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  1. I had no shame and jacked all aids up to the max for S10 and got a 2:24 easily. It even lets you abuse Eau Rouge curbs and smash full throttle on a controller like an ape.
  2. no the quest points to where she stood in the base and conversing with her in plainsong doesn’t progress the quest, it tells you to talk to her at the base.
  3. The Second Verse side quest breaks if you have started it and didn’t finish before the end of the story, blocking the linked trophy and platinum trophy. Zo moves and the quest will still point you to the base where she was. The quest won’t update even talking to her at plainsong.
  4. which is sad. MS tied reward points to achievements easily. Like I just bought a bunch of games on sale with reward points I’ve saved up.
  5. This is very disappointing. why can’t there be multiple platinum trophies like the last uncharted collection. I was mostly excited for this to play LL as I hadn’t got around to it yet and wanted the platinum.
  6. I just got the second platinum using the same save from ps4 to ps5. It took like 30 minutes resuming from your save at the final party before starting the end. Most trophies will unlock when you finish the ending again. Then you’ll have to do the misc tasks like feeding certain bugsnax again. Catching your first bugsnax trophy won’t unlock until you restart and meet Filbo the first time.
  7. To be fair, it isn’t forced down your throat. I only saw anything at the start menu if you let it loop around. I got the platinum in a minute or two and deleted it like all the other trash platinum games.
  8. that’s not misinformed. It’s still a Sony franchise, studio, engine, and all that. The licensing deal they re-signed with MLB obviously pushed Sony to make the game multi platform, maybe even with MLB paying the additional costs to develop and publish on the Xbox.
  9. it’s great for Xbox players, but makes me feel like a moron paying full price for the game at launch on PlayStation.
  10. You can save and load with the quick menu pressing the R3 button. There’s a trophy for beating the final boss in Blackthorne without getting hit, which is easy saving after every attack.
  11. I got the platinum in a couple of hours when it came out. All the level cheat codes work and you can spam save state instead using rewind. The hardest is rock n roll racing since you’ll have to do a couple races in the final season and actually win.
  12. I kept failing horribly but got to 9 and knew it was possible. I got it a couple minutes after I turned on some mutations that hurt the frame rate and rhythmically tapped triangle like a metronome. The flappy goat game is ass though. The hit box sucks and there’s some luck with getting a good run. Might even be people’s TVs adding lag making it worse on top of it.
  13. If you like the games, it’s a fun collection. The platinum is very easy in a couple hours since all the cheat codes work. If it never syncs then whatever, my bad for not checking first I guess.
  14. I like the site. Nice to get price history, meta critic score, screenshots, and trophy info all in one place. it’s shocking how Sony broke and stripped down their own store and app for no real reason.
  15. The spreadsheet is nice and all, but just going down the list is slow. I ended up writing what I had left in a notebook so I could map out multiple items in the same level at the right size.