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  1. General Information Hi everyone and welcome to my very first Project Platinum! This project is based off of what a majority of the human race likes to do. No matter if they are good, bad, A's or B's, but everyone likes to watch movies. Games in this PP are games that are based off movies out there now. To clear it up a little, the game titles are what we are going for here (ex. Up, Star Trek), not games that have titles based off the movie it self (ex. Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight). Creator: JadedDragos Special Thanks: ZoneHunter - Creating Project Platinum Happy - Banner Dragon-Archon - Custom Trophies Well let's get the party started, grab the popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy till the credits roll. RULES Every platinum has to be earned legit. Hackers will be found out and banned from the event. Only unique games are eligible, completing the same games with different region trophy lists will not get you any points. When a new game is released you'll have to re-earn your place in the Hall of Fame if necessary. The hall of fame requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases. The order of the Hall of Fame is by order of sign up. First come, first served. If you want to sign up, please refer to which Hall you are eligible and provide the list of your games. Requirements Movie Enthusiast - Complete all 17 games to 100% Movie Collector - Complete 10 games to 100% Movie Streamer - Complete 5 games to 100% Movie Buyer - Complete 1 game to 100% Movie Renter - Join the movie club. Movie Adventurer - Complete Clash of the Titans for this special trophy! Games Hall of Fame Enthusiast Collector Streamer Buyer Renter Adventurer
  2. Old-Tyme Brawler Having a Ball Blast Mastery
  3. Sierra Souvenir Aficionado Assemble Your Crew
  4. Double Down Little Wheel One Armed Bandit Outstanding Orator Talent Pool Volare!
  5. #90 Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
  6. Nice Ride No Shocking Developments Wrench Ninja II: Massacre Super Skilled Museum Tour He Went Commando
  7. Be a Moon Child Yay Carbon Platinum Power BFG Destruction Time That's Impossible! Nano To The Max
  8. Handle with care Dressed for Success High Achiever Act 3 Padawan Grand Slam
  9. I got bolts to trade Now its time... Bye Bye Birdies Speed Demon Moving Violation
  10. One more common trophy I can actually get out of the games I have and it's story related, so now on to nine pages of uncommon trophies. Woo!!

    1. Glowbugg


      Sounds like a fun goal

    2. ee28max


      Forgot all about that Trophy Advisor thing... but yeah, it's fun. :) 

    3. JadedDragos


      It's allowing me to not forget about games I need to finish and pushing me to finish them also.

  11. Expert Stylist Harbinger of Death The Mystery of the Holy Clavis
  12. Expert Synthesist Angel of Salvation Hope at the Edge of Despair Hero of Glory A Helping Hand
  13. Romantic Conqueror Champion of Kirkwall Mercenary
  14. Stun Specialist Huey's Thoughts Novice Craftsman The Hope of a Promise
  15. Perfect Passenger Hero of Might Miracle of Light
  16. Never tell me the odds! Master of the Force
  17. Transhumanist Lesser Evil The Desk Job Up the Ante! Cloak & Daggers Ghost The Bull Yes Boss
  18. No Tumbler Fumbler Ring-a-Ding-Ding (Same type trophies will only be shown once) Chemistry Novice Chain Novice
  19. Restore Our Fortunes In a Foreign Land May my Hand Forget its Skill
  20. You can Break a Snow Dan Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal Jury Rigger When We Remembered Zion
  21. Come Fly With Me They Went That-a-Way That Lucky Old Sun
  22. Quick Exit Excessive Force Into The Lair Jail Break One Each Go Down And Stay Down Iced
  23. Mutation Complete Bolted Down
  24. Try to Sleep You're My Hero 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade Operate Heavy Machinery Robo Rampage Prehistoric Rampage More Vandalism? Midtown Insanity Safety Deposit
  25. Bolt Scavenger II Heal Your Chi