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  1. Couldn't have said it better. If the PS4 version is cheaper, I'll go for it
  2. The demo sold it to me. Gonna wait for a physical sale tho, as much as I want it, I'm not willing to pay $60. And will be buying this first over Valhalla, I'm a little burnt from the Odyssey's 100%.
  3. As much as I want Demon's Souls, I've checked my list of games I still want to buy on PS4, and there's content easily for another year. Plus my backlog. Now, if Forbidden West and Ragnarok do launch in the end of this year, then I'll dump my cash in it. Thing is... 1. I doubt Forbidden West will launch 2021. 2. I highly doubt Ragnarok will launch in 2021. 3. I doubt there will be PS5 stock and 2021 will let us buy it in stores, hands on. Was the PS4 that hard to get back on 2013?
  4. I'm not against preorders, I've done many that I found very satisfying. Fuck me, but I preordered Days Gone and had a blast with it..only bug I got was a texture popping here and there. I would be lying if I said I won't buy any CDPR games in the future, but boy am I glad I dodged this bullet. Got the game preordered up until 3 weeks for launch, and decided to cancel it out of the blue. Honestly, I'm way past seeing games as a pure form of art and technology. This here is a business, and companies will try their best and worst to sell. Gamers are all against micro transactions, and yet, COD and Fortnite are making billions a year. C2077 got lucrative on launch from preorders alone. You think Bioware will ditch the game as a service/mtx model just because of Anthem? Fuck no, they will at least come up with a better polished game, with tons of repetitive content. This business model works, and the people who are sick of it unfortunately are not the majority.
  5. My best advice for had bosses: watch someone on YouTube solo them on hardest difficulty, no upgrades, no hit and level 1. Works like a charm on every game. Got my ass beat by NG+ Sigrun for two weeks straight, until I saw JG Killian's video. You don't have to perfectly execute it, you just have to learn the proper reactions to each attack.
  6. Started replaying DA: Inquisition this year, but got tired of it because I already cleared the game, so i'm super excited for this game. This lineup is damn great, the only other time I've been 100% satisfied with PS+ was back when Bioshock Collection was available. Moving Greedfall up on my backlog list right away!
  7. Almost bought Greedfall this year, but luckly I got second thoughts. Honestly, this lineup is pretty great, I would never thought these somewhat recent games would be free. Shadow of TR is a pretty fun platinum, had a blast playing it. Hope I can claim Maneater through web browser, don't own a PS5 yet.
  8. Oh man, I guess I'm not sad anymore from having to cancel my preorder. Definitely gonna pick this up when I get my hands on a PS5 somewhere around 2022
  9. I think there's a couple of trials that require a fresh start, but can easily be done within 2~3h into the campaign, if you speed up to the quest objectives.
  10. Definitely buying on 2021. To me, gaming is better than ever. Even those wannabe movie/game, I love em.
  11. Got some mixed feelings now. Kinda want it because of the DualSense, but don't wanna bank that much cash right away. That being said, I'm also concerned if my PS4 Pro will lose too much resell value if I wait much longer. Im my country, the PS5 will launch for the equivalent of US$873, and a second hand PS4 Pro costs about US$483. The large gap looks good enough for me to sell, as I assume there won't be much demand for a PS5 at launch, and I could sell an enhanced last gen experience for a decent buck, add a bit extra cash and get a PS5. My concern is if my country's economy will get a bit better, so the PS5 will become more affordable and an interest on a PS4 Pro would be close to zero because of the smaller gap in price. HELP 😅
  12. Same. I really liked PS5's UI. I'm wasn't much of a theme fan, the only one I truly liked are TLOU Pt2 steelbook theme, and the occasional holidays theme just to add that christmas bump to the apartment. Still, I'm sure Sony will somehow add it in the future.
  13. I miss the "Master Assassin" platinum name ngl. Cool list tho, looks like a chill game. Will pick it up on the first sale.
  14. First time I've beaten Saint Isshin, my father was offering me pizza, and I just couldn't answer because I was laser focused! He stopped for a moment and watched a bit. I beat Isshin, and he goes "dude, I have no idea what just happened, but that sword clashing sound is really cool". Then I took my pizza, hands shaking like crazy. It may be a common platinum, but Sekiro will forever be one of my favorite platinums, and a damn good achievement to be proud of!
  15. Lets be honest, would you game that much on an old system once you have the shiny new one? When I bought PS4, my PS3 sat for almost two years gathering dust, then I decided to finally finish my old god of war games and sell it. Its gonna happen to my PS4, and to my PS5 one day. I hardly believe Sony would end the PS3 store for generations to come. If you bought software there, and they locked you up, that would make digital games a scam, since you pretty much renting them.