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  1. That's a good idea、 mean would put me towards bottom of Japanese leaderboard but fact in matter is Japanese leaderboard is inconclusive anyways as most trophy hunters I know in Japan are not being tracked. Don't know any higher then the top of that leaderboard but know plently above level 100 that I've been playing online with since 2007 - 2009
  2. sounds glumly
  3. I honestly never really thought of it as much of a achievement until I just looked at the completion rate, I've finished it 3 times, once on the 360 back in the day, twice around the time of of release on vita. honestly hate that game with a passion now.
  4. Banana、 but they give me the runs.
  5. Think its due to server work、 it's happen to 3 of my account's and in 2 of the cases it went back to normal after 1 - 2 months. It's werid though because if you don't sign into them it shows normally in preview then default once clicked、 but once logged in show's default for both. But it's not permanent One of the EU little big planet avatars are mis-assigned and show differently in two preview and profile、 not sure if that was fixed
  6. yeah, does look the same with count. So I'd say it's a taunt as last I checked the person in question was level 79. Cheers Mean it didn't seem likely to me that they would be that fair ahead of me in only 3 months unless spammed easy vita and ps4 titles.
  7. has trophies hidden so idk, tried asking them but they laughed and said what do you think 😂 Could just walk into the person's house but we're not suppose to show each other progress until April 1st. And my friend does like to taunt me time to time so I can't tell if it's real or not. I sent them a picture of some really old progress from 3 months ago and that was what I got back. Mainly to to throw each other off. Long back story to it
  8. Real or Fake Screenshot from a friend but is known to taunt me to try push me to do better, So not sure if it's real or a forge.
  9. 😂 that's a little mean but fair enough
  10. So is Christmas、 but everyone loves an excuse to get off work and get drunk. At least that's try where I'm from 😂 Though pretty sure I worked Christmas the last 4 years.
  11. Food that I payed for so I could love myself like every other year 😂
  12. Destiny 2 Bundle PS4 Pro、 2TB SSD though still never have any storage available.
  13. Evil Within / Psycho Break My list is hidden but anything on PS4 is likey that I've not played.