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  1. Godzilla. Like I enjoyed it a lot, I'm willing to defend the game and it's clunky controls as they provide the most accurate simulation of the awkward way Godzilla used to move in the movies where it was portrayed by an actor in a suit, but hot diggety damn I can't defend having to grind for evolution points with all monsters. Some of them who appear randomly in the modes and might take a lot of time before they show up for certain players. That and also grinding for dioramas can break a man's soul. Not because it's hard, but because it's tedious as all hell. I was lucky enough that I enjoyed the game and got a far amount of difficult trophies by just playing regularly, but I can't imagine people who only got for the lolz and hated the gameplay enduring all the way to platinum considering it a high point on their trophy hunting career. But I guess it feels cool having a platinum from a delisted game, so because I mostly enjoyed it I'll take it with pride. It was a chore, yet a chore I treasure.
  2. Expanding the title, I guess what I wanted to ask is if there's someone tech savy enough to explain how is this game in the category of "making the PS4 sound like an airplane ready to lift off"? I don't know if this issue is limited to my own system but at least the demo of Trials of Mana is making my PS4 Pro sound like a noisy printer or a heated car engine, which is an issue that normally is limited to graphically beefy and demanding games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice or the Insomniac Spider-Man game. Perhaps they over did it with the 3D models or maybe it's just poor optimization, poor programing or something in the middle, but without my headphones (they broke, rest in peace) to dull the system noise this seems like it's gonna be an awful time. I mean I already have a copy ordered and I'm looking forward to playing it but damn, the noise the system makes is ungodly. Anyone else experiencing these problems with the game?
  3. Hahaha, not really. I mean I recall my system sounding very loud back when I had and played some of those games, but there's definetly one or two that I have digitally that I could test it with to see what are the results, though I was already considering the option of opening the upper case and clean it up from possible dust that may have entered the system over the months. Yeah, I could tell it was a joke, gave me a chuckle and reminded me of the days when a wrapping your PS3 in a towel or using a hair dryer in it's back was supposed to fix the yellow light of death Yeah, I'm aware that some physical copies of certains games carry more problems than digital ones, like Ghostbusters Remastered having wonky start-ups if you have it it physical for whatever reason and requiring to turn off the system after putting the disc in before it can read it on a second console start-up. But I've never heard of physical copies causing much more noise. I mean, some is expected since it has to read the disc but not on an extreme level. Quite interesting to hear, Inuty, I'll make sure to check for more noisy physical games! Thanks you all for your imput. If anything, the system's revving noise will help dull out Charlotte's voice. I'll drink spicy water in your honor, lads.
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate it! It's not often that I see people having issues in games without no one being able to solve their problems so ever since I started trophy hunting I like to scout forums of games I know in and out to see if someone might need aid wit hstuff that glitches or the game doesn't explain properly. Usually I don't find anything but moments like these make it worth my time knowing no one is left behind. No one should be stuck in a helpless state, at least that's what I believe. Glad I could offer some help and may no other game bug you out of a trophy. Happy hunting!
  5. I usually like to play 3-4 games at the same time as it helps add variety to the free time in my daily schedule and recently got Persona 5, DOOM and MediEvil for very cheap at a local second hand retailer. I was planning on completing MediEvil first since I figured it'd be a Reiginited Trilogy kinda deal in terms of dificulty and investment, maybe then play some DOOM to see how I liked it, but out of curiosity I played Persona 5 first since I wasn't sure it would hook me, it being a JRPG with a time limit after all. And now I have Morgana's voice whispering in my head, asking me to play further and further towards completion and any attempts of booting up MediEvil and DOOM result on the "I could be playing Persona 5 right now" thought invading my mind. And it has been a while since I've been there. It's like highschool all over again, where only one game seemed to exist for me: Todd Howard's Dungeon Crawler & Bug Hunter 2011 Edition ft. Dragons from the Dragon May Wagon series.
