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  1. yes really easy, but maybe 250 towers grindy
  2. Hi, i can create a room but my Friend Can't join, we have error message, but i Can play Yesterday
  3. Dr Faust has unlock 13 ^^
  4. Thanks for help i just start S rank on human, so for chapter 8 i need to kill Urizen or i can just give 4000 point and die ?
  5. Is for Okami, but he don't explain the problem ^^
  6. #12 Street Fighter IV Personal difficulty : 4/10 Time : 70 Hours Fun : 8/10 Now i have finish all version of SF IV, is really good series, SF IV is for me the best street fighter of the series, i don't like the V and III is good but... I prefere the IV, the platinium is difficult when you just begining the game, but is very good game and yes you need long time to clear all trials, 9/10 for casual of street Fighter is correct, if you want try a fighting game i suggest you play Super Street Fighter IV
  7. #12 Street Fighter IV platinium, great game

  8. Lego rockband
  9. 11# Need For Speed Undercover Difficulty : 3/10 Time : 20 hours Fun : -10/10 Very bad game
  10. 11# Need for Speed undercover, i break the CD directly after

  11. Sonic All star racing Transformed
  12. After Devil May Cry 5 i don't know if i play the 5 Prince of persia or 4 Sly and Hard cops uprising 😯

    1. lordguwa


      if just to play. the 4 sly and hard corps is better.

      if it's for completion. you'll have better luck with the 5 prince of persia.

    2. EdgeHosenka


      is for completion, i play SF V same time but is horrible bad game :(

  13. so only enchanced Editon still possible ?