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  1. Yeah but it's just strange to hear a dude make sweeping claims about young girls w/ the evidence that "I have a niece I see sometimes". Have you considered that a lot of people have a family Playstation, and may allow their kid to play something like LEGO Harry Potter, but not necessily an M-rated game? PS4 has parental controls... seems a bit weird to include that if children aren't meant to play with it. There are also actually quite a few kids games on PS4 and Vita. Skylanders was immensely popular with Gen-Z kids for yeears. My Gen-Z little bro was obsessed with Rayman Legends for a moment. All of my female friends loved Just Dance when I was younger. Minecraft heavily targets children. There are a bunch of Disney games. Just because it isn't the majority of what comes out doesn't mean they don't try to target that audience. tbh it's weird to hear a tantrum about a group of people you're not part of having PS games available to them because it hinders your psnprofiles trophy e-dick.
  2. Maybe having a six year old niece doesn't make you an expert about young girls. Kids definitely still play video games, girls included. Just because Playstation sucks at marketing to them doesn't mean they don't exist. Your example of Nintendo earlier is actually a pretty good example of this. Not really sure how your rant here about "sheltered kids" is relevant though. Sounds very boomer-y. I didn't say that trophy hunting is pointless. I said that the leaderboard is pointless. Because it is. People buy cross-saves, hack trophies & team up. So who cares. Just a bit tired of casual misogyny tbh.
  3. Bit of a strange question maybe but I'm learning German and have listened to some of the Bibi & Tina audiobooks in the past to improve my Hörverständnis Anyone with this game know if it's possible to play the game in German, or is there an EU version I have to get?
  4. Why do people so fervently hate young girls? if it doesn't strike your interest, move on. Not to be too harsh, but I'm guessing you don't have a very good perspective on the behavior of girls & are just making assumptions. When I was a young girl I remember my sister and I had separate Xbox profiles and we'd compete with each other to get a higher amount of points. I was around 10 or so when we got an Xbox360. We played a lot of Playstation as well and I'm sure if there were trophies back then we would have done the same thing. These companies just suck at targeting the demographic. Anyway being angry that video games for girls exist is really the most childish thing here. The trophy leaderboard thing has always been pointless. Being at the top generally requires team accounts, a ridiculous amount of money and sometimes cheating. Play games you like playing, laugh at the people who take it seriously enough to spend hundreds of dollars on games they hate and move on.
  5. why are people bitching about a game that was clearly made with VR in mind having VR trophies? it's good to let people know I guess, but seems a bit weird to moan about it when the PS store page makes it clear that the game has VR content. how long did it take you to complete or get bored of the game? the uniqueness + price point seem worth it to me, as long as I get some hours of good entertainment out of it I often don't mind short gameplay.
  6. I got it on sale for roughly $30 recently and still think it's on the expensive end. It's fun, it just feels... kind of unpolished? Like it was rushed last minute and not everything got implemented. Even the design of the map feels like it's missing something. There are sections a large, flat open space that could be filled with plants or burrows or something. Monsters move in clunky ways sometimes. Little to offer by way of progression outside of collecting recipes. These are little things that don't matter with smaller cheap games, but "unpolished" is a word that should never have to be used to describe a $60 game.
  7. Is there a way to see how far along you are on this trophy? or are you guys just tracking manually? From what I've heard it does seem like, in general, these kind of grind-y Overcooked 2 trophies work better on solo. Note also that I've experienced some issues recently where your progress (at least in terms of level completion) is sort of "forgotten" by the game due to one of the updates. Even though it was showing full 3 stars for every stage of a chapter, I had to redo a couple 3 stars to get one of the trophies to pop. I'm wondering if it might also affect the counter for these "do X number of ___" type trophies.
  8. Damn that's annoying. Does anyone know if playing co-op affects trophies related to completion % as well? wondering if I should just abandon my save file at this point or wait to replay chapters once I get 100%. Pretty bummed out about this.
  9. Thanks, I finally got it!
  10. So I just went through this same problem in Surf & Turf world 2. I found this thread on steam about the glitch: Turns out it's due to an issue with the game not keeping track of past 3-starred levels after updating. I simply re-did the earlier levels of world 2, and by 2-2 I got the trophy. Frustrating you have to do that to fix it, but it worked for me at least.
  11. Is there anything else to it? I've bought the gas pump and haven't gotten it yet. Anyone know if there's a way to check your progress?
  12. Did you fix this when wifi came back, or you had lost wifi when you achieved it? I'm struggling with this trophy as well. edit: nevermind it finally synced when i opened the game with connection
  13. Cool, thank you! I saw SV had both Vita and PS4 listed on its page so that was my assumption but wasn't 100% sure.
  14. Sorry if this is a really newbie question, but is it possible for me to get the Fector's Challenge trophy on PS4, and all the rest of the trophies on Vita without it creating a separate trophy list for PS4? I assume so, but I've also heard of people completing the same game multiple times on different platforms to get multiple plats, so I want to make sure doing this won't mess up my completion percentage. My Vita sometimes suffers lag, causing Journey of the Prairie King to be very frustrating.
  15. Just wanted to second this. the PSVR headset has very low latency, which maybe makes easier to respond quickly with the game. It still takes some practice, but I was able to achieve this trophy reasonably in a few hours using the headset.