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  1. Here’s a photo of the PaRappa set Hope it helps
  2. Another one done for the claymores! I platinumed Marvel’s Spider-Man today and I feel it counts for Mutants a few of Spidey’s foes in the game have been mutated by chemicals and such so think it’s a decent fit!
  3. I have insomnia actually, I just haven’t had much else going on so it’s been easier for me to actually play.
  4. Gravity rush uses pretty much everything aside from the back touch screen so that would probably be a good one to test out motion, touch and all your other standard controls.
  5. Okay so I have decided to update my progress every Tuesday that way i stay motivated to keep posting! So this will be my first Tuesday update. Over all I think I have had a very productive first week as i have managed to check off three games on my list! 3 games down 17 to go My color code! Not started No Progress was made this week Progress was made this week Completed! A Way Out 8% Afterparty 100% (started and completed 9-1-2020) Beyond Two Souls Cat Quest Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 28% Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Dragon Fantasy Book 2 100% (started 9-1-20 completed 9-3-20) Full Throttle Remastered Gravity Rush 2 4% (Started 9-4-20) Grim Fandango Remastered Goodbye Deponia Hidden Agenda Indigo Prophecy Infamous Second Son Medievil 100% (Started 3-8-20 Completed 9-8-20) Oxenfree Persona 4 Golden Rime Virtue's Last Reward Zero Time Dilemma
  6. Okay I got yet another bounty done for the claymores! Medievil- Mummy
  7. Okay I got another bounty done for the claymores! Abomination- Gravity Rush (vita) The Nevi, which you defeat a bunch of, don’t really fit in any of the other categories so I feel that they qualify as abominations.
  8. Okay I’m submitting another bounty I completed for the claymores! Dragon Fantasy Book 2 - 100% completion for Hybrid animals (the first boss you face in the game is a dragon)
  9. My argument on this one is simple. Satan is considered a deity or god in certain religions mainly satanism thus he would be considered a god.
  10. If there is a issue I would be perfectly fine completing a different game for the bounty. I read the rules and felt it was fine because I had put a considerable time (as of when I got the last trophy I was at 110 hours) into the game before moving on and I just happened to get lucky that it would fit a category and it was almost done. I rather not have this cause any problems with the event just starting.
  11. Okay I’m gonna get the bounties started off! Today I am reporting that I filled 2 bounties for The Claymores Afterparty - 100% completion marks off the Gods bounty for my team. (In the game you defeat satan in a drinking contest to escape hell) Horizon Zero Dawn - 100% completion marks off Robots/androids bounty for my team (I had been at 97% completion for almost three years and finally went back and got those last two trophies for the frozen wilds dlc.)
  12. Cool event looking forward to participating this year!
  13. I would like to add Grim Fandango Remastered 0% Full Throttle Remastered 0% Goodbye Deponia 0% this will put me at a nice round 20 games to complete
  14. Sign me up please I have the following 2 platinums So I qualify for heartless armed angel persona 5 persona 5 royal
  15. Late to the party but I would really love to participate so here’s my card I’m going to get to work on slotting games I’ve finished this year into the different categories!