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  1. Hey guys, Just got the hardest trophies left, are there any tips or tricks out there to make this platinum more achievable? any preferred songs for the 8* difficulty trophies, any online tips and tricks to make it easier to rank up? any help or advice would be much appreciated thanks!
  2. Hey Guys, Don't know if anyone else is having this issue but as i'm coming close to the Plat cleaning out these time trials, this one seems to be the most troublesome for me, 9/10 the shortcut in this level DOESN'T WORK! I've been doing this race for around 3 hours now and i cannot consistently for the life of me get this darn shortcut to work, i've watched a couple vids on youtube of people completing this level and i am using the same pathing as them but for some reason it doesn't work for me, when having boost it just hits the lip of the shortcut every god damn time! My question to everyone, is that i'm wondering if i may be missing any small details that could assist me in getting this jump consistent? whats been working for everyone so that they get that jump every time? and also is the oxide time possible to beat without the use of the shortcut? any info would be much appreciated!
  3. Never mind i fixed it aha, had to research it on a different island before it became available on nubla
  4. Hey can you actually use the Greenhouse on Isla Nubla? when i go to the island and hover over the greenhouse research it says ‘cannot activate on isla nubla’?? is there a way to fix this?
  5. I finally got it done last night!, along with dragon mines as well cheers for all the advice guys, it helped a lot! i found what worked for me was: - following the oxide path he takes and doing 2 perfect boosts out of the tunnel into the sewer - going onto the left edge and jumping down into the half pipe at an angle directly head on to the ledge of the half pipe (the top of your go kart is straight head on with the straight edge of the half pipe, DON'T GO ON AND ANGLE) - holding jump at the right time (right at the top/just after the lip of the half pipe) which i just had to get right with muscle memory Hope this thread helps some other people with this one too
  6. Thanks for all this advise man, im gonna try try this method when i get home from work, ill let ya know how i go!
  7. i had a problem where several trophies wouldn't pop for me when they should have, a number of fatality ones wouldn't pop for me either. i found that closing down the game and restarting it back up again will fix the issue, so if it isn't popping for you i suggest closing the game down, opening it back up again, doing one more AI fight, and it should pop. Hope this helps!
  8. OMFG I GOT IT!! NO JOKE I FUCKIN CANT BELIEVE I GOT IT!!! I think i must thank you for the good luck you have given me sir cause it worked! Now i have my record back to all games being 100% and Platinumed. Now i can delete this god awful waste of time so i can smash out an amazing title like sekiro If anyone stumbles across this cause they need help... its completely up to RNG. But i managed to get it with Shufflebottom Vs Ms Maggie, i had Shufflebottom say the sentence though, it was in the Pet Shop too. THANK GOD! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME!!!!
  9. yer man i wish i read this thread before i started this stupid game. i guess ill just play an hour or 2 every night until the universe line up the sentence, i wonder what will come first, the trophy or death? aha
  10. Hey guys, been trying to get this trophy for 2 weeks now, has anyone got any updated tips/tricks to make this one easier? its doing my head in. Any tips would be amazing!