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  1. All right I just got the trophy. As I said the trophy isn't that bad with a guide, it is just annoying having to do it all in one go with no save. Oh well it's done now. All I have left is disease master and scenario master.
  2. Not sure if it is just me, but I'm having issues when I try to load my save. It seems to load fine if I save my game early on, but once I get far enough into the game it won't let me load my save anymore. This seems to be the only one that does it. It's annoying because getting the film fanatic trophy requires some luck near the end, and with no way to load my save, I just have to hope everything goes right or have to try again from the beginning. I was just wondering if anyone else was having this same issue and possibly has found a work around. I don't think the trophy seems that bad with a guide, I would just prefer if I didn't have to restart each time something went wrong.
  3. I just learned that you can skip to floor 750 and only have to do the last 250 floors without saving. I had two previous runs killed by Specimen 6, so I got annoyed and thought I would just try it to see if it might work. I didn't expect it to work, but next I know I beat it and trophy popped. I didn't even encounter Specimen 6, so it was a pretty easy playthrough. Even if you do encounter him you already have the axe so you can easily take care of him. It unfortunately doesn't work for beating game with jumpscares and specimens turned off, so you still have to do all 1000 floors of nothingness.
  4. Yes the trophies are all good now. Hope you enjoy it. For being simplistic the game overall was pretty fun. Definitely better then the other available tennis games on ps4.
  5. My guess is that they assume people are going to be more interested in the new content rather then having to do everything again.
  6. So basically my account is ruined because I platinumed the game too soon. Great.
  7. duboiszack Deep Space Rush When I did the European vita stack for this game it wasn't officially added yet so I wasn't able to sync the game to psn. When it had been added I went to do the vita region trick, but in order for it to work I had to launch the game again. When I did the trophies instantly unlocked since I had already previously platinumed it. I thought that it would show the original timestamps when I synced it, but it instead showed them unlocking in 7 seconds. After I noticed this I knew that I would get flagged for it even though I did the game normally. I would not cheat on a Ratalaka game. They are way too easy for that.
  8. I wasn't able to figure out how to change the difficulty to easy, but there is very little difference on normal so you should be fine. The only difference it makes is that you have a limited amount of rewind time that you need to collect batteries from bushes to do it more. The puzzles are all the same. You said you have played the other versions so you shouldn't have to rewind much anyway.
  9. A game that personally recommend is actually an underrated game called White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. While the game has some issues and the platinum can be very tedious, it is probably one of the only horror games that actually made me feel tense while I was playing through it.
  10. The patch is now available for download.
  11. If they wanted to make Saints Row 5 even crazier they should make the plot about time travel.
  12. 14 for me Sims 4 - 10 MLB The Show 13 - 9 Record of Agarest War - 7 White Day - 6 Dead Rising - 4 Sonic Adventure - 3 Top Spin 4 - 2 Madden NFL 18 - 2 Silent Hill 2 - 2 Braid - 1 MLB The Show 17 - 1 Jet Pack Joyride - 1 Little Nightmares - 1 Conception 2 - 1
  13. duboiszack Shadow of the Colossus I hadn't played my ps3 in while and I was actually letting a friend borrow it. I hadn't really noticed that they must of done something to the game in order to unlock the trophies early. I will hide the game on my system so that it won't show on here. I have a lot of fun trophy hunting and I don't want it to be ruined because a friend of mine messed with it without me knowing.
  14. How about Contradiction: Spot the Liar haven't played, but looks entertaining.