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  1. My only thoughts on this are: I just hope one day West Taiwan implodes on itself and may the real Taiwan piss on the entire CCP graveyard.
  2. Instead of posting the worst I've played in PS4 I'll go on about the game that's both the reason I got a PS4 and yet my biggest disappontment: Mass Effect Andromeda. Where to even begin? Let's just start with the fact that with the first teaser of the game (which was just a very short cinematic of the Pathfinder) already gave me a gut feeling that the game was gonna be utter shite of the lowest caliber. Not only was Shepard's story already told and the ending of ME 3 (no matter how you felt about it) left little room to revisit previous characters and their stories (and a "rebuild the known star systems" narrative with the previous cast didn't seem all that interesting to me, so glad at least BioEAware felt the same too), so we already knew something drastic would need to be done from the word "go" when it came to the story. So I made a nifty list of stuff (AKA Mistakes) I DIDN'T want this new entry in my beloved Mass Effect to make. Lo and behold, they somehow managed to tick all of the boxes I wrote down. -A new allied alien race that's not as interesting as the ones that previously existed? We got the Angara, so check. Like them all you want, to me they just feel like bargain bin reimagining of what Protheans would be like. -A deus-ex machina device that allows the crew to almost instantly understand the entire language of this new race instead of going through the effort of creating a language barrier until maybe very late game they understand basic English? You got it. -A new hostile alien race that's just a stand-in for the Reapers that exists just to be the enemies and give the game a generic Hollywood-esque "bad vs evil" storyline instead of a classic cerebral sci-fi story about trying to colonize unexplored planets and the problems that may arise from it? Check that out, we got ourselves the Kett who are evil alien cultists that use the same Reaper strategy of turning their victims into their own soldiers. Like they didn't even fucking try. Could at least made them evil beast masters or robot lords but no, turn enemies int otheir own kind. Again. -An even more skewed dialogue system? Yup, now only a very select amount of your choices matter as Ryder doesn't ooze any charisma needed of a leader, and while Shepard helped their crew while dishing out the orders, I get that Ryder is inexperienced, but they feel so. Fucking. Passive. Like everyone is telling Ryder what to do and Ryder just goes with the flow. But you can pick which favor you want Ryder to follow the flow in! To their defense, only ME1 really has true choices and ever since 2 they watered it down, but damn, Andromeda has to take the cake -Trying to make it into Mass Effect: Inquisition even if it means bugs and less interesting gameplay? Yeah, Wrex bless the damn Cryo Engine or whatever it's called they were so adamant on using for giving us all those damn majestic bugs t obehold, but hell, playing the game with all those bugs wasn't pretty, lost many saves and had to delete characters due to game-breaking stuff. -Some lore breaking stuff? You got it, we got an AI companion despite all the grievances AI caused in the ME universe prior to Andromeda, not to mention making female krogans fight even when the xenophage has just been freshly cured and there aren't that many expendable female krogan to go around you can just throw into battle. We just spent an entire trilogy telling you how angry Krogan were about having their numbers severly cut down because of the artificial illness that led to many babies being born dead, and how they treasured females so much, they were allowed to have many males to reproduce and were never made to face battle, instead letting the more expendable and abudant men be the brusiers, but hey, we wants strong female Krogan warriors too, amirite, gaymurz? Yeah, I also want to see more female krogans kick ass, but you gotta understand that it makes no fucking sense lore-wise. Where's Drew Karpyshyn when you need him? -Missing some crucial alien races due to crunch? Yeah, you get no Quarians and just a faint whif of Salarians and Turians; I get the Batarians missing but come on, there's too many races missing like elcor, volus, drell, hanar... -Needless multiplayer action? Yeah, we really needed that instead of... you know... the story. -Gameplay flops? Probably the most subjective one, but Andromeda tried even harder than ME3 to be another looter shooter while