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  1. And just to clarify I did not do the shoot the bodies glitch and i also dont care about time stamps as long as its not hacks or mods. I'm saying i accidentally played with a modder for 25 mins who was in god mode when i was doing hideouts. And now i feel like my account is screwed.
  2. I only have 2 trophies for platinum. all hideouts in 1 public sessions(what i was doing) and level 50. I'm ok with glitches and exploits but never hacks or mods.
  3. Really?
  4. He spawned the automobile you ride in during a few mission from story and even that one with the 50 cal.
  5. So i was grinding hideouts on rdr1 for 10 mins in a friendly public free roam and some random was followine me and helping me with a few hideouts. after a few hideouts i noticed he was driving a car and found out he was a modder and he was even using God mode. So i panicked and close my game and now im worried if that makes me a cheater just because i played with him. my stats werent affected,no bonus xp and no trophies auto popped but i have severe OCD. Does this make me a cheater?
  6. guess i have another reason to stay away from this game. Poor on EAs part that it it can't optimize on pro. Is there any crashes on regular ps4?
  7. I'm looking for vita boosting friends. Upcoming games I'm wishing to boost are unit 13 and motorstorm rc. And in the future we could do more titles
  8. Is there anyone who is able to get the glitch to work? I would do anything to boost the online as fast as possible as I fear of server closure.