  6. Yeah, I definetly dislike the idea of a speedrun taking more than an hour. I mean yeah, beating a really long JRPG meant to last more than a hundred hours in just ten is impressive but we only have so much time to live, mate So I'm on the same boat, and I would limit myself to any game that can be beaten in under an hour to keep the run fast, quick and enjoyable to watch without planning bathroom breaks but that brings old school hard-as-anils games into the mix. But Rastan and Black Tiger being games I enjoyed in my childhood I feel like I would want to overcome the massive challange and skill level required.
  7. Tomatoanus because he's the most entertaining runner I've found and his commentated runs are a feat and a half, Pete Dorr whenever he does one of those shitty games for GDQ with his always enjoyable comentary on the pure garbage he speedruns (things like Urban Yeti on GBA) and Glackum just because he runs my favourite game ever. Other than that, speedrunning isn't usually something fun to watch unless you really know the game being played or the commentary can make it fun. I find it more entertaining the Summoning Salt style of World Record documentaries and the odd Karl Jobst video commenting on certain speedrunning discoveries. And don't forget the GladJonas compilations of speedrunners suffering endlessly. And that's my relation with speedrunning. If I had to seriously try and speedrun any game it'd be Rayman 2, Black Tiger, Rastan and the first two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.
  8. "We are happy to anounce that Tencent-" *record scratch* Oh hell no.
  9. There's only three ways of going about playing the whole AC series that I'd consider: 1) the exact same order you played them as, for basic nostalgia reasons. 2) in order of release so you see the evolution of the mechanics 3) if you don't care about the modern-day plot, play them in order of historical setting. My favourite way of revisiting them as you jump from generation and mechanics. You could also throw in the novels and comics for maximum immersion However, there's some you may want to skip in my own opinion and only visit if you're really invested: -The original: too poorly aged, feeling like a prototype of the series, some missions making 0 sense like catching flags in a race so you get clues on a target and most of all; the important plot of this game gets retold so much in other games you might as well skip it since you could play the whole franchise without this one and still know what goes on with Altaïr. -Revelations: unless you really like Ezio and despite how well this rounds up his character, gameplay does interesting stuff that's never pushed too long, far shorter than II or Brotherhood and the plot can be summarized as "Ezio find final love of his life, gets tangled in Ottoman politics and learns stuff from Altaïr". Neat for Ezio stans, not so compelling in the big scheme of things. -III: despite missing on Haytham you'd also be spared from Connor and seeing as to how he's been recieved by the comunity, I'd say that's a good thing. Rightfully one of the series' weakest entries, all it offers, Rogue and Liberation do way better while also providing more likeable protagonists instead of edgy, grumpy native american boy. -IV: Black Flag: controversial pick, I know, but even for a pirate-enthusiast as myself, I'd say you can skip this one and watch some Pirates of the Caribbean instead. Not bad, just not as great as most people claim it to be. Good story hidden behind ship grinding yet a story that fits weirdly in the big scheme of things. -Unity: come on, it's Unity. Romeo and Juliet plot that was too ambitious in terms of specs to the point of causing bugs and glitches galore, so it feels held back. Maybe await HD remaster a bunch of years down the line? A re-release without the awful online stuff that was force in just becuase of French Revolution themes? -Maybe the spinoffs? Technically Altaïr's Chronicles, Bloodlines, Discovery and the Chronicles games have shifting amounts of important plot stuff to the series but the gameplay changes are a reasonable turn-off for most. and that's my recommendation from a member of the AC cult.
