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  1. I don't think save scumming is a requirement. While I don't have the platinums yet, I already have all the crowns and I never ran out of investigations. Hell, I ended up deleting tons of them.
  2. 200 hours for both trophies. Sure, it's "possible", but very unlikely. The odds of getting all the crowns in 200 hours, not to mention the rest of the trophies, are just too low. Hell, I've been trying to get a mini Brute Tigrex for over 20 hours. Telling someone that this is a 200 hours trophy is just unrealistic and isn't doing them any favors.
  3. That's not true. I got my platinum with only 100 enemies assessed.
  4. Exactly. Shiva can be nuked in 20 seconds with a Firaga spam. Elemental Materia + Fire is incredibly useful against Bahamut.
  5. And yet we're not the ones whining about a trophy. Well, that's quite the diatribe from someone who, supposedly, is a grown up.
  6. No one owes you a platinum. They were supposed to be an achievement, at least before Ratalaika and their ilk appeared.
  7. Everything else that you said was ignored because it's nonsense. They'll release as many games as they see profitable.
  8. So, from worst to best: 11.COD Infinite Warfare 10.Murdered: Soul Suspect 9.Life is Strange: Before the Storm 8.Detroit: Become Human 7.Shadow of the Tomb Raider 6.Days Gone ---From this point on, there's a sharp quality increase and you really can't go wrong with any of the games, they are all great. I placed Doom at number 3 as a palate cleanser, since the rest of the games are open world. 5.Horizon Zero Dawn 4.The Witcher 3 3.Doom 2016 2.Red Dead Redemption 2 1.God of War
  9. I felt just as you did, took me a couple of days but I ended up getting it. Now I look back and I "sorta" remember the whole ordeal fondly, but I was cursing loudly while I was trying to get the trophy.
  10. If it is an opinion, it's an ill-informed one, since keeping and maintaining a server obviously costs money.
  11. At first you claim it was a bad move, then laugh off all arguments with your "idiosyncrasies"... you do realize that most people do not care about platinum trophies or 100% a game all that much, and those who do don't really care if its the remaster or the original one? So, rethink your initial question. Does it make any sense to keep the servers running for a minuscule amount of players? I mean, clearly they've done the math and no, it doesn't make any sense.
  12. @QQ_Liu_Xin_Rui strategy was great. The hardest part was getting into Hostile Territory.
  13. I'm glad that there are no new trophies. Started liking the game but it quickly overstayed its welcome. The 400 medal grind sealed the deal.
  14. Final Fantasy XV. I already had the season pass, but since I left it alone while I was playing other stuff, now I have to purchase the Royal Edition just to play something that I had already bought since they decided to make the standalone version of Comrades.
  15. Easy choice. Red Dead Redemption 2. Just thinking about how long it'll take me ends up discouraging me.