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  1. Hi, i have open 203 Chest in the Krypte but i don't have my trophy, any solution ? EDIT : He poped just now for no reason...
  2. Sorry i Can't understand how you can think that hard Is extremly easy to finish there...
  3. When you perform 25 fatality on dame charactere the game say you have loot a head ?
  4. So you Can just boost the head on multiplayer ?
  5. I just finish son of sparda all S tank, human and devil hunter already finish for Dante i only use balrog and DR Faust
  6. It IS a fatality or brutality ?
  7. ah ? good news because you can't acess the krypt without update ^^
  8. Yes this trophies grind
  9. Yeah i think too, but i try and i back here
  10. Hi, i found a glitch on youtube for empal head and so victory trophy, but is probably patched, how i can delecte my update please ? ( i have a PH version )
  11. hey, i look the game for maybe get it, my question is all trophies can be unlock on multiplayer with my friend ?
  12. 100% dlc Resistance of Call of duty WW2

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  13. 17 Save The Ninja Clan