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  1. Welcome to my checklist. Here you can see my backlog, my next game and i have, i just restart a account so my profil have low game complete for the moment but i hope that change ahah. So i try to complete first ps3 game and vita because i can't believe the server live long time now because ps5 com, my favorite game is fighting and beat them all, so i play some game of both style, Game Curently Playing : 100% Platinium 1-10 Platinium 11-20 Platinium 21-30 Game on Stand By Next Game i play
  2. Tales of symphonia
  3. 27# Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Difficulty : 1/10 Time : 8h Fun : 7/10 28# Sega Mega Drive Difficulty : 3/10 Time : 10H Fun : 7/10 29# The King of Fighter XIII Difficulty : 7/10 Time : 45h Fun : 3/10
  4. 29# The King of Fighter XIII

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  5. Teslagrad, cause is easy and not Bad game
  6. Damn thanks
  7. Monster hunter world
  8. Hello, i have 2 PS3 2 game and 2 turbo controler, Can i boost with a turbo controler on my 2nd PS3 for restart and select charactere automatic ?
  9. After The King of Fighter XIII platinium, i don't know if i finish uncharted golden abysse ( i don't really like the game but i need to finish all ) or start Final Fantasy VIII 

    1. EdgeHosenka
    2. Lorajet


      I vote for FFVIII.  After trying to grind UC I vote for any game other than the series!  Even Fat Princess is looking good right now :awesome:

    3. EdgeHosenka


      Fat Princess adventure crap if i Can back the Time i destroy my PS4 before i play, FF VII IS very good but i prefere crisis core and the VIII ^^

  10. Just now The King of Fighter XIII : Complete 200 trials
  11. For Capcom i hate amateratsu but yes Marvel look easier
  12. The 7 first trial is very easy, the harder is 8 and 10, and the easiest charactere is ryu and hulk
  13. Same, i don't agree the top too.... ^^ For me you have ninja Gaiden, DMC 4, street Fighter IV, Mirror's edge, Oblivion, résonance of fate, ect...