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  1. I was wondering if anyone can confirm something for me. I hear that progress for the trophies carry over into future playthroughs, but I was wanting to make sure/confirm if progress for the two for collecting and spending $500,000 carries over as well? I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough and a guide on here or somewhere else had said something about you probably will get the trophy around halfway through the story....but at the point of having one last district to take over and then facing Sal and Giorgi, I've yet to get even just the trophy for collecting it let alone spending it. I would just rather not have to start it from scratch all over again if I don't have to (and maybe just focus on getting it in my first playthrough). Edit: Since I can't seem to delete the post, never mind. I no longer need to worry about getting the $500k
  2. Aaaah, I see. The five deaths were at various points throughout the match, so that seems to be the "issue". Reading the description I guess I took it/misread it as just having to kill five people and just using a single ability five times did the trick. I did wonder why the trophy was among the rarest trophies once I got the five kills, especially since I've never been particularly good at these type games lol. I had thought about using Ullr for it, but I keep hearing his method has been patched in that it no longer works. Either way, I'm sure I can pull it off at some point. Thanks everyone.
  3. Started playing last week and would like to get the platinum. Was hoping to get some of the harder/rarer trophies out of the way first, Final Form being a notable one. Well, after a few attempts/matches I finally killed five enemy gods with one of Ra's non-basic attack spells. For some reason, the trophy didn't unlock and I'm not sure why. I know it was five gods with that one ability because I made sure to count and keep track. Do you need to do it within a certain timeframe or something?
  4. Did that...and ended up doing 18 moves total. Didn't unlock :\ I'm doing the exact same thing, except for the moves I'm starting with and it's just not unlocking for some reason. I'll keep trying though and hopefully it'll unlock at some point lol
  5. Alien: Isolation is my most recent platinum.
  6. Recently decided to give getting the platinum for the game another go around, especially since I only need five trophies. One is Brutality 101. I know some people find it easy enough, but I always had trouble with it. Fortunately, I seem to have a lot better time with it since popping the game in yesterday. Just this morning alone I hit 15 moves in a single freeflow two separate times. I even kept track, making a little mark next to a move when I did it on a list I had. The only problem is neither time the trophy unlocked. Have any of you dealt with this? What did you do?
  7. I know this is a fairly old post now, but I'm finally closing in on the platinum myself. Unless I just royally screw up, I should be getting it in the next couple of days. Just finished chapter sixteen this morning on my no death run. Pretty much told myself if I could make it through the Nest without messing up, I felt the rest of the game would be no problem. That's kind of surprising to me, actually. It's not the easiest game to platinum, but I also don't feel it's that hard either. Most, if not all, of the trophies aren't all that bad. Maybe the ones for beating the game without dying and not dying in the Nest can be on the tense side, but the rest were fairly easy to get I thought.
  8. Fallout Shelter. And thank goodness, I'm finally closing in on the platinum (as someone who, God only knows why, was adamant about getting the platinum without the time skip exploit). Just got the "Get Off My Lawn" trophy this morning, leaving me with just five more trophies to go.