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  1. Hey, so we were losing progress as we played do you know anything about that? Like our points were all over the place, instead of going up by 8 points we would go up by about 20 and then when we were non-host we would go down by well a lot..
  2. My friend and I are currently boosting the online for this game and today our xp was going all over the place, randomly large gains but also we both lost about 600xp, as this is quite a significant chunk and we are having a serious net loss for no reason wasting several hours of our time, can anybody explain what's going on and how to avoid in the future? Edit: We've both been saving frequently
  3. It's been said a few times already but Orc Slayer, to this date worst game I've ever played
  4. Yeah, I have been stuck for over 30 hours of play on Track #164, considering shelving this game Edit: Update I beat it
  5. #102 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
  6. I have just had this trophy glitch on me as well despite completing all challenges, the one it says is incomplete is the rune challenge as someone has shown previously in this thread, does this mean I have to do all challenges again on a new play through?
  7. #99 Thumper
  8. #5143 A Toe Into Madness - Doom (2016) Complete The UAC on Ultra Nightmare
  9. I am wanting to get back into Gems of War a little bit, but as of recent I am finding my team just isn't cutting it, and I am at a distinct lack of mythic and legendary cards. Does anyone know of some good teams that can be easily formed? Currently I am working with my hero (Elf?), with a +3 Mang weapon at level 153, with Goblin King, Orion and Sheggra. So basically, just any tips on making a good team, recommended troops etc.
  10. Update: I redid Skyscraper warpzone and trophy popped?... so I don't know why it didn't pop initially
  11. I just beat all warpzones and well no trophy.. is there some ultra secret one or is the trophy glitched all of a sudden, I don't understand. I beat all four for Forest, Hospital, Salt Factory, Hell and Rapture...
  12. thank you, I managed to do it with 03 column. I did struggle with C-03-00 but then I referred to your video and got past it first go, the rest of it was smooth sailings. Got my plat as well
  13. What is the easiest column in N++ tab to do Solo Coop? I have tried 00 and 01 columns but the E-row episodes have levels where both players need to be active for these two columns and that has made it too difficult for me to complete this way.. was wondering if there is any other column where this isn't an issue? I have done the legacy solo coop column, it is just the N++ one I need. To further elaborate E-00-04 was too difficult for me solo coop and E-01-01 was also too difficult for me solo coop.
  14. Apparently it is region based, so I need to find someone in my country... 🙃
  15. Trophy #4747 Gold Trophy Two Can Tango! - Crypt of the Necrodancer