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  1. Crown green bowling
  2. Doing this trophy right now.. I left my PS4 on overnight to try and accumulate the 15 hours (I hate the first person mode). When i woke up this morning it was on the warning screen as my controller battery had gone, I'd forgot to leave it plugged in. So will have to leave it on for a bit longer while I'm at work lol. I'm doing one of the Kifflom challenges at the same time too, wear the robes for 10 consecutive days. Those robes look ridiculous. Hopefully by later today the "A New Perspective" trophy will have popped and the robes challenge completed, so I can crack on
  3. Just completed this 😀 Took a while. Some hints: Hope this helps and good luck ☺️
  4. I can get through the maze and to the final two pillars with anything up to a minute left on the clock but I'm so stuck now, I can't even finish one pillar... I've watched videos, tried drawing it out on paper but I can't get my head around it. Any tips from anyone at how to approach them?