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  1. I can see where you're coming from now. Except for the batmobile being clunky, probably got fixed over time after launch then. I'm hoping rocksteady's next game is a some form of Justice League !
  2. People say that Arkham Knight is not as good as city or asylum. I think so far its the best one and don't understand the criticisms. Most I heard is that the bat mobile isn't good, but to me feels very fluid and fun.
  3. Sometimes the best thing is to step away and come back later lol
  4. Uncharted 1-3 on brutal was just torture lmao. I remember dying like 40 times in a row until the RNG allowed me to move from some spawnpoints... Injustice was easily the hardest platinum ever, I'm new to the whole 2D fighting games as I've always played Tekken growing up. The max and the impossible battle modes took me 2 days of long hours trying not to pull my hair out lmao. And yeah the sequel i wanna go for as well because of some improvements in gameplay plus I'm just a sucker for anything DC related.
  5. One of my friends told me one of the best advice with Grundy, if you crouch and press triangle circle, even if the opponent blocks the triangle attack the grab will still connect. I didn't see this anywhere. Just leaving this here if anyone is still gong for it. Appreciate all the tips !
  6. Nice collection dude, does Shadow of the Colossus get boring with the multiple playthroughs? I was thinking about getting it. I can respect not going for trophies on games you don't like. Whenever I started on my PS4 games I decided on only buying games I know I enjoy, at least thats what I'm gonna keep trying to do lol Didn't think I would find another Brazilian on here! Although I left the country when I was a kid. Live in the states now. Nice collection dude. Less than 10 games away!
  7. Oh I see, I finished the remastered Uncharted games and I have the PS4 version of gta v. Didnt relize the ps3 version of gta v was messed up
  8. I don't really know what you mean by GTA V, but you mean the original uncharted or the remasters?
  9. @Spaz what about those games?
  10. Show me your collections!
  11. Yeah I'm trying. I did everything else in the game. Only thing left is max and impossible. So far only able to defeat 2/10 on the max and make it to 10 people on impossible.. Been using grundy for everything.
  12. I have looked everywhere for any tips and I'm struggling very hard. Im using Grundy but it doesn't seem to be going well. Maybe there is a better character to use? Any help at all would be appreciated.. I'm new to injustice btw
  13. I don't remember but it was a different track the second time it happened to me.
  14. I win almost every race by 20 seconds or more and only get 40? and when I lose I get 320?
  15. Hey guys I decided to make a post because I just got the platinum and I don't want anyone to experience what I went through. There is a bug in time trials where the game has an error that will take you to the XMB and close application. When you open the app again, it will say the file was corrupted and will DELETE your file. Thus you will have lost ALL progress and start from scratch. I was 2 Oxide time trials from platinum and this happened to me. Thankfully I had a save file on the cloud and had some progress saved, however I had to do half the Oxide time trials again... Idiot me just continued from where I was, did like 5 more oxide times and it happened again.. I ended up having to save to the cloud after I beat Oxide times each time. Just decided to spread the word, good luck guys.