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  1. Everything is awesome by providing variety of play. My first time beating game was with Adamant Rail (2nd time I used it), so I think it is my overall strongest weapon choice. Within that, my first time using the Aspect of Lucifer, I beat Elysium without taking any damage. I remember I was using Butterfly keepsake, and it was when my +30% damage trophy unlocked, and the Hades fight beyond that was also relatively easy because do so much damage from safe distance with Aspect of Lucifer mixed with Ares boons and the Hammer upgrade that lets you do 3 rapid specials. So I think most powerful is that Aspect of Lucifer, even Level 1 was more powerful almost right from the start than any other run of mine. I have beaten the game with every weapon aspect, and currently on 15 win streak. Probably 30+ wins overall and about 70 runs total. I favor the followiing For damage: Ares or Poseidon boons (Zeus not bad either) For critical damage: Artemis For speed: Hermes boons For survival: Athena or Dionysus boons (Hermes speed helps) For cast: Poseidon or Demeter So I think my least favored overall is Aprodite because I don't value "Weak" so much.
  2. After completing Harsh Conditions prophecy, I have kept some level of Extreme Measures Heat condition on for all subsequent runs. I think defeating the Fury sisters together enough times got Magaera to have conversation where she talks about having less work pressure since the sisters are involved in those fights. She also had some talks with Nyx that I got to listen in on along the way, so maybe improving my relationship with Nyx helped part of it. The part I remember is seeing new journal text unlock when beat Fury Sisters (the murder one, with all 3 there) and then next time at base, and she was in the bedroom talking about having less work pressure because sisters are there to take the beating with her. That unlocked option to be able to give her ambrosia next time I saw her in the lounge.
  3. I got the trophy unlocked this weekend. Had Athena Call, and went against her in Trial of the Gods in Elysium. Then I just let those guys re-spawn over and over until the Call filled up and then when I used it, the trophy popped. Very unnatural and unlikely until I tried specifically to get it. All other trophies in the game have come naturally just by playing and chasing prophecies / story progression.
  4. It was worth a try, but didn't count for the trophy I am guessing have to have Call equipped and then do Trial of the Gods, piss off the God that you have the call equipped for, and then try not to kill them all before you can use it. So boons that help calls fill up needed or fight in Elysium and never kill the blobs so they can keep resurrecting.
  5. Many of the the trophies unlock when you see the saving icon, which happen when transition between rooms (or returning to bed chambers after claiming stuff on prophecy list).
  6. When I walk north in the room with Skelly, it shows furthest chamber as 73
  7. I wonder if it has anything to do with things you can put in your room from the House Contractor. That is what lead to Dusa Ambrosia option becoming available, except it required doing upgrades for the Lounge from the House Contractor.
  8. As far as I can tell, some of the "completions" only count when you are the host. It also seams sensitive to which player initiated the quest related interactions in some cases. The trophy related issues seem more prominent in the DLC trophies than the base game.
  9. I didn't even know this option existed (never checked options). Most levels have been fine, but some levels have been difficult to complete with our family of 4 playing together with the limited lives requiring some retries. We may use this option for the Wonderplane levels we recently unlocked that are a step higher difficulty.
  10. I've played the game 4P local coop up to where Wonderplane gets unlocked. In our experience (without retries) we managed to complete 2 levels without anyone dying. The trophy progress (PS5) shows 2/10 for all 4 players. I don't think we can replay levels already aced to advance Best Friends trophy progress, but I am sure replaying some of the earlier / easier levels with our increased game experience we can complete 8 more without dying to unlock this trophy in local multiplayer. The only issue we have seen while playing local coop, is that the Vex outfit when we first landed in Wonderplane was only awarded to Player 1, and not the rest.
  11. If you win in any of the team matches like Carnado and Stockpile, it counts towards this. You have 50-50 chance of winning depending on you and your team vs the other team. You also need to win once with each of the 16 AllStars, so I recommend just play Carnado until you win, then switch to next character. By the time you have all 16 characters with 1 win, you will know which characters are your favorites or easiest, then complete the rest of 34 wins with those characters.
  12. The first 7 videos in this playlist are for clearing Mutual Respect challenge series
  13. Thanks. I will try this as it did not unlock the trophy for me when I met the condition up to crossing finish line while holding someone (did on 2nd Knitted Trial). Edit: Holding R2 until the Trophy pops worked
  14. Thanks. Since this is only trophy I don't have for 100%, I'll take some time to do that. Need to get Machine Pistol on my non-Hardcore character anyway.
  15. I followed the guide from following link and activated and listened to all 4 recordings but didn’t get Trophy. What could I be missing? Is there a 5th recording anywhere in Ward Prime that I missed? I was pretty thorough and got Machine Pistol and Honor Ring solving those optional puzzles but didn’t get Trophy from the 4 recordings found. So I looked it up and guide has same four recordings. Does it matter that I was playing with someone else as host who already has the Other Voices Trophy? Or that we are playing on Hardcore? Note: We didn’t have house you can go down to basement on way to Ward Prime.