it's RPG root in the background plus I never really liked the feel of it. -Outsorcing of any kind causing the product to lose overall quality? Yeah, on the facial animations. May I remind you, the original Mass Effect was mindblowing because it had surprisingly solid facial quality at the time, as it was like two or three years away from KOTOR and if that isn't a leap I don't know what is. And Andromeda makes everyone look like muppets. My face is tired, anyone? Pre-patch gang remembers. And that was pretty much my list. And it was even worse when I finally got the game. I can also list that NPC that really wants to tell you that she used to be a man, and I get it, you want the brownie points of representation, but no matter where you stand on the issue, I think there are bigger topics to tackle, like, uh, I don't know, how about the fact that we just arrived in a new planet that barely has any humans and we need to prepare a plan to make it inhabitable and you were a settlement asking for help with a threat just outside your door? Yeah, I think that topic overshadows any other you might bring to the table. Before anyone lashes out, if the character was a big name on your crew I'd get it, you want to know your team buddies, but we're talking about pretty much an NPC that informs you a few seconds after you meet her (granted, you might need to poke for it, but it's one of her earlier comments so...) and that you can never, ever meet again, as it's not required to go there once you do your mission. For as bad as ME3 was at a lot of narrative stuff (we shall never forget The Child) I don't recall going to the Citadel and having an NPC be like: "You know, I really wanted you to know that I was the best tennis player on the campus back in the day so no one takes tennis more seriously than I do" all while the Reaper threat looms over the Citadel waiting to crush all organic life as we know it. But go on, tell me about tennis, you crazy person. And no, I don't thin keverything about Andromeda is bad. The improved vehicle was quite fun to use and while we have oddballs that I never vibed with like Liam, Jaal and a lesser Wrex/Grunt in Drak, we at least got Cora, Pelessaria (I refuse to use her shortened name) and Vetra who I quite liked, and the designs of the super secret robot race at the end is quite cool. But I can't help it, Andromeda really makes my blood boil because if it was given time, a complete (and good) new script and a shitload of ironing out, it could've been a good revival of many ideas presented in the first game. But it missed the mark so miserably it hurts. But I actually forgot the worst part of Mass Effect Andromeda as a whole and the reason it alone should be considered a sin: ALIEN SUDOKU. You can just describe how fucked up Andromeda is by saying ALIEN SUDOKU. So there you go. Fucking Alien Sudoku for puzzles I swear to Wrex...
  3. It may seem like a very tough list at first glance, but I recall James commenting on a video in his channel where he promotes the game that this compilation allows lower difficulties; and the base games already had a mode where you had infinite lives and quite fair chekpoints for the most part, so assuming all trophies can be done on the lowest setting, I'd say this trophy list is more doable than it looks. I'm not one for hard-as-nails games or challenges, but out of love for AVGN I'd love to give this list a shot, even if it means perfecting each and every stage. Maybe look for a guide to get all the optional characters which are easy to miss, the extra items the nerd can get as equipment, the shitpickles and cartridges and the rest should come naturally, as it's mostly progression and there's even one for dying a lot. I envision a bunch of people getting the 100 deaths trophy before even getting to the halfway point of the first game. I look forward to playing Thy Farts Consumed and Future Fuckballs 2010, but Dungeons and Dickholes on the other hand... thankfully they seem to hone their level design in the second game. Glad they replaced the NC with Fred Fucks. Even happier to play this game in something other than my Wii U for a change. So yeah, bottom line: while this trophy list will take some effort and skill, I don't think it will be on the top of the difficulty charts. I can see a good amount of people getting close to 100%, probably throwing the towel with only the "Perfect all levels" trophy keeping the plat away from them, just like how "Passionate Listener" lowers the percentage of people that have the vanilla P5 plat or the trophy for beating the DOOM classic games on nightmare difficulty..
