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  1. For all I know this could be fun game, but after seeing how much they screwed up a simplistic tennis game, I'd rather not risk it.
  2. Kind of a pointless post, as I know these games aren't popular anyway, but after the terrible Smoots Tennis game, there is no chance I'm playing any more of these.
  3. If you preordered the game you will also get curator's cut. If it doesn't automatically download, go to the game, press option button, and go to manage game content. Here you should see the curator's cut download, though only for PS5. After beating the game once, you will unlock curator's cut so you can select next time you start a new game. I'm sure all the trophies are achievable without it, but trophies like Ghost Signal would probably be made easier because you should be able to choose to ignore Nick's radio instead of the game making the choice on its own. Thanks for the information. It's annoying when you make one small difference and you have a different outcome then you were hoping for.
  4. I really don't know then. Earlier when I was playing he would use it, but now I can't seem to replicate it. You must need to make specific choices to get him to use it, but I can't figure out what I did differently. I'm also getting frustrated with the ghost signal trophy because despite the fact I was rude to Nick all game, Eric still will listen to his signal during the vault chapter. Only thing I can think for that one is have Eric be a jerk to everyone the whole game or start a new game on curator's cut and hopefully I would control Eric and get to choose to ignore the signal. Sorry I couldn't help more. I hope someone can figure this out because I'm getting tired of watching the same scenes over and over.
  5. If Eric and Nick have a good relationship, Eric should give Nick the UV wand during The Vault chapter. Then fail the heart beat minigame with Nick and he will automatically use it. Rachel also turned them both down if that affects anything.
  6. The codes are for people who backed the game on Kickstarter.
  7. I've figured out a bit more about the game that did explain some things. All the routes are required to beat the main story, so you don't have to worry about missing them. I originally thought you would have to choose at the beginning which animal you would change into, but it seems that you unlock both transformations, so it looks like you have to worry about being locked out of certain trophies because what animal you pick. Once you complete the story, you are free to do whatever you want, so you should be able to do all the grindy trophies without having to worry about a time limit. Basically the game looks like it will definitely be very grindy, but it doesn't look like anything is missable. I still haven't gotten to try the game yet though as there is a delay in the PS4 digital codes being sent out.
  8. It looks grindy, but hopefully nothing too difficult. Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games and I'm hoping this game can provide a similar flawed, but unique and enjoyable experience. Also I'm hoping that at some point Deadly Premonition 2 can make its way to the Playstation. Even though I have heard that the game isn't as good, nor does it have as much charm as the original game, I still would need to play it to see for myself. Maybe they could do another director's cut like they did with the first game to fix some of the issues.
  9. At least this dlc is free. Two years ago Conan Exiles was free with PlayStation Plus and a lot of people got the easy platinum. Then earlier this year they released $20 dlc which added more trophies to the game and frustrated many completionists. Either way, I still likely won't play through the game again for one silver trophy. The game wasn't hard, but it was a lot more annoying then needed to be. The only dlc that I'm actually interested in is the Cuphead dlc, which keeps getting delayed, so I have no idea when it's going to release.
  10. At around 8,000 points a red eye will show in the background, and a thing will spawn in the top left. Jump up and grab it to get this to get the trophy. I was confused at first too, then figured it out by accident.
  11. The game Icey has scene where the narrator rants about pointlessness of trophy hunting. It's a very enjoyable game by the way. I highly recommend it.
  12. Just complete the Less Batu Than levels in order and the trophy will unlock after completing 7x3.
  13. Thanks just got it. Weird when these trophies unlock for different criteria.
  14. I was wanting to know if anyone who got the trophy to pop could explain what they did to earn it because right now the trophy is not popping the intended way.
  15. Yeah, I have been curious about this too. I know that the glitches made the platinum impossible early on, but the game has been patched to the point where while still maybe a bit glitchy the platinum seems to at least be possible now. The only step by step guide I can seem to find for this game is on neoseeker, but I'm not 100% sure if it covers everything, but it seems to be the only actual text walkthrough I can find. Maybe using this guide and the steam guide or the guide on playstationtrophies.org. Hope I could help.