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  1. Splinter Cell Blacklist cause is impossible now
  2. For me is good game yes but street Fighter 4 is the best fighting game never create, in my opinion SF III Third strike is a Bad game if you look the USF IV
  3. Is just perfect thank you !
  4. So i Can just use same team exemple 1 Magnéto 2 Chun-li 3 Nash and i just need win 50 match only use magneto ?
  5. Hi, have a question for Ranked match for the trophy " the best there is " and " get out if here " I win 20 game with the same team without assist, with m'y 2nd PS3 i use same team Always Can you help me for trophy
  6. I know he have 1 activity glitched don't worry you just need look each quartier and see for exemple activity 4/5 or is survival, then join a game on coop and clear all activity of the quartier
  7. I offer a kebab to my wife
  8. If you want Erincka ( french leaderboard ) have the same profil and Is not a Fake ^^
  9. I don't see this account on the leaderboard ?
  10. Yup and now the platinium ( After waiting 3 hours ^^ )
  11. I get it, just restart the the trophy pop imediatly
  12. Have clear all 101 challenge but i don't have thé trophy " gat Plague " for kill 1000 ennemy with power, any solution please ?
  13. I press shoot but is not charge
  14. Thanks you, i try to finish today ^^