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  1. I am on my legendary playthrough and I got the glich. I removed the 1.01 update and started the game again. My save is just before the spider boss fight. I let play every cutscene until the end. I also changed the character. Nothing. No new quest marker. I have no backup save. I tried to start a new legendary playthrough but with a LVL 1 character I die in 1 hit (even 1 first enemy in the game one shots me.) Am I screwed? I AM SCREWED! So, if there is some one who can help me with my situation. I am looking for some one who is about to do a legendary playthrough or is near Mirkwood chapter and is willing to invite me. I am very happy to assist with a legendary playthough in Co-op mode. EDIT: I just played through the game 3 more times. And I found a nice reddit user who helped me with the multiplayer trophy My advice for everyone who consider this game. - Don’t skip cutscenes/dialoge (especially in chapter 5). - always make the THE CAPTIVE side quest in chapter 5. - upload the save file (end of chapter 4) to PSN ( make sure that automatic cloud saving is disabled/off ) Good luck.
  2. LOL, I feel so dumb and relieved at the same time. That was it. I thought I had killed the Steinbjorn. Turns out: No. But that is done now. Now, after 181.5 hours I have the Platinum for this game. Thanks, Kallestrup, you saved my sanity.
  3. Hey everyone. I completed all wealth, mysteries and artifacts two days ago. There is no region with one of the things left. Every time I completed one of them, it filled one square on the list of this region. The last one was a shrine with 5 fish. I have double checked all places. We are talking about the big treasures (big yellow dots), right? Has anybody any idea with this trophy? It is my last remaining trophy. I am 160 hours in and I don’t want to do it again. Any hint or advice is appreciated.
  4. Super Meat Boy
  5. I just googled to look up the requirements and I found a lot people that complain about Steam achievements not unlocking properly. There were people that said some achievements are impossible to get because some content was not implemented yet. (I haven’t checked the date of these comments but the sheer amount of complains was very bad. I know this game is and early access title.) So I will wait a bit to see what others think of the game (PS4 version) in trophy aspects. (I am a bit warily when it comes to games that have a console port launch.) A good example is Subnautica. Everything was fine exept for that one trophy that didn’t unlock so I had to start over and put another 10 hours in to get that trophy on a fresh save. But for the game itself: I am interested and I keep this on my list.
  6. Final Fantasy X HD I love that game but the requirements for the Platinum is just nuts. Congrats on that.
  7. This looks interesting. When I saw the trophy list, I checked the release date but have not found any information about PS4 version. I have never played a game like this. Oh, maybe ERICA. Looks very interesting. I am all for new (gaming) experiences.
  8. The problem was "changing the currency" from Dollar to Euro. For 1 Trophy you have to change currency to €. After that I had to change back to $ and repeat one order from the archive. After that the last 2 trophy poped for me. Thanks to @shinji_Messiah
  9. I have the same problem. I did all missions 100% twice. The first time I had to do some of the missions from archive. After the trophy did not pop, I did it again from a new save from scratch. Second time (all in one session) = also nothing. Any help is appreciated. Especially the last 3 missions are horrible. I don’t want to repeat them agian. Is there a way that you can trigger the trophy again?
  10. I just got the trophy. And I was worried because the second conversation with Whitman didn‘t happen for me. So I‘d say it is not required.
  11. South Park: The Stick of Truth It is a very fun game I played without a trophy guide. I need some time and motivation to do the cleanup. Maybe one day.
  12. Mine is THE LONG DARK. I love this game. I follow the game since it launched its Kickstarter campaign in September 2013. I have played it a lot on PC then bought it for XBOX ONE and finally for PS4 (my favorite system to play on because of the trophy hunting). This game is beautiful, it is singleplayer only, has amazing sound and music, stunning visuals. I love survival and the setting is all I ever wanted (no-zombie-post-apocalyptic-exploration-survival). But the trophy list is brutal. Especially because this game has permadeath. And it is a slow paced game. You can’t rush it because if you do, you die very fast (at least I do). There are a lot of challenges. Some grindy trophies (Survive 500 days - I am arount 125 days - funny: The trophy for surviving 500 days is named "The Will to Live". I want that platinum so bad but everytime I start the game I remember how frustrating it is to start all over if I die. After a few minutes I play something else. It would be easier if I could play it for the first time. Thanks for this thread. It feels good to talk about my feelings and this love/hate relationship. I never give up my dream of this trophy but right now I have the patience to go for it.