  4. So, I have a doubt about the digital release, since I bought the digital season pass on discount a while back. I believe I set my console to allow game sharing if I were to add a secondary account to my console, so if I began playing The Enemy Within in that secondary account, would it allow to go all the way to the end of the game and thus, platinum it, or would the season pass be locked out and limited to the main account where I bought the game? (For more info; yeah, episodes 1-5 are already downloaded and installed on my PS4) I had no issues with playing the Ace Attorney trilogy up to full completion again with my second account despite the purchase being made with my main account, but seeing as to how this is a Telltale game I figured things could work differently. Just a question that popped in my mind since I've wanted to challenge myself with a new profile to keep at 100% completion and have it full of the games I enjoyed completing the most, and I wouldn't want to taint that with an uncompletable Batman: The Enemy Within And the knowledge would also be cool to see if this applies to delisted games too that I might've bought and kept installed on the console. Anyway, thanks for taking time of your day to answer this silly question!
  5. Oh wow, that's a lot. Thanks for replying, I only got one set, so I'll have to call Sony since in my country there's no live chat with their staff. Again, thanks for the extra info!
  6. While I do agree that it's short length can be a detriment to some people, after completing it myself I have to say that there's something special about New Super Lucky's Tale. The Pros: -Not fully priced, so it's an easier sell right of the bat. -Lucky Swiftail has some very fun movement, which is CRUCIAL in any 3D platformer that's worth anything, even if it comes down to using double jumps. (You will notice some of the top tier 3D platformers do not rely on double jumps with odd exceptions like A Hat in Time). It might be downright basic but when I figured that you could delay a second jump for more time in the air and horizontal movement finishing in an air tail swipe that further delays your fall, I started pulling some crazy movement stunts (hence why the trophy for beating the resort level without using levers is so freacking dope, almost as if the designers new 3D platformer nuts like myself go crazy over sequence-breaking movement options.) -The cartoon aesthetic akin to a lower-budget Spyro Reignited is greatly appreciated specially in this day and age where everything wants to be hyper-realistic. -The game is full of child-like wonder and charm like a sunday morning cartoon which makes it a perfectly functional game for a younger audience (surprise, not every game has to cather to us older folk). At least I can say that this made me feel like I was twelve again playing my B grade platformers that felt so much more special that the big boys on the AAA scene. No bad blood towards Mario's 3D outings, but there's something unique about the "not big enough to be triple AAA but not small enough to be fully indie" 3D platformer. -Lucky's world has enough magic and whimsical wonder in it to make many more sequels with, hopefully, more ambition and a bigger scope if the cliffhanger ending is anything to go by. So yeah, I'd say the promise of even bigger and better games in the future from Lucky is a good thing. And it truly feels that the game had actual passion put into it. As long as you don't stare long enough into the large pool of crappy puzzle stages, that is. -Without opening the debate of "easy games versus hard games" I think anyone with a brain knows that the healthy truth is that we need both easy peasy games as well as painfully challenging ones. Different strokes for different folks, and at least for me, now that I'm trying to complete Cuphead, I know NSLT will be a nice detox mechanism whenever a boss gets too hectic for my taste, so there's a place and a moment for either type of game, and with many games heavily inspired by the trend of challening games rising in popularity, it's nice to see a more laid-back casual experience that doesn't resort to mobile loot box shenanigans in order to be casual and easy. -The puzzles. While you'll see that I also consider the puzzles a negative because of what they mean in terms of content, considering children are the core demographic for this game, it could be argued that the puzzles might be an actual beneficial tool in helping them think of a solution and develop problem-solving skills. A bit of a stretch but hey, any chance that you see to make a game look educational is a chance that you take in order to combat the conception that games rot children's brains. The Cons: -It's painfully short. Perhaps being an adult and an avid 3D platformer enthusiast muddies this point, but I fully completed the game in a mather of a single day, which is no bueno for a 40$ game to be this short. Overall I might consider it a positive as I did with A Hat in Time which focused on well thought-out collectables instead of Super Mario's Odyssey flood of collectable moons that end up amounting to busy work, but when you're paying 40 bucks for a game, even if it will mean dragging the game a bit longer, you might want to add more meat to your product. At least, it's pretty cool that the DLC of the base game is added here without and extra fee. -The puzzles. I