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  1. Pls can Someone tell how to get the museum with all the 105 objects ? And how to unlock the last caracter and also how to unlock the over 9000 trophy. I'm stuck help me
  2. I found it, you have to repair the library and buy the object inside for 2500 meat
  3. I'm near the laser mountain and i'm stuck because i have to jump on the platforms to continue but i can't jump. Where do i find the jump object/capacity ?
  4. Izi game
  5. I got bleed 1 and 2 for 1€ on the store with the sales. Pretty good. But having those games on CD is way better
  6. Man thx a lot
  7. I'm back. This game is probably 5-8 hours to platinum and a 6/10 for the psnprofiles difficulty
  8. Thanks. I past trought the two first 30 minutes in the first try. The last seems more harder. But I will do it
  9. How is the difficulty /10 for you ? I'm like at the first packaging mission and it seems really hard
  10. "The plat is easy" "+20% rarity" "blablabla I'm so good at this gime it pissed me off" Yeah, go do the 10th rank online. Literally impossible and now it's even worse because there is nobody online.