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  1. So, yesterday I was in my phone, scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions and I noticed new videos from a channel I didn't know and I had no recollection of subscribing. I unsubbed and paid it no mind but a few hours earlier I get a notificiation (as if I checked the bell icon) of an upload from another channel. This time is a channel I know. A channel I used to be a sub of but unsubbed since an increase of lack-luster uploads and quality. My guess is that maybe using the phone while almost sleep or having it in my pocket might've just accidentaly clicked the subscribe option from a recomendation and that's that, but it also had the bell icon checked and I got an email telling me about the upload. And this made me think, considering YTs shaky reputation with dealing with it's community, copyright strikes and advertisers, that it may have some sort of auto-sub bot going around, but I hope it's just my silly conspiracy side playing games with my mind. Has it happened to anyone else? Did Youtube subscribe you to a channel you didn't remember subbing?
  2. I imagine the gaming landscape like a beach: casual gamers are those who just dip their toes in and don't intend to swim, they might just wanna get a tan. Then you have hardcore ones who cut themselves and dive into to the depths of the water wishing to wrestle sharks. And within both groups there's a gray space that acts like a scale for people who lean more into one or the other.
  3. Casually meeting Tommy Tallarico. Pretty neat! Wish I can meet with Michel Ancel one day and have an interview.
  4. Batman Arkham Asylum because damn those challenges are brutal and tedious.
  5. My advice is to never listen to reviews in general: they tend to be very hyperbolic and only have value for a viewer if said viewer tends to agree with the reviewer in question. Even those that make good points for or against a game may tarnish it for you, making the game look far better or far worse than it would be for you if you played it. Just look for differing views of said game, look for people who like it and people who dislike it and then take a calculated risk. For years I only heard blind praise for OoT and Portal only to end up not enjoying them as much as other people would, and I'm guilty of enjoying my share of bad games like Sonic Adventure's Big the Cat sections, which aren't as bad as everyone says in my opinion. In conclusion: take every single review with a grain of salt. Maybe more than just a grain of salt, maybe an entire spoon.
  6. This beauty here. Makes up for not having a PS2 growing up.
  7. Either get as close to 50 plats as possible or at least plat every Assassin's Creed (except for Black Flag and Unity) + KH II plat. I'd also say Birth by Sleep plat but I don't want to lose my sanity this year, maybe next.
  8. I was curious about Soulslike games that existed before the FromSoft series and I found a few examples that, as far as I played, I enjoyed more than modern takes and have some things in common (3rd person camera, weighty sword/medieval weaponry based combat...) RUNE Enclave Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade Nightmare Creatures I and II Warriors of Might and Magic Crusader of Might and Magic Blade: The Edge of Darkness (also referred as "Severance: Blade of Darkness") ...and there might be more out there, I'll keep searching! A friend of mine recently got into The Surge and I was a bit hyped when I saw it, but a flood of negative reviews are making me wait for a price drop.
  9. If you want easy plats, Ratalaika and Telltale games are what you need (and pretty much all the point-and-click genre), anything else comes with at least some time investment, be it slightly above that or over-the-top chore levels of effort and time sink.
  10. Dude, you need to play some classic old-school (mostly) PC exclusive games then! Here are a few suggestions: -Sacred (Diablo-clone that surpasses Diablo IMO) -Sanitarium (Great, but often overlooked point-and-click game) -Warlords Battlecry 2 / Tzar (Fun RTS if you want something other than Age of Empires or maybe Emperor) -Freedom Force / Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich (imagine Dragon Age but a few years earlier and with wacky superheroes fighting nazis and communists) -F.E.A.R. / Bulletstorm (pretty sure they aren't PC exclusive but damn they're fine shooters) -Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magik Obscura (I'm just gonna say that in this one you can convince the main villain to commit suicide, pretty fun. If it works) -TES III: Morrowind (just... N'WAH) -POSTAL 2 (Pure catharsis) If any of this doesn't do it for you, maybe you can do that fun thing were your pc becomes any gaming platform you want and maybe try some region locked stuff that's never go see a western release, you might find some gems you never imagined!
  11. P.N. 03 and Super Magnetic Neo.
  12. Hey, Eremoto (Ere) here. I've been replying and posting here for a while but only recently I took the time to check the forums properly to see the rules and guidelines and to get more involved (gotta get the 50 posts so I can have a custom title) and I noticed I didn't even introduce myself like you usually do in a new forum. Haven't touched a forum since 2007 and this is the third one I'm in, honestly it's pretty comfy here, far more welcoming than those MUGEN forums from yesteryear. I had a thing for game completion since my first collectathon games and those old fighting games where you need to unlock the characters, but my passion slept for years until I got a PS4 and said "hey, Assassin's Creed II, one of my favourite games, is now available for the PS4, maybe I should finally complete it". So I did, and I'd thought that'd be the end of it. Then A Hat in Time came, reminding me why I love platformers and well, now I'm sitting at 28 plats and going for 50, and eventually 100 maybe then I'll feel withered enough to quit for real. I guess that does it for an introduction, thanks for having me, and I hope I can help / entertain as much as possible. Have a nice day!
  13. I can't believe it, I got the plat on Friday and since I really enjoyed this retro style game I went to get all weapons, armor, rings and amulets and now I get here and surprise surprise, Devious Dungeons 2 will come out with similar trophies and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm very happy this game exists as it pleases my older game mindset of the arcade era, I just can't wait to play it and plat it! Anyone else is excited?
  14. Pretty much any game that requires online multiplayer for platinum or 100% completion or those incomplete games/demos/free trials that you can earn trophies from but only downloaded to try out and didn't end up enjoying. Those are the ones I would delete, and maybe games I thought I could 100% easily but became a chore and don't wanna touch anymore. And also, fighting games. I love them to death but because the vast majority come with online trophies (and also bs amounts of microtransactions) I barely let myself buy and enjoy them in order to avoid the remorse of not being able to 100% them due to my principles on online trophies. If this was an option from the beginning, I could've sold some bad games I got early in my PS4 library and didn't enjoy a bit without their trophies cluttering my list and adding to a harder-to-reach 100% completion rate on all games. Otherwise,I'd keep all my trophies on, be it hard-to-get rare ones you can wear produly or the low-tier shameful ones if I beat dumb, easy and cheap games just for them. The rest of trophies in games I won't complete or didn't end up enjoying are just like fruit stains: they look bad and never go away.