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  1. thank you, I managed to do it with 03 column. I did struggle with C-03-00 but then I referred to your video and got past it first go, the rest of it was smooth sailings. Got my plat as well
  2. What is the easiest column in N++ tab to do Solo Coop? I have tried 00 and 01 columns but the E-row episodes have levels where both players need to be active for these two columns and that has made it too difficult for me to complete this way.. was wondering if there is any other column where this isn't an issue? I have done the legacy solo coop column, it is just the N++ one I need. To further elaborate E-00-04 was too difficult for me solo coop and E-01-01 was also too difficult for me solo coop.
  3. Apparently it is region based, so I need to find someone in my country... 🙃
  4. Trophy #4747 Gold Trophy Two Can Tango! - Crypt of the Necrodancer
  5. This game has me frustrated. First attempt at insane I died on Val at the end when crawling through a space and I must not have pushed forwards or something, ever since I have died on Nick and Laird only (except for one time where I died at the helicopter crash but we don't talk about that). Still haven't managed this trophy. Don't know if I ever will.
  6. I managed it with Bard-Bard in phasing mode, got trophy
  7. Thanks everyone I will get back to it with bard and bard soon, although personally I want to do something like bard and cadence, or just anything really to mix up the characters.
  8. I just did normal all zones with bard and dove, but still no trophy For this run I am on the speed run leaderboard, so... no clue, 76th btw so not on the first 6 pages unfortunately. I have fulfilled the requirements for this trophy 3 times today, first two times were in phasing, and this third attempt is in all zones. Honestly a little upset
  9. I beat phasing mode while playing as bard and dove today but the trophy Two Can Tango never popped, I thought phasing mode counts as all zones? Or am I mistaken? Either-or, I am a little peeved no trophy but I will keep trying, not sure whether to be doing coop phasing mode anymore, can anybody clarify what the issue was here exactly? Edit: I just noticed I am on the score leaderboard but not the speed run leaderboard, does that affect it?
  10. Aqua (2) all the way. Much much easier on the eyes and I can actually see the 'boundaries' of what I can touch/cannot touch unlike the original palette
  11. Normal mode took me a very long time, I had played the game off and on since plus but that isn't good enough you need to have concentrated efforts, once I dedicated myself to this game I started to see improvement and it took me about a couple of weeks to go from dying in area 1 to beating the final boss on normal. As for hard mode, it is an entirely different ballgame, have been playing a lot recently still cannot get past area 1/2 lol and am not seeing any improvement. Only thing keeping me going at this point is the unanimous struggle all of us have faced and the perseverance displayed in these forums as inspiration. 😅 Edit: Finally got the platinum trophy, overall time according to exophase was 112.67 hours
  12. New question regarding Hard Mode, can you close app and do in multiple sessions with continue or will that magically put you back on normal difficulty and void the trophy?
  13. oh thank god lol. thanks for the reply 🙂
  14. Do you have to unlock and beat Abyss level on Hard Mode for trophy?
  15. Slender: The Arrival has a few Also every trophy in Torquel