help! I might just wait until the start of the next chapter then and use this one to focus on getting money lol
  11. Thank you for that! Yeah I'm about to run out of days in Chapter 2 Summer so I was thinking of just trying again in the next Chapter - but I could try making a separate save and just praying it happens. For the cow scene it is wake up early, let out all the animals, go back in house and then leave at like 6:30AM right?
  12. I can't even get that one - I wonder if it's skippable
  13. I had an issue with one of the trophies as well, I messaged the Devs on their Discord and it took a while but finally got the trophy resolved - it wasn't this one, but it still was something that I found useful.
  14. Thank you!!