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  1. i saw on a youtube video that the master of all trophy must be done online, is it true? because the trophy description dosent ask you to win online other wise what are the requirements for this trophy
  2. How can you down grade the digital copy, i hope that i wont need to buy a physical copy only for this trophy
  3. You mean thé only way to do leader of the pack trophy is to play without the Last update, only with à physic copy of the game ?
  4. do a dispute poste about it and hide the game trophy liste from your psn on your console, then the modo will put you back on the leaderbord, i got my issue fixed that way
  5. You mean i shall hide it on my console or on the psn profile site ?
  6. I did it only on ctr
  7. Thanks for the answers now i understand i never entended to break thé rules i thaught that way if synchronising trophy was OK with the site, if there is no way to get back on the leaderbord i understand it
  8. Thanks for your answer when can i find the flaged games on my profile I never thaught that it May be forbiden i used à legit game on a legit ps4
  9. Well that's not hacking bor you can see also that when i platined ctr hacked ps4 cant run ctr, i did some trick to upload my trophies only when i've go unlocked everything so dont hate i Just did some copy past of my save via usb without synchronising my trophies I bought deluxe edition and tryed to speedrun it's platine but unfortunately it has à glitched trophy
  10. Hi I searched for a support email befor asking and i've sent à message about this to some modo befor asking but still couldnt get any help For à reason that i dont know i dont find myszlf on site leaderbord while all my trophies are legits and i never used any hack, If anybody can help me let me know pls ÉDIT : CTR IS NO HACK I DID ALL MY TROPHIES OFFLINE THEN DID A BACK UP OF MY SAVE AND DELETED MY PROFILE AND RÉ ADDED IT ON MY CONSOLE FFS YOU CANT RUN CTR ON A HACKED PS4 WHEN I GOT MY PLATINE