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  1. i Have similar issue only difference is my main account needs to be restored (The One i am on) "Error User not in database. You may need to restore your profile before you can log in." But it signs me into the forum But cant do anything on The psn page. And same issue when make, new user name k. I also tried logging in using my new ID, but then I get the "No account found, you must sign up first" error. But cant restore my account since I no longer have Old Psn username i changed it, cant make new account since it will just delete it and cant merge Accounts Anyways let me know if you find a solution.
  2. i Think i messed This Up :\ my Old User Name is ZiggyTheFemboy New One is TigerTennant (Edit better explanation) My issue with this site is i changed my Name on psn And before reading this Post Deleted This account i am On Now, as This account with old User name Wont work on The psn page only the forums, I tryed makeing new account with the New name but what Happens is When Make new account is when sign out and try sign back in it will say "No account found, you must sign up first try signing up" And as for this account ZiggyThefemboy when try sign in says "Error User not in database. You may need to restore your profile before you can log in." And i cant get account back since changed the username, But weirdly enough even thore it fails it still signs me into the forums but problem is cant merge Old name, or make new account Since it will delete after sign up, And cant get old account,
  3. Hello, so its not that you need the Physical edition its The code which it comes with in the sealed Royal edition which you need to acquire the comrades download as digital download no longer has comrades according to some users I cant verify That myself since i purchased the physical version and Yes you need to uninstall final fantasy xv Then Follow This guide using a Program on your computer called Charles and set Your proxy up on ps4 Which you need your ipv4 address which is found on your pc Then it should connect the Ps4 With Charles Then You reinstall final fantasy and then look for links on Charles and follow the guide while its downloading it should be ok to pause if worried about been slow also their is a download on Charles for macOS i assume it should work the same but i cant verify this as im a windows user
  4. Have i a few questions dose it still work for infinite dungeon i mean time in general count second if say you play lets say "lazy Sloths Gym" dose the time still count if you leave the dungeon like when you find a rope or do you need to defeat that boss reason i ask is yesterday i played for 10 hours since im grinding this now and did not acquire the Trophy " Ain't No Generic Cleric " and i did not die this is why im asking since concerned times not been counted correctly. also did not have any internet issue that im aware off no message from happy dungeons about connection failing etc
  5. Hello I had This Myself as When i did it my PlayStation automatically turned off what happens is Charles will Stop when The download stops All you need to do is go back on Charles and start the download it will still download version 1.26 just the Amount will be lower to check if its working when you Open Charles check the Links if it comes up with all the PlayStation links like it did when setting it up Then Its Fine but links will show up when you resume the download. On charles You Should see this multiple times when Your doing the download c1ff/f/EP0082-CUSA01615_00-FINALFANTASYXV00-A0126-V0100.json (Mind is Eu But Yours Might be different but it should be whatever region you wrote in but when its download that will show appear if it dose not then something might have gone awry i think how it works is You just need to set it up correctly as long as you dont get error with connection then its working as intended and also you dont need to be quick about Opening charles as The download stops if you have Problems with connection as when i did it my wifi went off near the end and still managed to get version 1.26 without restarting the whole progress
  6. If The Game had a Patch it might be a fix if you downgrade to the older version? (Hmm its online so even so might not work but possible worth looking into) if not check see if the peoples avatar are still in the game You can match the same user up 3 times and see if it pops im aware the issue you are talking about but if the avatars do show up Then its possible it could count towards the trophy i wil try this later as i did not achieve the trophy either way this kind of sucks ^-^"
  7. Its Working Now ^-^
  8. Thank you Got it working ^__^ The download was Nightmare very slow just wanted to ask two more things first how can i make sure it wont download version 1.28 again dose it download if ps4 is turned off? and is their settings not to Update and if i Turn of Internet connection by going On network settings can you still earn the trophies like will they sync when reconnect? and about the pause download is that only temporary will it turn on again also second question after using Charles Proxy should i change My psn password or is it safe anyways again thanks for This Fantastic Guide you are a life saver! ^-^
  9. i am using The Physical copy royal edition and Problem with the json link is it was working at first but then The Ps4 Would Just say copy Application 100 Instead of downloading The 1.28 Patch before the game itself so the link would no longer appear even after waiting for base game also it originally connected Fine But I messed up and had to remove all mappings and restart But it just went from functioning to Charles not even working it has a Like denied symbol next to The Links and now it Just Blocks Internet access and wont work so even Looking at this guide and doing it is a no go now I will Try with LAN When ever i can acquire a cable Thanks for The Help This Is a Great Guide i hope one day i Will Finish this game. may I ask is their Any Video Guides for this Im Just curious where i did mess up since i think it was The mapping since not sure if you just write the bit you wrote out or click the Link and write the whole thing out That is Only thing which might have overlooked
  10. can anyone assist? so i had to do this a number of times since i misunderstood certain instructions and now i finally understand but Charles is no longer working at all i ended up removing it and reinstalling as Opening it started affecting The Internet in general First change I noticed is After using Charles Proxy the auto download Would Download The Game First Then The Updated patch Which is The Opposite of how it worked before i checked settings and it still dose the same even when Charles is turned off It will say copying version 100 i tried to redo all the steps and now it refuses to connect (No connection message is displayed on Charles ) when you use the proxy keep in mind it did work the first few times now Charles seems to connect but the ps4 says theirs no connection again no message appears to ask if you accept or decline the connection when it did work i got to the last stage however it would not let me download the patch it would say "An error occurred on the server " I followed the instructions and found My version Which is Eu by The way I did This Via WiFi and I used Charles Proxy windows 64 Bit But later tried The 32 Bit With The Physical Game I got the DLC via the Voucher which if anyone needs you can find people selling on eBay Other problems later was it It had Like a No entry sign on Charles On The ps4 and would Not show the .json Link Like it did before hand other links for ps4 where appearing just not the ones i needed sorry for any grammar and writing anyways I wish the company would fix this its a stupid decision :/