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  1. Well, someone on Reddit said, it is only for people, who pre-order/deluxe edition owners. I own the standard disc version. Penny is nowhere near to be found. I have watched multiple videos about the start of this quest. It shouldn’t be this hard to start. I am thinking, I am not owning a version of the game, that has access to it.
  2. That’s why I looked for it for so long. Un/fortunately, I am in the end game now and don’t need the money anymore. I checked the main menu and it only offered me the dark wizards pack. My game is probably glitched.
  3. Thank you for explaining it. I probably haven’t downloaded the content. I know, it is optional (in terms of trophies), but I have heard good things about it. So, I am going to check it out, as soon as I download it.
  4. Is this mission an exclusive mission to the collectors/deluxe edition (the higher priced version of the game) or for all PS5 versions? Because it hasn’t shown up. Not in Winter, not before that, not after I finished the story. I got the PS5 standard version of the game.
  5. In my current playthrough (Movie night + Curators Cut) Alex stabs Fliss. But there have been situations where Alex wouldn’t stab Fliss. But it was Theatrical cut, IIRC.
  6. I can confirm that movie night has been patched. I just finished my fresh from start to finish playthrough in movie night mode and got the trophy for it. Some collectibles weren’t registered but I hope I can fix that with another playthrough.
  7. "Joke’s on you, I’m into that shit." I am going to join this group. This might help me stay true to my word. I go back and forth with this trophy (and the one that require 24 hours on a Tuesday). But I want to earn it legit. The only question is: Do we play the game or does the game play us? I haven’t decided yet. Maybe a little bit of both. But earning the Platinum legit, would be a nice story to add to my greatest accomplishements in my trophy hunter history. Edit: My earliest date will be May, 1st, 2032.
  8. I just earned the Platinum. My final verdict: Not worth the Platinum grind. The game is fun for 25 hours. Hours played: 91 hours. (66 hours of stupid grind.) Others found the best way to gain popularity faster but 40 to 60 hours of grind for two FUCKING bronze trophies is a crime. Who ever designed the trophy list, is a sadist and doesn’t value time of other people. Sad. The game has many bugs and glitches. I had to reset traffic every few hours to ensure my ordered items were delivered (food and fuel). That means, all my current customers were abducted and left with a negative review which resulted in a -2% popularity loss. 2% with my method ment 30 minutes of gameplay drained down the sht hole. Switching between "fueling cars" and "scanning items" was draining and even listening to podcasts and other second screen entertainment couldn’t make the grind bearable. I was fortunate enough to have some days off to focus on this. Not the smartest idea but I am glad, it is over. Keep your hands off this game, if you can! Here is a short 90 seconds review of the game in terms of my experience with the game:
  9. No, it is the same for me. No "endgame challenges".
  10. The game is mostly simple and fun. In the beginning it is very chill but the more you progress, the more hectic it gets. I had phases were I was constantly running around trying to do everything at once. The storage space is very limited and you have to juggle all the items you sell and car parts around. When you level up your gas station you can also upgrade your storage. The trophies are mostly simple and easy, except for the endgame grind. You get likes for your service, which levels up your gas station popularity. I’ve been doing nothing but scanning items to farm likes. It is beyon boring but I am commited (not sure if it is worth it.) I have not counted but at the moment 10 satisfied customers add 1% of popluarity. Each level increases the required likes for 1%. I am at level 8. There is also a race track. I struggled quite a bit with that - you have to beat the race track in under 1:02 for a trophy. (A more skilled player could have done it much quicker than me) So, it is a mixed bag. It has a lot of fun parts. I enjoy a good simulator game, but some of the trophies make it a not fun grind fest.
  11. I just got to level 8 and the save file says: 61 hours. GET OUT OF HERE!!! Jesus, the game was fun until I started grinding the last 3 levels. I am literally scanning items to farm f-ing likes. Because it is the fastest way. If I get lucky, I get one like from one of the other two (fueling, reparing)... But even then, it will be not fun and it will take too many hours.
  12. Does anyone know, what the requirements for «East Coast Expert» are? I escaped the EAST COAST multiple times without losing anyone. I played the tutorial and the guy, who was with me, escaped in his car. And on my way to THE WOODLANDS, I picked up a stranger and we both escaped to THE WOODLANDS. No trophy. I did it from a fresh save file. I even installed the game on my PS5. Any help is welcomed. Edit: The perfect escape has to be on the EXPERT difficulty to pop the trophy.
  13. That is fantastic news! I have done 2 story related and they don’t seem to count. But you gave me hope. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  14. Well, I should have gotten the trophy for the first cauldron. I didn’t. What a great f-ing start! Does that mean I have to start over? I am not in love with the game. It is decent at best. But trophy related glitches are the worst. I bought the game for PS4 because I didn’t think I would get a PS5. (But my two best friends gave me one for my birthday this year.) And now I play the PS4 version on a PS5 because I don’t want to start over with a second trophy list. Addition: Another trophy (upgrade all your pouches at least once) didn’t pop as well.
  15. I just started my 3rd playthrough because Curses of Plenty glitched 2 times now. This time I hope a save with the patch applied will be my last playthrough. Most of the trophies glitched on my 1st playthrough, that’s why I started a second playthrough (before patch). I got most of the glitched trophy and the patch was applied during my playthrough. Teach a lamb to fish unlocked on my second playthrough. As soon as I did the fishing ritual all fish needed for the trophy appeared. (I had not unlocked that ritual on my 1st playthrough.) You can fight bosses multiple times. If you come across a statue that gives you some xp and you have killed the boss of that crusade, it will break and open up a portal directly to the boss. That worked fine on my second playthrough. I can’t help you much but I want to send you some courage. I feel your pain. Good luck, fellow trophy hunter.