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  1. This should be the link:
  2. A mini-guide for grinding out Fate at the end of the game provided you didn't earn enough from the story missions. This will still not be enough for the 5000 needed, but this can help you unlock the 10 Nodes in the Tech Tree if you haven't done that yet. Note: This should only be done once you play through the campaign and DLC stories since you'll earn Fate from those as well. How to Gain Influence (the fastest): *********************************************************** 1) Select a any mission in the System you are earning Influence 2) Press TOUCHPAD to bring up the Uther's Tarot Card section 3) Choose the following 3 cards (these are their names): a ) The Pure b ) Martyrdom c ) Onslaught, Superstition, or Momentum 4) Complete the mission and you will receive min 47 fate for each mission How to Check Influence: ************************ 1) From the Command Bridge or from Star-Map press L2 2) From the Overview, highlight a System and press Triangle for System Info Systems you need to prioritize and how much Fate you will receive ****************************************************************** Tenebra Subsector: Chernobog System - 100 Influence (50 Fate earned) Aethon System - 800 Influence (320 Fate earned) Dagnor System - 100 Influence (50 Fate earned) Lacaon System - 100 Influence (50 Fate earned) Atroxia Subsector: Ultima Thule System - 400 Influence (200 Fate earned) Gereon System - 800 Influence (400 Fate earned) That should be enough with how much you've also earned from the Story completions, however, if you still need more then do the following System as well. Triglav Subsector: Aureus System - 800 Influence (370 Fate earned)
  3. It appears the loot drops don't get affected - but I can say that some quests, like the side quests specifically, will drop more/less Anima Shards depending on the difficulty. For example, one of the Side Quests - Scarlet Memories: The Erudite, on Action difficulty rewards you with 6 Anima Shards, but if you play it on Hard difficulty it rewards with 7 Anima Shards. However, the loot/gear drops are still the same.
  4. Need some help sadly - I played the PS5 demo and it says I can upload the save data to the cloud. So I did this, but it doesn't give me the option to download it to the PS4 version of the game...any help is greatly appreciated. Edit: Joined the FFOrigins Discord and it seems like there is an error with the game not updating for the PS4 version so people are having. Just gotta wait for the devs to patch it seems - this isn't affecting everyone, but some people (like my friends and I) have been.
  5. This was a remaster I didn't even know I wanted till now. Gotta be thankful for companies like Nightdive bringing back some lesser-known titles to modern consoles. This plat will be fun lol
  6. It took a frustratingly long amount of time before the boss room showed up. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to actually locate one quickly or anything - but the best advice would be just to keep going and going until you do.
  7. I just want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you to those that voted and participated, thank you to the entirety of the guide staff that has helped bolster this community and bring guides to a higher standard, and thank you to all my fellow authors. It's been a pleasure writing along with all of you, and without your amazing work I would not have picked up some better habits myself. I am honored to be a nominee this year and even have come in 2nd place in the Formatting category, this is truly a wonderful achievement to earn and I'm blessed by all of those that showed their appreciation. Thank you once again, and cheers to another great year of writing!
  8. After playing at least an hour into this with a friend there are a few trophies that are definitely bugged: Payback - Defeat 100 enemies Punishback - Defeat 250 enemies (you can earn the trophy for defeating 50 enemies prior to these two, but these will not unlock) Locked and Loaded - Collect and use every base weapon in the game (unless there are weapons not released as a part of the base game this one is currently not unlocking) Gadget Master - Defeat an enemy while using an Attack Gadget (Attack Gadgets can be collected and are passive upgrades, but despite having them equipped the trophy will not unlock when having them) Gadget Seeker - Find 10 different gadgets (There are multiple gadgets that I and my friend collected and this still will not unlock) Looting Machine - Loot at least 5,000 Coins (We amassed thousands of coins while playing and unless this has to be cumulative it will not unlock - will continue trying to see if that's possible) Hope to see these fixed, the game is simple but kind of fun to kill a little bit of time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. To my knowledge there is no issue with the trophy besides the one brought up here so that should work. The game has to recognize that you beat each mission, and sadly it seems it just didn’t for you which sucks so yeah I think the best thing to do is just do mission select and check each mission after completing it. I did mission select for mine and it counted and I popped the trophy that way too. awesome! Let us know if it works!
