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  1. yeah, does look the same with count. So I'd say it's a taunt as last I checked the person in question was level 79. Cheers Mean it didn't seem likely to me that they would be that fair ahead of me in only 3 months unless spammed easy vita and ps4 titles.
  2. has trophies hidden so idk, tried asking them but they laughed and said what do you think 😂 Could just walk into the person's house but we're not suppose to show each other progress until April 1st. And my friend does like to taunt me time to time so I can't tell if it's real or not. I sent them a picture of some really old progress from 3 months ago and that was what I got back. Mainly to to throw each other off. Long back story to it
  3. Real or Fake Screenshot from a friend but is known to taunt me to try push me to do better, So not sure if it's real or a forge.
  4. 😂 that's a little mean but fair enough
  5. So is Christmas、 but everyone loves an excuse to get off work and get drunk. At least that's try where I'm from 😂 Though pretty sure I worked Christmas the last 4 years.
  6. Food that I payed for so I could love myself like every other year 😂
  7. Destiny 2 Bundle PS4 Pro、 2TB SSD though still never have any storage available.
  8. Evil Within / Psycho Break My list is hidden but anything on PS4 is likey that I've not played.
  9. Okay、 and yeah I know the feels that's why I'm back home in Australia. That and Family matters、 really gotta refine my Japanese better but I'm worried if I do I'll forget how to speak english as my memory is horrible. So I like to practice from time to time but honestly I'm forgetting what words to use and structures again. Been back in Australia too long、 but I only work 6 months so I have a bit to to get back up to scratch before work starts back up in April. Also my phone is saying it's 2 degrees at home、 which makes me glad I'm here as I have no heating at home and need to get new cloths. Which I hate doing、 your english is pretty good though.
  10. 大丈夫ですか? 私は寒さに弱いのであまり寒い季節が得意ではない。
  11. start making dummy account's with a fair trophy progress then that go back least 5 years, think 5000 account's would be sufficient for guaranteed addition just gonna be active on all of them. Otherwise you could be asking a fair amount, given that most people don't really care enough to ask for it. Mean would save time not having to make own log but it's not something I can see happening anytime soon. Don't know anyone that manages this site but I'd say they likely busy with other stuff in.
  12. When you own 1000 plus games that would be tedious, not sure if I have a back log as I've not bothered looking over list on my consoles but I'm sure there is a fair amount of games missing dlc trophies
  13. OBTGame Korea though can't say I trust it, G2A I've had good experience with personally but some people haven't snd can be expensive. Though if anyone know's cheap way to get US cards from overseas lmk
  14. Nah, just been hard worker since I was a kid. Use to working in strenuous conditions. Hontestly wouldn't be surprised if I get diagnosed with some form of cancer by time I reach 30's or 40's Also just seen the news story in my feed.
  15. Not likey if its negative 60, everything is likey to be damp from the snow wouldn't it? Providing that it lit in a place with nothing flammable in the proximity of any embers or flanes before cooling off. Though I was thinking more so in a cave or under a bridge where the wind is cut off and its gonna be dry