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  1. WRAP UP 2021 Playtime: 1331 hours (damn almost ELITE - 14 PS3 Platinums missing) Offline: 793 Online: 538 Days played: 330 (would be 365 with PS3 games) Games played: 14 ( 25 including PS3) Top Games 1. GTA5/ 564 hours 2. Project Cars/ 142 hours 3. FF7 Remake/ 140 hours 4. 3on3 FreeStyle/ 128 hours 5. DarkSouls 2/ 109 hours Trophies Platinums: 22 Gold: 63 Silver: 309 Bronze: 798 Total: 1192 Only 0,9 Trophies/Hour! Well its official. I suck at Trophy hunting
  2. Dear Mr.Sony-chan, now is your turn to acquire SquareEnix or/and FromSoftware! Arigato...
  3. What kind of an early April Fool's joke is that?😕
  4. Plat Prices 10/10 games https://platprices.com/search.php?ps5=1&ps4=1&vr=0&genre=0&diffcat=exactly&diff=10&timecat=atmost&time=9999999&price=€1000&pub=&hidedemos=1&hidenoplat=1&page=1&sort=alpha&order=asc&fe=1
  5. "Would you kindly..." finally play the Bioshock Trilogy, I said to myself and I did it. I can say that all three are very good games and it was a great experience. One less lack of gaming knowledge.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. D-E-U-S-X
    3. zizimonster


      Cool! 👍


      I have yet to play BioShock 2. :D

  6. After looking in your Trophy Advisor I would say most of your unfinished UR plats are below 6-10 in difficulty. No need to buy or start new games unless you realy dislike your unfinished ones. If completeble you can get 230 UR trophies and 20 UR plats. @MajorasMask_101 Focusing only on easy UR platinums in the end looks the same as just having easy common platinums on your profile.
  7. Old but gold😊

    At some point I want to have another review made of my profile. Perhaps in 2023.

  8. My advice for solo jobs is to play "Mixed Up With Coke" by Martin Madrazo (rank 45) Before you enter GtaOnline change you settings to free aim. This boosts job payment by 30%. Play on hard of course. After starting the job call Pegasus for a Buzzard or better a Savage. Fly to the construction side and destroy only 1 truck, most enemies and 3 arriving SUV's. Then destroy the other truck and 9 arriving SUV's. Dont forget to kill the enemies on the other construction side for extra RP and finish the job. Payout for 55-59 kills 1600RP. Payout for job 4000-4500RP. Round about 6000RP in 10 minutes.