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  1. As far as I can tell, some of the "completions" only count when you are the host. It also seams sensitive to which player initiated the quest related interactions in some cases. The trophy related issues seem more prominent in the DLC trophies than the base game.
  2. I didn't even know this option existed (never checked options). Most levels have been fine, but some levels have been difficult to complete with our family of 4 playing together with the limited lives requiring some retries. We may use this option for the Wonderplane levels we recently unlocked that are a step higher difficulty.
  3. I've played the game 4P local coop up to where Wonderplane gets unlocked. In our experience (without retries) we managed to complete 2 levels without anyone dying. The trophy progress (PS5) shows 2/10 for all 4 players. I don't think we can replay levels already aced to advance Best Friends trophy progress, but I am sure replaying some of the earlier / easier levels with our increased game experience we can complete 8 more without dying to unlock this trophy in local multiplayer. The only issue we have seen while playing local coop, is that the Vex outfit when we first landed in Wonderplane was only awarded to Player 1, and not the rest.
  4. If you win in any of the team matches like Carnado and Stockpile, it counts towards this. You have 50-50 chance of winning depending on you and your team vs the other team. You also need to win once with each of the 16 AllStars, so I recommend just play Carnado until you win, then switch to next character. By the time you have all 16 characters with 1 win, you will know which characters are your favorites or easiest, then complete the rest of 34 wins with those characters.
  5. The first 7 videos in this playlist are for clearing Mutual Respect challenge series
  6. Thanks. I will try this as it did not unlock the trophy for me when I met the condition up to crossing finish line while holding someone (did on 2nd Knitted Trial). Edit: Holding R2 until the Trophy pops worked
  7. Thanks. Since this is only trophy I don't have for 100%, I'll take some time to do that. Need to get Machine Pistol on my non-Hardcore character anyway.
  8. I followed the guide from following link and activated and listened to all 4 recordings but didn’t get Trophy. What could I be missing? Is there a 5th recording anywhere in Ward Prime that I missed? I was pretty thorough and got Machine Pistol and Honor Ring solving those optional puzzles but didn’t get Trophy from the 4 recordings found. So I looked it up and guide has same four recordings. Does it matter that I was playing with someone else as host who already has the Other Voices Trophy? Or that we are playing on Hardcore? Note: We didn’t have house you can go down to basement on way to Ward Prime.
  9. I think I saw that one day on Reddit. There might be others, but I have only encountered this one.
  10. If you are the only one left in any of the Survival (Slime Climb is a combination of Race and Survival), than it is possible you can get the Crown without having any Final Round. I have seen it happen for Perfect Match where everybody but 1 player got it wrong, and that surviving player then gets the crown. I think which Final Round we get depends on the number of players left between the preceding round and the Final. Which Final Round comes up seems to depend on number of players left (12 or less for Final Round to be up). 5 or less - Royal Fumble 6-8 - Fall Mountain or Hex-a-gone 9-12 - Hex-a-gone or Jump Showdown At least this seems to be the case in my experience.
  11. Got mine on 1st try (language was set to English). Didn't know there is any issue until I got a comment on my video and then found this post about language setting needing to be English.
  12. The only problem with the Team Games is that there is a terrible Infallible trophy for winning 5 episodes in a row which Team Games can screw up for you, but so can having Final Round being the Tail event. If you don't worry about that, than you can just enjoy the game and take the losses as they come due to Team Games or other events where you just get unlucky or don't do as well. The worse Team Games are the ones where you have to collect and hold something (like Chicken Eggs). Teams are smart enough by now, that they will pick on whomever starts off 3rd, rather than going after whomever starts off 1st. So if you are the team that is coming third, it is very hard to recover because both other teams are going after you and generally ignoring each other. I imagine players that squad up and play together will have easier time getting through Team Games than others because at least 2, 3, 4 of them will be more coordinated and have better start than rest of potentially random Fall Guys competing against each other.
  13. I think it is about Falling Over, not Falling Down (re-spawning) and then still qualifying the round. You Fall Over whenever you get tripped up or fumble about when walking. I don't remember which Race level I got mine on, but it was very early and I wasn't trying to earn any particular trophy. Keep playing and you will eventually get a level where you stumble around a lot and still qualify for your trophy to pop.
