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  1. OMFG I GOT IT!! NO JOKE I FUCKIN CANT BELIEVE I GOT IT!!! I think i must thank you for the good luck you have given me sir cause it worked! Now i have my record back to all games being 100% and Platinumed. Now i can delete this god awful waste of time so i can smash out an amazing title like sekiro If anyone stumbles across this cause they need help... its completely up to RNG. But i managed to get it with Shufflebottom Vs Ms Maggie, i had Shufflebottom say the sentence though, it was in the Pet Shop too. THANK GOD! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME!!!!
  2. yer man i wish i read this thread before i started this stupid game. i guess ill just play an hour or 2 every night until the universe line up the sentence, i wonder what will come first, the trophy or death? aha
  3. Hey guys, been trying to get this trophy for 2 weeks now, has anyone got any updated tips/tricks to make this one easier? its doing my head in. Any tips would be amazing!