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  1. Can someone please confirm that the survivor difficulty glitch still works (There is a glitch that allows you to change the difficulty to Survivor at the beginning of the last cutscene (right after you deal the final blow to the last boss, as the screen turns white) and still get credit for playing the entire game on Survivor). I have completed game but i saved right before fighting Fontaine so I could do this if it still works.. Thanks
  2. Right before the final fight with Fontaine I saved my progress so I could go and clean up some trophies, I'm struggling with a couple of the research trophies (finding enemies to photograph) as they're all dead. I need Houdini Splicers, Bouncers and Little Sisters. If I load up a previous save file and achieve these trophies, will the Research PhD trophy pop as I already did all the other research? Or do you have to obtain every research trophy in one playthrough in order for Research PhD to pop??
  3. Just completed this trophy thanks massively to this post.. I turned on 5 of the 6 goat powers mentioned above and cracked it within 10 tries. My previous best was 3. I never thought I’d be able to do it but I couldn’t believe how simple this trick made it. My first try yielded 5 gates so I knew I would do it, but it was a lot quicker than I expected.. thank you Princejeffy A further tip is to mute the volume, some of the sound effects are quite annoying.
  4. OK thanks for the replies. I'll have a think about completing on veteran then, I might try the first couple of missions on hardened and see how I get on before deciding. Apparently the last few missions are like hell on veteran.. I won't bother with multiplayer, I remember a mate tried it a while back and he said it'd been hacked to death. People flying through the sky and all sorts.
  5. When clearing out the garage last week I came across my old PS3 and its games, including COD:WAW. After updating the system it still works fine, and I've managed to have a game on campaign. Its still an ace game. It would've been nice to start where I left off but I deleted all of the save data cos I had the intention of selling the system (I thought I had sold it tbh). I first played this game 10 years ago and I was nearly halfway through completing campaign on veteran difficulty when I stopped playing, I must've bought another game. So I was wondering, have I got to re-complete those missions on veteran (6 of them) to then gain the Hardened War Hero trophy if I complete the rest of the game on veteran? Will the system recognise that i did part of it 10 years ago? I'm currently going through the first few levels on regular difficulty, there are a few trophies to clear up - I unlocked the Gunslinger trophy last night (kill the officer running away with your pistol) so I can still enjoy playing. Interested to hear your thoughts on this!
  6. Crown green bowling
  7. Doing this trophy right now.. I left my PS4 on overnight to try and accumulate the 15 hours (I hate the first person mode). When i woke up this morning it was on the warning screen as my controller battery had gone, I'd forgot to leave it plugged in. So will have to leave it on for a bit longer while I'm at work lol. I'm doing one of the Kifflom challenges at the same time too, wear the robes for 10 consecutive days. Those robes look ridiculous. Hopefully by later today the "A New Perspective" trophy will have popped and the robes challenge completed, so I can crack on
  8. Just completed this 😀 Took a while. Some hints: Hope this helps and good luck ☺️
  9. I can get through the maze and to the final two pillars with anything up to a minute left on the clock but I'm so stuck now, I can't even finish one pillar... I've watched videos, tried drawing it out on paper but I can't get my head around it. Any tips from anyone at how to approach them?