  14. Got Hero Sword today playing 3P with regular squad when we got the following Boss Order Canker Shroud The Ent Dream Eater The Thrall The Unclean One Raze The Warden Totem Father Scourge Video with boss fights 2-10 here We haven't reached the threshold for getting the reward at 20 commutative boss kills yet. Before this, our highest was 4 boss kills with some wipes even before we manage to kill 1 boss because we were encountering bosses we hadn't faced / learned to play against in Campaign / Adventure yet. I think the thing that helped was the starting level leading up to Canker as first boss was rich with chests and elites dropping trait points leading up to that easiest of Corsus boss fights. Having Shroud as the 2nd and The Ent as the third also helped us keep our momentum, get geared up nicely, good 60 minute potions, as we continued on with the rest. Ricochet Rifle rules. I am going to look to get that from Yaesha next time I play. So nice that you get to try stuff in Survival that you haven't found / earned and then go hunting for it in whatever way it can be earned.
  15. I am still around 3,500 calories. I am not in a rush and will get there when I get there. I will keep your tip in mind if it doesn't pop for me for whatever reason when I cross 5,000 and 10,000.
  16. This map is handy to see what are the possible options for your roll of Earth
  17. It does say that in the trophy description that it must be in Offline (not just solo). When I beat Ent without taking damage, I was set to Friends Only so it didn't pop. Next time I faced world boss solo, I made sure to set it to Offline and then beat the boss without taking damage and trophy popped. This time Singe.
  18. It did not for me. I got the trait when I got the first scrap collecting trophy, and trophy when I gave Reggie the ring (was in my own solo world at the time). I have not had issue with boss killing / game completing trophies while joined to friends games, but I think my 10 armor sets trophy didn't pop because I was in friends games, or maybe because I wear mix of armor pieces and currently equipped armor doesn't count so I didn't have 10 full armor pieces completed in inventory (not worn) at time new armor piece was picked up.
  19. I've gotten all the skill trophies so all that is left is a 30-minute custom playlist and the calorie total trophies. I am past the 2,500 but it hasn't popped. I guess I will keep playing towards that 10k calorie count and hopefully the 2,500 and 5,000 will pop along the way. I know the 1,000 over 24 hours didn't pop at exactly 1,000 which I got my first day where I tried all the modes so I think certain things you do don't count (like the daily session or the custom ones maybe?). I am thinking it only counts the calories earned playing the classes towards the calorie related trophies.
  20. Playing Earth again via Adventure Mode, I made sure to set game to Offline before I fought the world boss (this time Singe). Once I defeated it without taking any damage, the Untouchable trophy popped.
  21. We have had hard time getting this one as well. Soggy Swamp is the level that crashes the most for us and the one time we had it, already in the cave that has the map and it crashed 💩 I'll use the tip about checking count of secrets at start to see if it is even worth bothering going through whole level. Really not a fan of Soggy Swamp due to all the crashes, plus the Couldron Boss and the blobs and those witches with the pink spills.
  22. We roamed about looking for the secret runes so we have equipped armor with Enchantment that generates 3 food whenever Potion is used. We let one person eat all the food until the trophy pops and switch to next player. Doing this way, you can get all 4 players 200 food requirement met within 2 levels if you take your time exploring like we were.
  23. I didn't know there was a trophy for beating world boss without taking damage solo and that it has to be in offline mode, because I have just left my setting on friends even when playing solo. I was just playing normally and I think I technically met the condition for the trophy against The Ent using Beam Weapon and Iron Sentinel Mod (video below), but since I wasn't set to Offline, so the trophy wasn't awarded. I did get a new Weapon so I am happy regardless. I'll be mindful to set to offline next time I am playing solo so I can get this trophy out of the way should I have another painless World Boss fight. What is the best / quickest way to have another fight with The Ent? Adventure mode?
  24. The game can show 100% score on class selection and even on results screen due to favoring rounding up (instead of displaying decimals). It only counts towards Punch Perfect, Punch Pro, and Punch Master if you get actual 100% (no misses). The best way to tell would be look at total hits combo at end of your training session. If it isn't max possible for that class, than you missed something along the way. I had cases where I thought I had 100% because of results screen and later on menu screen, but I had to repeat and get actually 100% (no misses), like below to unlock the trophy.
  25. We have played offline with 4P local co-op, and all 4 players eventually got it without over thinking it. It could be that the game isn't tracking online revives towards this the same as offline revives. We do have an issue with Eat 200 food because we must have eaten 200+ food by now, but it hasn't popped for any of us. Some people have suggested you have to do all 200 in the same level in the same play session which is nuts. Edit: We used the enchantment on armor that generates 3 food food every time potions cool down and can be used again. Didn't take long doing that way, just let one player take all the food, and cycle to next player, even as all players are spawning food. This way if you play in explore mode you can probably get 2 players done per level. This was the case with our group.