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  1. Hit my #100 with Terminator Salvation. Not the greatest, but definitely a milestone for me.

  2. #100 Terminator Salvation
  3. I know it's been a while since I last posted and updated, with lockdown going on in some if not all places and some places still allowing work, I know it's getting to be a pain. Hoping people are working on these PP's (not just mine), I know I am. My new PS4 has recently gotten in the way of completing PS3 games, but I'm wanting to get these done and more. Hit me up if anyone is having issues with games or finding them. I am trying not to let my work get to me and trying to have fun. Hope everyone is doing good.
  4. For right now unfortunately this game is not on the list to be part of this PP. I belive it is part of a Spider-Man PP, which is why I'm not able to use it yet.
  5. #98 Distraint: Deluxe Edition
  6. The Long Walk A Flower To You, Beautiful! The Whistle Hah, Hah, Hah Platinum DISTRAINT
  7. The Grave Will Out the Truth Full Spice Rack Master of Fire Bank Shot Tree Killer Life is a Blessing
  8. Two to Tango Bamboo-zled! Wish I Had This Sooner! There Can Be Only One Sight Beyond Sight Just Halfway Tobi's BFF Keeping the Peace Not Alone
  9. Well plating has slowed a lot since I went on a buying spree for PS4...sigh... oh well. Updated my Jaded List with my plats and also my Main page with a completion work list so I don't have to keep looking it up. Also a new band find for me is a group called Mortiis, love it!

  10. Survival 1 Supremacy 1 Supremacy 2 Survival 4 Meddlesome Vengeance Raging Flames Deadly Strike Keep to Yourself Enhance!
  11. More Like 'Dumb In General' Man's Best Fred
  12. Daredevil Crossed Out EX-terminator
  13. Master of Regret Student of Speed Master of Forgiveness Safety rope Party responsibly
  14. #97 Oxenfree
  15. Bad Doggy Untouchable Renjamin Spanklin I'm the Firestarter Leave Possible?