  10. The things they gave you is expected, as they reward you for your loyalty with legendary weapons and special grenades, but usually talking to them after the fact should result in them asking for favours in the form of radiant quests. Your explanation leads me to believe that some sort of script broke and considering it's a Bethesda game, there are far too many options to consider: loading from area to area messed up their interactions, accidentaly hitting or hurting people on their factions in previous quests, having open dialogue with a companion like I suggested, game setting completion flags wrong... for all we know, waiting it out could solve it, like with the Nuka-Cola recipe that tends to phase underground and made some people wait for it to respawn. I myslef experienced something similar, as the Beverageer trophy only popped out for me once I did an extra Nuka mix and I've got far too many tales of Skyrim glitching out on me, and once resulted on an early trophy. Your solution will probably be the wisest but before we rule everything out let me suggest one final solution: I was doing the mission were you find the old lady that leads a group of idiots and she asks you to retrieve five space suits from Nuka World so her and the squad could go into the fake UFO on a dumpster. I did the mission as usual up to the point where she has to do a speech on a hill, but she wouldn't speak, claiming that everyone needed to be gathered. After some minutes of looking around I found the missing idiot locked in that position your human companions are when they've taken too much damage and need a stimpak. Saving for safety, I killed the guy to see if the mission would go on but the quest was failed. I forgot to try and rob him but killing him in stealth was also a bust. However, reloading after the stealth kill made it so he was now standing up. But he would not move from his spot unless it was to turn around when I talked to him. I decided to do other stuff, quests and trophies and when I came back some (in-game) hours later the old lady and her group weren't on the hill but on the wrecked house down south. Talking to her now was as if she had done her speech and I could finally complete the quest. Why am I telling you this? Perhaps you could try something similar with Mason and Mags, see if that resets their behaviour. Sneak behind them, save (or quicksave) and hit them with a melee weapon (make sure that your weapon is either very weak or very strong. I had the OP Disciples knife Nisha gives you but usually this method helped me on very weak weapons like the commie wacker). They will most likely become hostile (if they don't outright die) and since this isn't Skyrim, putting away your blade won't prompt them to arrest you. Well, reload to before the stabby stab was commited and see if their AI has decided to stop shitting the bed. Mason sits on a throne against a wall, so he might be hardest to do that with, so I'd suggest you use Mags as a test subject. Otherwise, stick to your method, I'm just giving you tips that worked for me. Good luck with full completion!
  11. Hey! I was concerned when I read this post since I found myself in a similar spot (finished Nuka World main questline until Mags and her bro were dead) and I'm glad to report that finishing the questline shouldn't prevent you from doing quests for any leaders you left (unless you kill them later on for a quest one of their captives gives you). In short, after only two gangs remain, talking to either Mason, Nisha or Mags (I assume, since she was the one I killed) they will ask you to do jobs for them. Killing certain NPCs, capturing them with a collar or destroying a bunch of enemies for supplies. Killing and putting collars can get tricky if the NPC scavenger spawns in a friendly place like Goodneighbor or Diamond City since killing them or collaring them on sight is deemed a crime and everyone will turn on you. You just need enough charisma to ask them to follow you then lead them to a spot were there are no witnesses, and make sure that you quicksave before risking it and that you either have no companion or Gage is your companion, others don't tolerate crime. You can pretty much take two jobs at a time and hop from Commonwealth to Nuka World and do them in baches of two, after getting your reward for your 12th radiant Nuka World gang leader mission, the trophy should pop up as it did for me. The most tedious part is the load times between Nuka and Commonwealth but keep at it and you'll get it before you know it, plus you get caps and EXP! If your issue is them not triggering dialoge when they should, make sure you don't have a companion registered as talking to you at the moment (maybe shuffle companions around so whatever line of code is linked to conversations gets cleared up), make sure that you have the latest patch (maybe you used a previous patch for some reason and it messes with their interactions) or at the very least your suggestion of starting over the Nuka DLC with a previous save should be fine, I thought of doing the exact same thing had I not been able to get the trophy post-DLC questline.
  12. Youtuber Shirrako is already streaming the DLC and so far, I saw a trophy pop up that I don't recognize from the base game so yeah, it seems the DLC will have trophies too..
  13. Some of you might've seen this game pop up and appear to be an easy one to plat. Even if that's true, because this game is getting barely any coverage, no one is mentioning the array of technical problems it comes with. As those who played it can tell you, the game can reach a very low fps at the end of it due to a large amount of characters and stuff on screen, but it can also happen on it's early stages when not too much is happening, almost as if the PS4 is struggling to keep everything consistent. But by far the worst problem I've encountered was on the second island of the game. You have to make a ten friend circle and spin around a planted seed to make it grow in order to progress the "story", and the game gives you little room to put characters in the circle. As many combinations as I tried, none of them would spin as if something was wrong. Tired of trying I turned the game off after saving and decided to do it another time. Now it's been a couple of days of failed attempts of getting back into the game. The game displays the Annapurna logo, then another logo and then the little mayor on the downleft corner as a loading screen, and is pretty much locked there. Don't know if it's certain parameters that I had on my game, poor programming, a bug, a glitch or whatever. Leaving the game "loading" for twenty minutes doesn't help, uninstalling at reinstalling doesn't help, deleting data straight from the console and reinstalling also doesn't do it... I'm at a loss. Thankfully a patch is released that fixes these issues and I hope that, at the very least, no one else is struck with my lack of luck. Shame that such a lovely game comes with this ugly sack of issues.