mean, putting aside my prior distate to puzzles and how many games use them to slow the pace to a crawl just to tease your brain even when it's not part of their genre, at least non-completionists can choose to ignore them. Shame that so many of the collectable pages are tied to either the statue puzzles or gimmicky maps that can be enjoyable at first but take a turn for the tedious near the end. It truly feels like the puzzles where put to fill in space and make the game feel lenghty in a very artificial way. Like instead of developing a smaller-scope level with less collectables they just threw in some puzzles because so many other games do it, we might as well too. Nah fam, it's not good when non-puzzle games shove in shitty puzzle minigames, be them small budget or big budget. Drop that shit, grow some balls and trust people liking your core mechanics enough that they don't demand puzzles to be mixed in every damn game. -Stage variety. This game rocks whenever it gives you a big stage with multiple objectives to satisfy. Not to shit on the 2D levels, runner levels or the other weird unique levels, but if some of the puzzles were fully scrapped in orde to have some more, big and fresh levels with stuff to do involving platforming and not puzzles, then the game would be oh so much better. Again, some may see the variety as a pro, and on some of the game's worlds it is as it leaves you guessing and most level types are fun, but it sucks that the best built level type of the bunch gets so few actual levels. -Baby's first platformer: while enjoyable and fun, if you seek a challenge, the game won't provide and it's meant for either newbies or people who love the genre so much that they don't care. Veredict: Don't go in expecting a mind-blowing journey that takes a long time, expect a short, focused and easy platformer aimed to children and newcomers to the genre that comes with enough charm and potential for it to blossom into a good, more in-depth series in the future. Personally consider it being worth a shot if you don't care about a lack of difficulty and a very brief duration., want to get into 3D platformer collectathons or are already an enthusiast of the genre.
  7. There's a trophy that calls for "activating all cash machines". I'm almost at 100% and never seen a cash machine in the game I guess the english trophy name should be along the lines of "Cashing in" or "To the bank", something to that effect.
  8. Can someone post all the themes and avatars you should get? I only recieved the seemingly last set of Akechi, Haru and Yoshizawa and the Spanish Sony website doesn't have a live chat for this types of issues and their contact only tackles refunds and repairs with little else involving digital rewards like these. I straight emailed them back on the one I got to see if they could look into it, I need my Ryuji one if there's one.
  9. Call me old but for me PS1 is where it's at. PS4 is a close second since it's the one I spent most time with trophy hunting and stuff, but while I value memories of borrowing a friend's PS2 to indulge in the Jak games and the first two Star Wars Battlefronts, it feels like it's gargantuan library has also a lot of trash and it isn't enticing when I can only get my hands on faulty PS2s in the wild that refuse to read games and give tons of trouble when trying to make them work. PS3 I feel even more lukewarm on since I went through like four of them, all yellow-lighting after being pretty new back when they released, but thankfully it was all in warranty-range, and the experience made me switch to 360, the latest model that didn't come with the red-ring of death "feature". But I still remember fondly being a kid in my uncle's house during a hot summer, sweating from intense Tekken 3 sessions with my little sister, plus, once I became an adult and was able to revisit the system, all the models I got work perfectly, but most of all, it just feels like a very daring console. Yeah, because people barely understood 3D you got some trashy games with bad controls for a 3D enviroment but I'm willing to argue that it was precisely that feeling of going into uncharted territory that gives the PS1 it's charm. Games like LSD: Dream Emulator, Jumping Flash!, Bushido Blade, Ape Escape... even if you don't exactly enjoy the gameplay the wide range of odd, clunky titles filled with charm that tried to look at the system's capabilites and controller are something to be cherrished. I think the PS1 has this very experimental feel to it that only increases the more obscure you get with region-locked games, weird gimmicks and the birth of many beloved game developers during that crucial moment of gaming. Even some games that aren't my cup of tea look interesting enough and can't be denied for their merits. Stuff like the Abe games, the long list of PS1 RPGs I'm sure many RPG fans regard highly, the Resident Evil franchise, a variety of good racing games, your odd puzzle games, the first steps into stealth games with MGS, and a load of platformers I will need to one day try for myself. It also helps that my second favourite game ever (Gex: Enter the Gecko) is best enjoyed on PS1, and stuff like Ape Escape, Tekken 3, Bushido Blade and LSD: Dream Emulator also rank pretty high for me. So yeah, PS1 is best, Sony better release PS1 Classic 2 with a better library and overall emulation. Yeah, we can all dream
