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  1. I find this line quite puzzling, because you seem to be missing the fact that difficulty is subjective. Sure, we give games a difficulty score for the sake of convenience, but it is deceptive and opinion based. There is no factual difficulty. I also find it a little annoying that you're adamant that the soulsborne games are not difficult, having pretty much no experience with any of them. I think Soulsborne's plats are very tricky to judge, because a lot of people won't even try them because of their reputation (often exaggerated a bit) as difficult games.
  2. I love this game but yeah... it leaves me feeling miserable. I remember saying out loud "Fuck Ellie, no... Don't do it, don't do it." during the last battle in the game. 3 playthroughs so far and I think it's a masterpiece.
  3. 1. Catfights 2. Batting 3. Mahjong (I understand the game, but I really don't like it and it takes a long time to get the money). I ended up loving the disco mini-game. Would love seeing it return.
  4. A ton of games that I haven't started yet, plus Returnal Tales of Graces f Tales of Symphonia Tales of Xillia Yakuza 0 I want to get them all, but since I don't have a PS3 the Tales games will stay in my backlog indefinitely.
  5. Saying they "honored" the release is a bit disingenuous. There were previously signed contracts with obvious repercussions if they were broken. When you buy a company you not only buy their properties, but their obligations as well. That's a ridiculous take, considering how many games have already been released on Sony consoles and how many remain to be released. There's barely been anything released on Xbox, most of their games are not even close to release date.
  6. I prefer Playstation over Xbox by a wide margin. Game Pass doesn't really matter to me since I prefer buying physical copies (I collect Steelbooks), also the exclusives have been vastly superior on the Playstation. I'll surely miss some of Bethesda's Games, so I could end up building another gaming PC or trying XCloud if a game looks really good. There's a ton of things that I would buy before considering an Xbox. Also, the business consolidation on Microsoft's side really rubs me the wrong way. Same reason why I refuse to get Disney+.
  7. I really like your trophy list. Close to 100% completion, a lot of variety, and you have some very tough platinums too. 9/10.
  8. I think the ending is just as bad as it was at release. Not only did it render your choices pointless, it was absurd and went from sci-fi to fantasy. Honestly, the peak of ME3 was Rannoch. After that, it plunges.
  9. With only 2000 trophies, 95 ultra rares is a very respectable number. Decent completion percentage. Not a huge fan of stacks, but to each his own (and there's not that many). I'd give give you an 8 but I'm sure your profile will get a lot better soon.
  10. Apparently, a PS4 version may be coming soon. I have no idea if the leak is legit (and I hate fighting games, so I hope it isn't).
  11. I agree with most of what you said, although I think I hated End of Zoe a lot more than you did. I don't know why they decided to bring Jack back (didn't really make a whole lot of sense). Joe Must Die was really annoying, the enemies are sponges and the fights drag on and on and on. I wish the DLCs were more like Bedroom or Daughters, with some Ethan Must Die sprinkled in between. Unlike Joe Must Die, the runs were fast and the enemies didn't take long to kill.
  12. I just got it. Are you sure you're not getting hit by anything? Some bosses, like the Ent, have a roar. Deals negligible damage, but it people say it voids the trophy. Are you doing it against the world bosses? Not every boss counts. Personally, I think Singe is the easiest boss for this trophy, since there are barely any adds and all attacks are easy to avoid.
  13. Just wanted to say thank you. Your guide is excellent and it took me only a couple of tries to get the trophy. Thanks a lot!
  14. In a thread of ridiculous takes, you're the gift that keeps on giving. Now it's devs that are replying to you, apparently. Again, tossing each and every single DLC on the "greed" pile is just silly. Are some DLCs little more than cash grabs? Absolutely. Are there tons more that are phenomenal additions to their base games? Hell yeah. Some of the best things that I've played have been DLCs: Burial at Sea, The Old Hunters, Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3 DLC, Deus Ex's A Criminal Past, Prey's Mooncrash... the list is extensive.
  15. So DLC trophies are fine as long as they are... easy? What is the point of trophies if people just want them to be participation medals? Platinums have been debased enough as it is.