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  1. Followed it exactly and that worked for me, thank you.
  2. I see, thanks for the info mate.
  3. I only plan to get to 100 platinums, once there, online games such ESO will be what I play. It's 1500 passive hours and if it's fun with the right people, it would be easy to do over a year or two. However in regards to stacking you might be right. Is it 1500 for both or each?
  4. Is it worth adding both stacks to my list and popping those trophies on each list now, just in case they don't patch it?
  5. I would like to get this trophy if its even possible at this point. If anybody has a lead, please let me know.
  6. I used 3 screens. Swapping would be far too time consuming imo. If you don't want to get two more screens, you can buy a multiviewer to show up to 4 screens/hdmi sources at once on your TV.
  7. Yeah, it's great, if you do the knife/revive glitch, but having an alt using a auto press turbo controller to spam triangle to revive your other alt that you're shooting. Rather than a knife, use guns instead, I was getting 100 kills per 1500xp round. Which sped the grind for only kills. Unfortunately I figured this trick out after I had done all the 500 kill weapons lol. Equally, I used the same method to grind for XP. Instead, I'd have my reviving alt not be captain and the alt I'm shooting be the captain for maximum XP. I'd capture two flags, knife kill my captain alt, cap the last flag and end it. I was literally finishing matches in 3 mins 40 seconds on average.
  8. Just got done with all the online trophies. It took me 37H:56S. That's with a couple hours of boosting to get to level 20. I boosted with 3 ps3s and 1 turbo controller. If you value your own time and like being a joy to boost with (especially on PS3 games) invest in a second or even third PlayStation 3. They're not expensive on eBay or Facebook marketplace place and will make your life much easier. People are hitting 50/60/70 hours of boosting as they're having to afk for others. No chance was I ever going to do that if it could be avoided. Very easy boost. Just a little time consuming.
  9. Been with Sony since PS1 . Sony made the best environment and left it years ago. Now it's all about safe money makes and triple As.
  10. It's not on my list anywhere. Will just post a pic later.
  11. Add for me binary. Would like to get that started
  12. I've checked my list 5 times both on the store and in transaction management. It's not there. I've even linked an article in a further comment, it's happened to that person too. I'm not an insolated incident. It's clearly an issue with only downloading the license and not the demo as well.
  13. Maybe it's an EU thing? I'm in the UK.
  14. Nah, just added it to my downloads from ps +. All I have is license. Pathetic. Happy that you still have it though. https://thegeek.games/2018/05/01/you-cant-play-call-of-juarez-gunslinger-on-ps3-anymore-despite-receiving-it-on-ps-plus-roughly-2-years-ago/ This article goes into it. They legit just robbed us lmao. Should've been ours until the end of our subscription. Nice that Sony couldn't even be assed to make sure they could honour the download.
  15. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. It was delisted ages ago, I OWNED it so I thought I was safe lmao, Went to my download list on ps3 today to see it was gone. Has been for years, just didn't notice. All I have is a 6kb license download and no game. How fucked is that? An addiction to trophies is literally the only thing keeping me on playstation right now. The shit they're pulling... extremely anti consumer, have been for years. I'm not buying the PS5. Gonna plat PS3/4 games and then I'm done. I wanna play Fallout 5 anyways, Just another nail. F.