  10. A hundred plats. I stole my own heart.

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  11. Cuphead devs back in the day: "We have no plans of releasing our game outside the Microsoft ecosystem". Queue your James Jonah Jameson video of him laughing his ass off.
  12. As a 3D Platformer fanatic all I can say is YEAAH BABY and I even't haven't played this one, great time to give it a shot! Hope even more 3D Platformers make their way to PS4 before PS5 arrives. cough cough Rayman 2.
  13. Godzilla. Like I enjoyed it a lot, I'm willing to defend the game and it's clunky controls as they provide the most accurate simulation of the awkward way Godzilla used to move in the movies where it was portrayed by an actor in a suit, but hot diggety damn I can't defend having to grind for evolution points with all monsters. Some of them who appear randomly in the modes and might take a lot of time before they show up for certain players. That and also grinding for dioramas can break a man's soul. Not because it's hard, but because it's tedious as all hell. I was lucky enough that I enjoyed the game and got a far amount of difficult trophies by just playing regularly, but I can't imagine people who only got for the lolz and hated the gameplay enduring all the way to platinum considering it a high point on their trophy hunting career. But I guess it feels cool having a platinum from a delisted game, so because I mostly enjoyed it I'll take it with pride. It was a chore, yet a chore I treasure.
  14. Hahaha, not really. I mean I recall my system sounding very loud back when I had and played some of those games, but there's definetly one or two that I have digitally that I could test it with to see what are the results, though I was already considering the option of opening the upper case and clean it up from possible dust that may have entered the system over the months. Yeah, I could tell it was a joke, gave me a chuckle and reminded me of the days when a wrapping your PS3 in a towel or using a hair dryer in it's back was supposed to fix the yellow light of death Yeah, I'm aware that some physical copies of certains games carry more problems than digital ones, like Ghostbusters Remastered having wonky start-ups if you have it it physical for whatever reason and requiring to turn off the system after putting the disc in before it can read it on a second console start-up. But I've never heard of physical copies causing much more noise. I mean, some is expected since it has to read the disc but not on an extreme level. Quite interesting to hear, Inuty, I'll make sure to check for more noisy physical games! Thanks you all for your imput. If anything, the system's revving noise will help dull out Charlotte's voice. I'll drink spicy water in your honor, lads.
  15. Expanding the title, I guess what I wanted to ask is if there's someone tech savy enough to explain how is this game in the category of "making the PS4 sound like an airplane ready to lift off"? I don't know if this issue is limited to my own system but at least the demo of Trials of Mana is making my PS4 Pro sound like a noisy printer or a heated car engine, which is an issue that normally is limited to graphically beefy and demanding games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice or the Insomniac Spider-Man game. Perhaps they over did it with the 3D models or maybe it's just poor optimization, poor programing or something in the middle, but without my headphones (they broke, rest in peace) to dull the system noise this seems like it's gonna be an awful time. I mean I already have a copy ordered and I'm looking forward to playing it but damn, the noise the system makes is ungodly. Anyone else experiencing these problems with the game?