  10. Not sure what you mean "Vanguard Reset" but like BigBlue said if each chapter shows that you completed it in Veteran difficulty, you may need to delete your save and replay the campaign. It's annoying, but at least it should work.
  11. New post for a new question: Can anyone 100% confirm that you need to buy the Battles from the Archives before attempting Ultimate Battler? Because if that's true I'm pissed that I didn't see that in the guide clearly (it is there, I just overlooked it) and I want to cry at the thought of doing The Max over again... Massive Edit: I found out that it is not a requirement. Despite being put in the guide for the Legendary Edition, I think this was just something in the original version of the game. Anyway, I decided to just go through all the other Battles again before trying Max and Impossible and thankfully it seems there was one that didn't save properly. There was another person seemed to have had a similar issue as me: basically, if you complete any of the Battles and then when it comes up saying the "stats" it is supposed to take you to the Main Menu again, but if you get stuck on a black screen for a long time before returning to the menu then that means it did not actually save so you will need to do it again. So, after doing the Battle again (for me it was Mirror Match) the trophy just popped! Now the plat is in sight!!!
  12. Holy batman and robin, I finally freaking beat The Max. I still have The Impossible left, but I am seriously shaking from how intense the final fight was for me in The Max...I was holding my breath and everything. Meter Burn was definitely a life saver when I was just getting combo'd left and right playing as Grundy. Also, only change I made to the Grundy combo was instead of + I used + and then just followed up with another then that way I didn't have to worry about jumping and missing the timing. The biggest tip I can recommend is be patient. So many times I lost fights just because I was trying to rush damage instead of paying attention to what the AI was gonna do next. Holy moly I'm still shaking lol gonna update with any tips when I finally take down The Impossible. Thank you to all the tips people had in this forum, I read everyone of them haha Edit: Beat the Impossible and sadly no trophy...Gonna go through the other battles again and see if I somehow missed one...I want to cry lol 2nd Edit: I forgot to include in my edit that I used basically the same strat from The Max while doing The Impossible. Be patient and really try to capitalize on the enemy getting bogged down from you constantly grabbing them. While getting more health back is great, sometimes it's better to keep the enemy in the corner and constantly hit them with an uppercut (UP and Triangle) and then instantly grab with Circle for more damage over and over, because most of the time the opponents do not realize what's going on. It was infinitely easier than The Max, but still provided quite a challenge. Definitely would recommend trying to get Doomsday, Grundy, and Lex Luthor in the early set of opponents if you are lucky to as they all have Invulnerability moves that are annoying to deal with on harder difficulties. Final Edit: I finally got the trophy! The post below details what the problem seemed to be and also what I did to remedy it without having to replay The Max or Impossible!
  13. oh cool, thanks for the confirmation. Honestly, I just used the map Skeld and turned on all the tasks so by doing all of them it was 10 tasks per match. If you just need to do a quick one then you can customize it and set it to only "One Short Task" - aside from that though I don't know of a faster way.
  14. Can't speak for PS5 -> PS4, but it definitely stores all progress somewhere other than the savefile/locally. I finished the PS4 plat and then loaded up the PS5 and it said I had nothing complete in the "Statistics," but after just a few matches I finished the PS5 plat as well. Doing literally one task got all of those trophies, one kill got all of those trophies, and the miscellaneous ones were simple enough to clean up aside from that. I would imagine it does PS4 -> PS5 as well, just can't confirm.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Yeah I found out earlier that it's working, so I've already added it. Thank you