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  1. I don't know why I was removed off the list. I was Champion, then you added Ps4 version so I should be Titan now. Can I be put back on please?
  2. #87 Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus
  3. Up Your Arsenal Armored and Dangerous Exterminator Your Worst Nightmare The Pride of Fastoon
  4. Alrighty, got my Jaded List (plat list) updated with everything current and my new 1st shiny plat. of the year.

  5. Ok, I have my Movies PP updated, but now I need to find out how to update the leaderboard.
  6. Sorry about the long hiatus, but I have ya'll in the correct positions as Buyers. YaY!!
  7. If possible I would like to keep mine open. It hasn't been active much, last activity was in Nov. though. I need to go update it.
  8. Which wouldn't be a surprise, always happens. Thanks for the info.
  9. I didn't see anything in the server shutdown list and was wondering if anyone knows if it's still up and running?
  10. This months boss-ish is the Crusher from Aliens Colonial Marines.

    1. HaserPL


      Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. 


      Yea, this game sucks, I'm cleaning up challenges online and it's a tragedy. 

    2. JadedDragos


      I haven't really messed with it online yet, I need to though.

  11. I think I am going to start up my monthly themes again. So after I finish up LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4, I will make Novembers theme Final Fantasy and Novembers boss to go with the theme will be one of the main bosses from FF IX - Kuja😁

  12. The Hunter from DmC - Devil May Cry. This months boss and Halloween type game (demons).

    1. Cobby


      The Caretaker from Witcher 3 Blood and Stone DLC is my choice :P 

    2. ShonenCat


      Waiting for that Castlevania Requiem to come out at the end of the month o: 

  13. Misty Waters
  14. #85 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
  15. Fighter Warrior Within