  14. Hey there, I've been on a journey to complete this game and I'm almost there, but somehow I missed the "Haremlike Situation" and "Nostalgic Tune" trophies, which are the only trophies I need for the plat, which is rare because most people get "Worst Possible Outcome" later than the previous two, which didn't happen for me. I have 100% on all stories and 100% Stills Recon, 98% Route Unlock on Joint Story. So far, every dialogue option seems to have been checked and no solution I see posted anywhere seems to work for me. Does anyone have a picture of the full chart so I can see what boxes of the Joint Story chart I'm missing? I looked for one but didn't find anything. This game seems to use a flag system not many people are fond of and replaying chapter just to align choices is a great chore, plus some boxes on the joint story don't seem important yet I'm sure they are to determine the outcome you get. At least with a pic of the full chart it'd be easier to see what me (and perhaps others) are missing. "Haremlike Situation" specially puzzles me as it wants you to get every "Avoid". Seeing as how I refused to talk to anyone when given the chance and always went alone when the game allowed for it, one would think I'd get it but oh well.
  15. #60 - Godzilla GODZILLA Fun factor: Making your toys fight each other/Maybe (even if tedium sets in) Difficulty: Try not to get sleepy/10 It took: More than 2 years oh god Do I feel special for platting a discontinued game? A bit. Likely the rarest trophy I'll ever get. Grindy yet enjoyable, I don't see this game as the heap of trash many classify it as. It's a quite accurate simulation of being The King of All Monsters and the diorama mode once you've got all the figures is the most nerd fan-servicy thing I've ever seen in a game appart from Budokai Tenkachi 3 having such a large roster. At least I learned to appreciate Biollante and Gigan, even if it meant hating Battra. Grinding with him was the absolute lowest point, but it put me in a kaiju mood I appreciate. But seriously, unless you are nuts for Godzilla, don't attempt this, please.
  16. I would bring the Zora Mask from Majora's Mask, so I could just swim underwater without worrying about needing to breathe and jump from the water like a speeding dolphin.
  17. Here's an easy way to get past everything Legendary difficulty has to offer: Make a team with Thor, Human Torch, a big bruiser character (Thing, Hulk, Juggernaut of Venom, I like Hulk more) and Wolverine for last slot. What you want to do is clean hordes of enemies with Thor's hammer thrust and when you reach bosses, fly towards them with Human Torch and use his Flamethrower skill (the one linked to triangle) on the direction of the boss. Now sit and watch the boss health dissappears into thin air. Get yourself familiar with that technique as it'll save you from much harder bosses. If you are running low on health, make sure the boss is vulnerable/targetable and use either Hulk's (or his replacement juggernaut character) and Human Torch's fusion attack or Hulk's + Wolverine's. Because those two fusion attacks are single targeted, hitting the boss with them ensures that you get a health token each time every time, which should increase your chance of survival. And once you are healed, go back to the Human Torch Flamethrower strategy. Some people claim that Songbird also works better than Human Torch, the only difference is that she deals less damage with her version of the Flamethorwer that she does with her voice but her attack isn't as laggy on finish so you can retreat to safety more easily. Human Torch has a riskier attack with more lag on end but he compensates that with higher damage and has better damage scaling with equipped elemental medals for fire damage.
  18. Like the title says. Need someone who can play Storm 2 in the next few days and let me get 35 online victories. I will also assist in getting trophies for whoever offers help. Ffs don't bail on me and I won't bail on you. Thanks for your time.
