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  1. The Handy trophy just seems to have a glitchy tracker. Like tripplebarnett the trophy just unlocked for me after picking up a random key during my curator's cut playthrough. I never even picked up the lounge key in the party chapter.
  2. I have seen that trick, only thing I was unsure of is does it prevent getting any of endings since you are skipping some of the choices. I know I would still have to do the new building for the ending that involves putting the tape in the mailbox on the 4th floor, but if you can get the rest of the endings while skipping the new building that would be great.
  3. Hell mode removes the ability to do manual saves.
  4. Unfortunately not. Also on this version of the game autosaves are pretty much pointless because your autosave will be deleted after you quit the game. You can only do manual saves. This also means that you can't back up your saves to cheese hell mode, meaning you have to do a legit 10 hell mode playthroughs. I haven't gotten around to finishing the game for this reason.
  5. I know I tried. Unfortunately you have to do 1,000 uneventful floors of boredom. I still like the game though otherwise.
  6. The game crashed on me when I imported my PS4 save, but when I used a fresh PS5 save I had no crashes at all. Only issue I really had was that the game lagged during the curator's introduction scene like someone already said.
  7. I believe the ability to load autosaves was introduced in an early patch on PS4. Since this version has only had one patch so far, maybe it hasn't been added yet or it's a glitch. I can do hell mode, but I don't really want to have to beat hell mode 10 full times for the platinum, so I will probably wait until more patches come out before I do more playthroughs. Right now the janitor is way more aggressive than he is on PS4 version.
  8. The game had a day one patch
  9. I know this game isn't super popular, so I don't know how many people will actually read this, but I just wanted to give a bit of information about the game. The game is currently running off an early patch, so the janitor is currently more aggressive than he should be. You can't upload your autosaves in order to cheese hell mode like you can on PS4. That being said you can get the Faint Hello trophy a lot quicker because as soon as she spawns you can save the game then just keep reloading and encountering until you have reached 30. A later patch seemed to make it so you couldn't so this on PS4. One of the most helpful things you can do is in the new building you have the ability to despawn the janitor for a bit. When you have to go to the Music Appreciation room let yourself be killed by the ghost. When the game reloads the janitor won't be around until you beat the ghost letting you explore freeing to collect healing items and work on the light puzzle without having to sneak around. That's all I have for now. Honestly I'm probably going to wait until the game gets patched to allow to load auto saves before I go for the platinum. I can do hell mode, but I've already platinumed this game 3 times in the past and I don't really feel like having to legitimately do 10 full hell mode playthroughs to get the plat as 1 is already annoying enough.
  10. The lists for these games are from a long time ago when the games were brought to Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360. Back then the games on Xbox Live Arcade would only have 12 trophies worth 200 points. The games are fun, I wish there were more than just golds, but I might get around to replaying them at some point.
  11. At least this trophy actually takes some effort and will probably stay ultra rare. I was frustrated a few years ago when Sims 4 was free and I lost a bunch of ultra rares when people used the gallery to cheese the game. This is a good month, but only Yakuza for me as I've already have 100% in Little Nightmares and Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk is tough, but it is easier than a 8/10 difficulty, it's more like a 6/10 in my opinion just the level 100 trophy is the real time sink in this game.
  12. Useful Links Blacksad: Under the Skin Walkthrough and Guide - Neoseeker Blacksad: Under the Skin Trophy Guide • PSNProfiles.com Blacksad: Under the Skin Trophy Guide & Road Map | PlayStationTrophies.org dl1.anuman.fr/patch/English blacksad_cards_updated.pdf
  13. I would say probably 15-20 hours as long as you're being thorough. I would recommend using multiple guides when playing the game as there still is no perfect guide for the game, but all in all a fairly straight forward platinum just try to collect all the cards in an area as soon as you can before the game forces you to leave an area. Everything can be done in two playthroughs. The game still did crash on me twice and I had a few small issues, but nothing too bad.
  14. Alright, I'm done and I can confirm that all trophies unlock when they're supposed to. It is tedious to have to replay most of the game so you can get all of the endings, but I'm glad to have finally knocked this game off my backlog.
  15. In the Dark Pictures games you can chapter select earlier chapters without having to complete the game, I have no idea why they changed it with this game. Also once you picked up a collectable you never needed to grab it again, so if you missed anything you only needed to chapter select and pick up what you missed to earn trophy instead of having to do two separate playthroughs for each collectable type. I really do wonder if a different publisher might have affected this game as this game was published by 2k, while the Dark Pictures games were published by Bandai Namco, and Until Dawn was Sony.