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  1. No only multiplayer, the Glitch work yes
  2. The list is form the end of this year and 2020 ^^
  3. For me i try to have this platiniums Fast and furious : 2.39% Kung Fu Panda Showdown of legendary Legends : 0.66% Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 : 0.48% Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 : 0.94% Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 : 0.54% Wipeout Omega Collection : 1.98% Forced : 1.45% Street Fighter X Tekken 1.52% Street Fighter V : 1.37% Devil May Cry 5 : 3.94% Devil May Cry 4 : 2.70% Far Cry 2 : 0.56% Elite Dangerous : 0.21% Pox Nora : 0.49% The Elder Scroll Online : 0.14%
  4. I have a suggest, next time could you give a list of maybe 20-30 game ultra rare, and participant need to complete number of game he want please ?
  5. Bienvenue
  6. 44# Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, now go to the DLC 

  7. Hi, i probably press L2 without attention in chapter 1 acte 3, when i see i have only one medikit i select continue last checkpoint so now i have 2 medikit, and same mission 2 act 2 but this time is too late, my question is if im restart my checkpoint when i press L2, can i have the trophy ?
  8. OMG not collectable !! But OS is on dlc so im suppose next IS the f***ing survival mission...
  9. End of my hawx multiplayer i don't sleed until 30 hour before... So i have trouble for think/play ^^'
  10. Only on japanese account you think or same on other region ?
  11. Assassins Creed rogue
  12. If im remember i used PSTHC.FR guide this Time Is french forum, but you Can use Google traduction for help you, nor i used trophies.org guide sorry im not sûre ^^'
  13. You Can create a AT bunker Left on the USA base ( up to the Supply After the bridge ) and Italia Can place a AT Canon behind, german try to rush infantery here so you Can use Italian tank with Shut communication for kill all infantery
  14. The online work but i have trouble with server connect, you Can complete the 100% exept if the dlc are delisted now i don't know