  19. Beavers Randomly Assaulting Newly Concealed Hydrants. MENTAL
  20. Hey, sorry for the delayed response, I was on vacation and after returning I got caught up in work and trophy hunting. So, I've checked all the stores. One closed, won't re-open under new ownership until October. Second one didn't have any Atelier games, but the last one did. I thought I found it but then I saw the cheap price and got wary. It was too cheap. And yeah, it was too cheap to be true. Long story short: the boxart was printed and there was no booklet. Whoever owned that copy did a poor job keeping it in a good shape to a point where the shop replaced the cover print by hand and the booklet was missing as the seller didn't provide it. So, I fear I can't do much more to help ease your doubts. I don't know anyone who's interested in the Atellier games and also lives in Spain that could provide further information, so I have to go back to my first statement; where I said I feel as if it probably also includes Italian as a language option in-game despite being the Spanish copy, given that I bought games from Italy before and they came in Spanish too. So I'm prone to believing that only things like Pokémon (and mostly Nintendo stuff) is limited in the language selection. At least back in the day, now Pokémon games have multiple languages built-in despite region of the cartridge. The one final solution I could recommend is to use emulation of other Atelier games to kinda "test the waters". Try to get a hold of Spanish roms of those (I can't give you links, as divulging roms and isos is ilegal) but if you can get some Spanish Atelier roms or Isos try to emulate them, see of they have italian as an option, I use that method when I wanna purchase a game from another region and I don't know if I'll be able to understand it. If there's PS2, PS1, PSP or DS Atelier games and those Spanish versions include Italian there's probably a big chance of this one being the same, and you should feel bad as you won't be breaking the law to play the full games, it's just for information's sake. Again, I hope I could've provided a better answer and whatever happens, I hope you're lucky and the game ends up having the language you require.
  21. Hey! Got a mild update in the situation. A second-hand videogame store I frequent usually has Atellier games so I checked today, but sadly a collector nabbed all of those a few months ago. Thankfully the lady at the store told me about three different stores I didn't know in the periferic area of the city that may have more Atellier stuff, and tomorrow I should be able to check at least two of them. Hope I have more luck, but sorry beforehand if my search bears no results; it's high turistic season here and the city is full of tourists from Germany and England and some are looking for regional games, I just wish they don't beat me to the punch. They already did when I was trying to get the Spanish version of Tombi 2. I'll keep you uptaded through the week. Don't lose hope! (But I can't promise the moon)
  22. I was in a similar situation once. Traveled to Italy and bought a game wondering if it would have Spanish or at least English in the booklet and yeah it had all the "big" languages across Europe. As far as I experienced with other european games, booklets do tend to include all languages considered "important" in Europe, those being German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and sometimes they'll add Portuguese too. Only games I have without this feature are odd, old pc games with very chunky booklets and thus the booklets are tailor-made for the region I think. But seeing as this is a PS3 game, my best guest is that it's very likely to include English, even if it's not the first language listed in the booklet. This is due to the EU pretty much accomodating all regions to have an english translation in all products, so I'm sure you're safe. Just to be safe, this week I'll go check my local second-hand game retailers to see if I find a copy and I'll keep you informed!
  23. I was kinda bummed Atlantis wasn't fully underwater with a new, faster way of swimming and the giant hecantonquiros (don't know it's name in english) was too easy and vanilla looking. It sould've been fifty heads, hundreds of arms... I wanted to see a way unholier abomination than just a rando giant that was merely spooky at best. But hey, we got Cerberus done pretty fine even though Hades' boss battle was beyond boring (And I'm not a fan of how he looks. Yellow skin and his slender body and weird armor don't spell "ruler of the underworld" to me other than his unique weapon). Cool locations, not much of a chore... I liked it.
  24. FE 12 deserves some more love in Heroes. I hope one day Warren and Malice make it in. And Samuel/Samto. That'd be cool.
  25. I believe this mostly happens because a lot of people blindly assume they will get clouse on tv shows' stories while companies can laugh it off as they get millions on merchandise to try to keep the hype alive as long as possible (thus, maintaining the revenue from anything related to said series) And so we end up with a never-ending valley of mediocrity in story telling instead of getting that big satisfactory climax. That's why I prefer stand-alone movies and games or finished series instead of something that it's still going on. Better late and good than early and bad I say.