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  1. I made a terrible error and got the "Sit, Boy, Sit! Good Dog" trophy before I killed Stinger (the scorpion boss) and finished the train section. While that wouldn't normally be an issue, I don't want the trophy for the scorpion boss yet. One thing that would completely solve the issue is if I were able to bypass Stinger and get that trophy later. While it seems like it was very doable a year and a half ago, I can't seem to pull it off any more. I've attempted it nearly 50 times, and unless my timing and positioning is way off, I feel like I should have succeeded by accident if nothing else. The only patch that RE0 has received on the PS4 is patch 1.01, and that was in October of 2018, LONG before videos and testimonials of doing the glitch were transmitted online. Have you pulled it off, and how long ago were you last able to do so? Speedrunners, let me know if you were (or are) able to do it for a run.