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  1. What a misleading title... Also this thread is useless as fuck i only need to know when it's fixed
  2. It's been a few years since i've played fifa 16 but i think that there a was an ultimate team tourney or seasons gamemode. Everytime you promote to the next rank u get lots of coins.
  3. I think you're the bad one
  4. 1. Where are you from? Ghent, Belgium 2. What year were you born? 2000 3. What is your favorite movie? Full Metal Jacket/ Boyz n The Hood 4. What is your most favorite video game of all time and why? GTA IV/ GTA SA and Black Ops 2 5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Big L and Eminem 6. Do you own any pets? If so, what? 3 cats and a dog 7. Do you smoke? If so, how expensive are cigarettes where you're from? No 8. Do you vape? If so, what flavor of juice is your favorite? No 9. Do you have a historical figure you idolize/admire? Not at all 10. What's one thing you want to do before you die? Skydiving
  5. All Xbox players gonna go to Playstation now
  6. <
  7. 1. Grand Theft Auto 2. Call Of Duty 3. Counter Strike (i know it's not PSN but it's awesome) 4. Resident Evil. 5. Prototype... Don't know why but i really liked this game for some reason.
  8. I started the game. The first trophy you should get is for completing the first level which i had already done back in 2015 but the trophy popped again when playing 2 days ago
  9. So i changed my ID and decided to plat Penguins of Madagascar. The first trophy i ever earned was back in 2015 but since i changed my ID it popped again.. Now when i look at my trophies for this game on PSNprofiles it says i earned all trophies in 8 hours so the trophies that popped again don't say i earned it in 2015 anymore but 2019?? Would i get banned if i play another game again and it suddenly pops an online trophy of a game that doesn't have online anymore??
  10. I changed my ID. I didn't lose any savefiles/savegames on ps4 or ps3. (Haven't tested PS VITA yet). You'll still have all your earned trophies but for some reason they might pop again. They did for me when i did the requirement for a trophy but it doesn't fuck with your account or trophy list or anything. It'll still have the original date of said earned trophy
  11. I wan't to change my name but there's a message saying i will lose bought games etc... Is this temporarily or forever cause i'm confused?
  12. I don't have that many platinums but the most boring 1 for me is probably Ether One
  13. henriwallyn Call of Duty: World at War I know i said this game was hacked but in all honesty it's not my fault though? <br /> I don't know if that even matters but is it my fault that other people can fuck with your profile anytime they want? I know i posted to flag gta 5 on ps3 because that had some unlegit trophies but i did those on myself. Know these ones on WAW i didn't do myself
  14. I don't know if you still need it but options are: Sleep a few times to see if you get a mission or call. Call the contact yourself. Go to the place where the mission should spawn and then drive away, sometimes this makes the mission show up suddenly.
  15. So a few days ago i admitted that some of my trophies of COD WAW we're hacked because of another player which i have been flagged for. Now i am sick of trying to hide this so i'm happy they found out. But theres 1 more game that's also hacked because back then i didn't know savefiles gave you trophies. It's GTA 5 on PS3. Please flag this game aswell so i won't have to act like these 2 games are 100% legit..