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  1. My 50th rarest is Crash Bandicoot's platinum (9.30%) 😄
  2. Yeah as Acasser said High King Irongut is good at scaling with enemy levels as long as you can use its devour ability. This means you can place him at the front of your team and build the rest of your team around generating mana for High King Irongut or keeping it your turn. Then when you have high enough treasure hoards in factions, the devour ability is almost guaranteed. He allows you to unlock level 500 delves and if you're lucky enough do them deathless. This grants a lot of renown in itself but for the max renown trophy you will then need to work out how to beat that level 500 delve you just unlocked with a pure faction team. Some easier factions to start with include The Deep Hive and Ilithia, I'm current working on The Deep Hive myself, up to level 330 For the Deep Hive pure faction, I believe a Scarab Knight up front for barrier and then multiple Queen Beetrix' for the rest of the team should do you if your treasure hoards/kingdom power levels/kingdom levels are high enough (all give you passive stat bonuses).
  3. You will get a mythic one day High King Irongut is my second mythic (of the normal mythics) so it takes a long time. I was however, targeting High King Irongut. This means I never spent my diamonds only saved up and waited. I recommend not spending your diamonds on random mythics and just waiting for the ideal mythics to come into the soulforge. For instance, I wanted High King Irongut in particular for Underworld purposes, I know some mythics like Ironhawk are good for farming purposes etc. So having a mental priority for the mythic troops list will ultimately benefit you more in the game than just a random mythic troop.
  4. If you saved up your diamonds (attained by daily dungeon battles and general game participation), with 4000 diamonds you currently have an opportunity to craft High King Irongut in the soul forge if you do not already have this troop. This is 100% worthwhile and basically I want to throw this out there to help some people out if you're struggling with underworld renown. To add to this, I would like to give the general tip of saving diamonds as Soulforge offers 4 mythic troops each week from the pool of 100 something mythic troops in the game currently, so if you don't have mythic troops, this is a guaranteed way to get troops you want. Its a waiting game but worthwhile if you want to make some serious game progress
  5. I did 6k miles tonight but yeah level 260ish enemies and I didn't really have the gems going into the event, so I'm hoping the two Tier VII purchases will be enough for me, otherwise I'm going to have to grind treasure hunts and login every hour to scrounge enough gems for additional tier VII purchases 😂 Seekra Darkwood should really help get to the end but some key parts to this for anyone who may not know yet is you should fully ascend and trait this troop. This gives 3x bonus to all miles you earned. The troop is acquired by buying the Tier II purchase from the store and you can make additional purchases for copies or you can use any orbs you may have saved up to ascend, trait and level the troop. Additionally you will want to equip either Orbweaver or Archer class. These classes will make your hero an elf and this boosts Seekra's loop potential. Black Manacles + 3x Seekra Darkwood is doing me fine. Though I'm a late mid-game player so kingdom stat bonuses may be coming into effect here. Seekra is proving a very good troop however, as if you can get the dice rolling on the looping, the enemy team won't get a turn (or will very rarely get a turn), which should help lower level players get further into the event. I think even if you don't manage the 20k miles, Journey events are still worth participating in with your guild as the rewards are very good (inclusive of deeds of magic). A slight bit of advice on journey event, is to not always go for the highest scoring battle, sometimes lower scoring battles can provide a valuable stat bonus and its worth forfeiting the little bit of extra mileage for the stat bonus. Edit: Just got the trophy using the black manacles, 3x seekra team. I needed archer for the 15% chance at lethal skull damage
  6. I find it hard to get the loop started but once it starts its great, this is a really good suggestion and is helping a bunch, particularly with the third trait to triple the miles travelled
  7. Due to the sheer amount of "shovelware bad" threads I've seen on this site recently, I think most agree with you
  8. This helps me tremendously. I was aware that you needed a level 100+ delve and I've used faction assault events to get them there. Then couldn't find the option. I wasn't aware they have only released deep delve options for five specific factions so far. Thank you
  9. Can anybody help me work out how to do a deep delve? I've read you need to reach level 100 in a faction assault event then participate in a level 100 or over delve but you must change to deep delve, however I've tried this the past few events and haven't found the option to make it a deep delve.
  10. I have just won every event in the main story for Xenon Racer and yet the trophy for winning at least one of each offline game mode never popped. The trophy guide has this marked as unmissable so I am wondering if the trophy is bugged or if anybody knows a solution? Edit: Time Attack is required for this trophy to pop.
  11. Was prompted to grind the event a little more for the troop and have just managed to get the uber doomskull trophy thanks to this post
  12. Cursed Gnomes are an RNG spawn. Personally I got them by playing a lot of explore level 1 fights and crafting gnome a paloozas. My suggestion would be to grind explore level 1 with a fast team on Vault weekends you can check when these events are happening with Taransworld (just look up Gems of War events and its one of the first results).
  13. The trophy for dying by hitting your head too hard does not unlock if you do it in race mode or at least it didn't for me. That being said it counted towards my dying in every way possible trophy. If you want this trophy make sure you do it in Solo
  14. Downwell is one of my favourite plat icons
  15. Trophy #6841 Return to Arkham: Arkham City Campaign Silver - Earn 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)