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  1. I had a blast with the third one but yeah... the buggiest game I've played.
  2. Honestly, Lunda is such a fantastic set that I never took it off. Even beat Gna on GMGOW with it.
  3. Haven't seen it mentioned yet, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. Very fun metroidvania.
  4. I found GMGOW a lot easier in this game. The only troublesome parts were the berzerker trio, the berzerker with summons, and Gná.
  5. Yes, it is possible doing it via chapter select. I missed all peepholes on my first playthrough, using only the telescope. With chapter select, I first chose Calvin's chapter, to repeat the swing section and all the peepholes on the lower part of the house. Then, I chose Walter's chapter to get the rest of them (telescope, Milton, and Lewis's). Trophy popped after looking through Lewis's peephole. I only read Walter's letter, since it wouldn't let me go down otherwise. You can ignore the rest of them and just move forward. I also don't think the fence is required.
  6. They are interruptible with double-tap L1, with a weapon throw or they give you enough time to escape (wide-green puddle). Just got the platinum on GMGOW and I think the toughest fights were Gná and the 3 berserkers.
  7. Anything involving the Drone in Judgment (PS5). The S licenses in GT7. Both for the same reason. I hate racing games. I suck at it.
  8. I like the term Shameware, honestly. At this point these games have debased the hobby so much that I think it is pointless to shame those users though, since the damage has been done and Sony won't do anything about it. I just don't interact with those users, since segregation seems like the only reasonable course of action.
  9. Thanks for the tip. There's one on the Columbarium (sp) that does count for Watson.
  10. They'll cancel it if it seems more valuable to write it off as a tax deduction, like with Batgirl.
  11. I'm so done with this game, with the franchise and with Ubisoft.
  12. Ok, I'll try to say this in simple terms so that you may understand. Sony, not psnprofiles, Sony, allows you to hide trophies from your trophy list. Again, Sony, not psnprofiles. Are you with me? Are you sure? Good. Psnprofiles keeps track of how many trophies you have, based on what is being WILLINGLY shown on your PlayStation account. If you decide to hide trophies on PlayStation account, psnprofiles will now only show the trophies currently shown on your PlayStation account, but since they don't match the number previously recorded, it will show the discrepancy as "Hidden Trophies". You're mixing up the functions of the PlayStation platform with those of psnprofiles. Both are working EXACTLY as intended and I can't believe I wasted my time trying to explain this to you, since I already know it'll be futile and pointless.
  13. I was merely trying to show the difference between both practices and why one is so maligned. Personally, I haven't hidden my Gran Turismo 7 trophy list just like I haven't hidden any of the games that I've left behind since 2013. Some people collect platinum trophies, other people play for trophy level, or to obtain difficult trophies. And some others play for trophy completion, which would be diminished if people could just hide their stuff without it being reflected somehow. That's just ridiculous. You can't call it an abuse of privacy when you WILLINGLY gave access to the website. The only reason why psnprofiles keeps track of your hidden trophies is because they were once shown on your profile, and now they are not. It is as simple as that. There's no hidden backdoor being used to gain access to that information, only stuff that you once showed and then hid.
  14. I think it is more maligned because of how little it takes, compared to creating a new profile. I'll use myself as an example. I am having an awful time with Gran Turismo 7. I SUCK at it. I'm stuck on license IA-8 and I'm feeling hopeless. If I started a new account that would mean leaving behind stuff that took a lot of effort, like Dishonored 100% or Vanquish. Worst of all, I'd have to restart FFXIV. That's a massive cost. Sure, I'd leave behind that troublesome trophy list, but along with it a big chunk of effort. It is absolutely not an easy choice to make. Hiding a trophy list is a minuscule thing. A tiny H next to your profile. Being capable of hiding the H would debase the completionist aspect of trophy hunting.
  15. But it's not just the action but the intention. You hide a trophy list because you WANT to leave those trophies behind. Maybe you no longer like those games, feel ashamed of them for some reason or, more often than not, they are dragging your percentage down. When you start over you leave those trophies behind not because you want to, but because there is no other way. You're misunderstanding the intention behind both actions. If there was an option to remove a trophy list from your profile without leaving a trace, pretty much no one would create a new profile. Plus, the "you are literally leaving those trophies behind" is patently untrue, since they can be unhidden at any time. They'll once again be shown on your profile and they'll count towards your level. You cannot merge two separate accounts. Again, equating both actions ignores both the intention and the penalty.