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  1. Hey! Got a mild update in the situation. A second-hand videogame store I frequent usually has Atellier games so I checked today, but sadly a collector nabbed all of those a few months ago. Thankfully the lady at the store told me about three different stores I didn't know in the periferic area of the city that may have more Atellier stuff, and tomorrow I should be able to check at least two of them. Hope I have more luck, but sorry beforehand if my search bears no results; it's high turistic season here and the city is full of tourists from Germany and England and some are looking for regional games, I just wish they don't beat me to the punch. They already did when I was trying to get the Spanish version of Tombi 2. I'll keep you uptaded through the week. Don't lose hope! (But I can't promise the moon)
  2. I was in a similar situation once. Traveled to Italy and bought a game wondering if it would have Spanish or at least English in the booklet and yeah it had all the "big" languages across Europe. As far as I experienced with other european games, booklets do tend to include all languages considered "important" in Europe, those being German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and sometimes they'll add Portuguese too. Only games I have without this feature are odd, old pc games with very chunky booklets and thus the booklets are tailor-made for the region I think. But seeing as this is a PS3 game, my best guest is that it's very likely to include English, even if it's not the first language listed in the booklet. This is due to the EU pretty much accomodating all regions to have an english translation in all products, so I'm sure you're safe. Just to be safe, this week I'll go check my local second-hand game retailers to see if I find a copy and I'll keep you informed!
  3. I was kinda bummed Atlantis wasn't fully underwater with a new, faster way of swimming and the giant hecantonquiros (don't know it's name in english) was too easy and vanilla looking. It sould've been fifty heads, hundreds of arms... I wanted to see a way unholier abomination than just a rando giant that was merely spooky at best. But hey, we got Cerberus done pretty fine even though Hades' boss battle was beyond boring (And I'm not a fan of how he looks. Yellow skin and his slender body and weird armor don't spell "ruler of the underworld" to me other than his unique weapon). Cool locations, not much of a chore... I liked it.
  4. FE 12 deserves some more love in Heroes. I hope one day Warren and Malice make it in. And Samuel/Samto. That'd be cool.
  5. I believe this mostly happens because a lot of people blindly assume they will get clouse on tv shows' stories while companies can laugh it off as they get millions on merchandise to try to keep the hype alive as long as possible (thus, maintaining the revenue from anything related to said series) And so we end up with a never-ending valley of mediocrity in story telling instead of getting that big satisfactory climax. That's why I prefer stand-alone movies and games or finished series instead of something that it's still going on. Better late and good than early and bad I say.
  6. Helpful it was. The more guides the better!
  7. You only need two words to explain why Andromeda is bad: Alien Sudoku.
  8. Monster Hunter: World. It was tough to choose, you got some pretty rare plats, sir.
  9. Isn't time spent sleeping just lost time or is the time we spend being awake the one we mostly waste?
  10. Looks pretty neat, and I might go for it if the "no continue" trophy doesn't seem that much of a hassle.
  11. Welcome to the community, remember to enjoy your time here and by all means, don't feed the green gremlin under the stairs.
  12. EyePet, Batman Arkham City and Little Big Planet was my PS3 starter pack.
  13. -Assassin's Creed II is fairly easy, only one playthrough, just a bit of feather collecting and doing very specific but simple tasks related mostly to combat/assassination. -Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD from the AC III Remaster I found surprisingly easy and quick, yet it's still a rare plat. -AC: Origins and Odyssey also if you are willing to go slow and steady. -Kingdom Hearts can be done in a single playthrough, even though I would recommend to do 2 or 3 if you don't wanna end up hating the game. -Kingdom Hearts III is a far more common plat than KH1, which probably means it's easier, but I found it more annoying than KH1, yet can be done in one single save. -Donut County may require some replaying but it's barely noticeable. -METAGAL: you can plat it in under 15 minutes, hardest challenge is just killing your first boss. -Undertale: you also don't need to finish the game, just reach a certain point before the true final stretch and donate to the dog shrine. -Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is an easy, single-playthrough plat but if you are like me, you might find the game a mixed bag. -Skyrim. The only thing that can make it long and tedious (and more than a single playthrough) are bugs but having multiple saves, patience, and liking the game will help. -Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is easier than it looks, though can be a drag if you aren't into Igavanias.
  14. A lot of the criticisms you gave are actually true. Auto-scaling can roll up and die; one of the best part of RPGs is going back to previous areas and absolutely demolishing enemies that used to gave you trouble when you were low level but having all normal grunts keep up with you in levels pretty much erases that feeling of growth that's fun in RPGs. I get that to some the story was awful but I think it was ment to reflect one of those cheesy yet overly-dramatic greek tales and be very different to Origins, I believe that was the point. Sure, you have the Deimos situation and you can pretty much slaughter your family but then it hits you with Atlantis, mythical creatures and putting the crystal eye of a thug inside a goat's ass and it's just like those old greek tales were Zeus would cut one of his balls and then from that cut ballsack another god would be born. Silly, yet taken seriously. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Egypt setting in Origins but I'm much more into ancient Greece and being able to sail and roam around the different areas of Greece, climbing giant statues of Greek gods and being able to slay cyclops, Cerberus, Medusa... that did it for me much more than "let's see what inside a pyramid". However I also will say that a lot of old AC stuff is missing from both Origins and Odyssey, specially social stealth and building parkour. Sure, you can climb stuff but because houses and buildings are built so far apart in ancient Egypt and Greece, you lose that feeling of movement from older ACs when you could flawlessly run through roofs (assuming you mastered the slightly clunky movement mechanics of running full-speed and slowing down at the right times). Also it's sad that a franchise about assassination is losing emphasis on assassinating but hey, Odyssey goes for a different feeling, like Syndicate which was more gang-oriented and felt much more like GTA; or Black Flag and Rogue which leaned more into naval combat, making Odyssey the "AC where you are a ruthless mercenary who doesn't bother with stealth". Origins may be the better game in an objective sense (storywise, with much more carefully considered gameplay) but I'm quite fond of the Frankenstein's monster that Odyssey is even with all of it's glaring, awful, smelly flaws, as it's a game I imagined myself playing since I was a kid, fighting against Achilles, king Leonidas and meeting Socrates and traveling from Athens to Sparta by horse all taking place during the Peloponisian war and all from a third person POV, instead of those RTS games where I could only build monuments instead of being able to walk in the roads of ancient Greece like I wish I could do. So, I might prefer Odyssey above Origins for purely personal reasons, but I still want AC to go back to it's roots: more parkour, more stealth and assassinations, less brawls. But let's not go back to when full sync was still a thing, that was terrible and Origins did good removing it.