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  1. I just can't achieve the score it requires to get the gold medal (on elite). Either I have low score or I simply die. I know how the point system works on this mode so I am trying to do chains and not use EMP (only in emergency). I have completed 2048 campaign and HD campaign on elite with gold medals and I am stuck at this.. Damn
  2. Thank you guys for responding me!! I took the platinum trophy two days ago, but thank you amyway!!🙏🏻
  3. So guys, I only need 3 more siege missions to finish the Shadow Wars and I am 44level. I need tips on how to level up quickly so that I can level up my citadels to get 2500 points. I am really bored to farm online missions but if there isn't any other way I must do it like this.
  4. I think around 300.000-350.000 coins Thank you, I will give it a try today. Hope it works.
  5. Oh God it is taking so long to get 1.000.000 coins by farming contracts. I don't have a second PS4 but even if I did, isn't necessary to have a second PS+ account? I am thinking that playing custom tournaments with a second controller is faster, because sometimes contracts do not appear for a while season and half or so. What do you think and how did you guys farm coins?
  6. So you did it by farming contracts?
  7. I can't obtain "Racket Man" while I am playing with a 2nd controller, is it bugged this way? Should I try doing it in Career Mode?
  8. I have finished all 3 Tutorial Missions, all 25 Story Missions, all 35 Worms 3D Campaign Mission and all Challenges but no "Loves a challenge" and "Doing it solo" trophies for me. Do you have any tip that I can do?
  9. I have made a session here only to see if anyone is up to this, I played 2 games the last half hour, it is really boring waiting to find a match. The bad thing is that i must rank a character up to 1Dan and this is 10wins at best..
  10. Guys I can't find a single match online, I want to get the trophies😭😭
  11. I took the trophy a few months ago. Every champion has 3 talents. The first one is unlocked as soon as you play with a champion for the first time (but this one does not count towards the trophy). The second one is unlocked at Mastery Level 2 of the significant Champion. The third one is unlocked at Mastery Level 8 of the significant Champion. My advise on how to unlock talents fast is to 1) Buy all the cheap Champions from the store (price 15.000-30.000 coins). 2) Play with every week's free rotation Champion until you get him at Mastery Level 2. 3) When you finish with the free rotation Champions (get them level 2 like said before), play with the Champions you own and try to level them up until Mastery Level 8, then switch to another Champion you own (do this until the next free rotation). 4) Play Team Deathmatch vs.Bots, because every match is a win and it takes about 4-5 minutes to finish. I think that's all the tips I could give you
  12. Any tips on how to unlock talents fast? They removed the buying exp method..