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  1. They no longer do vita sales unfortunately.
  2. The game glitched on me in my favor. I lost 2 lives very close together, that should have brought me to 0, but instead the game put me into negative lives. After that it didn't matter if I got hit, the game gave me infinite lives. Weird glitch, but the less time I have to spend with this game the better.
  3. The game was fun, so I'm happy it's getting more content, I just wish it didn't take so long for it to release on PS4. It has been over 3 years since I platinumed the game and if I ever decide to do the DLC I will have to relearn the whole game. I'm not trying to complain, I just feel like I would be more interested in playing the dlc if it could of released PS4 back when the game was still fresh in my mind. I'm not saying I'll never do the DLC, it's just with a growing backlog and many more games on the horizon, I just really don't have that much interest in going back to it.
  4. I do admire your dedication. It's a decent game, but I don't think I could bring myself to play it six times consecutively. Hopefully this time it doesn't take years to patch the game. I luckily had played the game before it was patched and already had the Done. First trophy.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I was able to get the platinum. I was not expecting this game to randomly get patched after all this time, but I'm happy it was.
  6. Dead Rising White Day is good, just completing ending collection takes a while. Little Nightmares 2, first one is also very good just no platinum I know people had issues with the Silent Hill HD Collection, but if you have access to a PS3, I recommend giving them a try. After the games were patched they do run pretty smoothly.
  7. I assume it is probably the amount of work it takes to get all the events and outcomes that is preventing people from getting the platinum. There is a steam guide that appears to have them all, but there seems to be a lot of randomness involved in it. The events that pop up seem to be random and also some of the events seem to require stat checks and the stats seem to be random too so I can image that getting these trophies would require a lot of time and patience. I remember seeing this game a couple years ago thinking that if was brought to consoles I might try playing it, but seeing how much work this game takes, I probably will never get around to it.
  8. Maybe Easter Break
  9. The get-theres and and the gaps are challenging, but definitely doable. It was the level 100 trophy that was very difficult not to give up on.
  10. What worked for me was using R1 rather than the X button.
  11. Well only took 98 plays of Dark Domination, but I was able to get the platinum.
  12. It really feels unnecessary to make you have to grind to 100,000 enemies. I've completed World Tour mode, gotten to platinum rank 1, and cleared all songs on all difficulties. I shouldn't have to play the same song for multiple hours just to get the rest of the kills. Don't get me wrong this isn't Re-chain of Memories level of grinding, but it still is so repetitive.
  13. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a first person horror game that has you exploring a school at night while solving puzzles and avoiding the janitors. It's not perfect, but it still did a very good job at creating a creepy atmosphere. Also your choices and actions will affect what ending you will get. Flipping Death is a puzzle, platformer with a cool art style. This is a fun, quirky game that I enjoyed playing through. Reverie is a rpg that feels like a mashup of the original Zelda and Earthbound that I had a lot of fun with. ICEY is a great game that far surpassed my expectations. It originally looked just like a standard 2-D action game, but without spoiling I can tell you it is so much more than that. Punch Line is an very good overlooked visual novel. Don't let the reviews of this game fool you under the goofy exterior of this game lies a much darker story from the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape Series. I have more, but these are just some off the top of my head.
  14. Finally figured it out. The game never said you have to press L1 to see more items. Also you have to keep changing hairstyles and checking hair accessories to make sure you get them all. It was surprisingly more confusing to purchase everything then it should have been.
  15. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 would be fun if it wasn't for the level 100 trophy, which honestly is the only reason it's ultra rare.