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  1. Cmon sony, kings field is objectively the better game, atmosphere, soundtrack, gameplay. Eternal ring was the weakest of the kings field-like games.
  2. Last night i got a silver trophy bringing my level up from 22 to 23, i updated my profile manually and im still level 22 with 5 points to level 23, according to my psnprofile page. Theres a mysterious bronze trophy apparently missing, i have not noticed before so im not sure if it has always been like this. I have painstakingly compared all my games on my PSN and PSNprofiles, but i cant find it.
  3. Huh, so it does. Im going to try and earn a trophy on slay the spire and see if it fixes it.
  4. I had 7 trophies pop after one battle in my king george, including kraken unleashed
  5. I will say though i was surprised this game was on the store, considering these games are relatively niche, it did bring a smile to my face as i have fond memories of buying this game for my mates birthday, thinking it would be good, but we hated it and trashed it, it wasn't as bad as we made it out to be when i gave it another go a few years ago. But to get a kings field IV with trophies would be great.
  6. Almost impossible to get this one with randoms, i have a few keys banked. I do not have a microphone for the PS4, which can complicate things. PSN - RocknRollGypsy