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  1. Wait, free dlc? I don't recall if Outer Worlds had a season pass.
  2. Elder Scrolls Online. That game is weird ar, looks too grindy
  3. I don't own the game, but why no one has a trophy? Devs are still creating games and secrets that will take players years to figure out? Give me a feeling that when someone unlocks the platinum, Kotaku and IGN will write about it as a gaming history milestone, like Cicada 3301. Oh wait, is this game a part of Cicada 3301?!
  4. The companions are not missable, so whoever you choose, the opposing faction companion will appear later on for recruit. Anyway, I enjoyed the Templars quest more, but its a bit shorter than the Mages. But the Mage companion was in my endgame party, his banter is really fun when paired with Sera.
  5. I'll get the level 40 trophy and shelve this game on my "just for fun" folder. Ever since I saw the Infallible requirements, I stopped trying too hard and started having a lot more fun, even with the game's funky physics. If the game is not for you, just call it a quits. Stop losing your sleep over shit the devs won't change, and find something that you consider thats adding value to your time.
  6. During my experiences, Slime Climb is a cake if you get ahead of the pack using the two shortcuts. I can easily get across the beans and finished 1st several times. BUT, if I make a mistake in front of the beans and get caught in the mosh pit, 99% sure I will get eliminated
  7. Honestly, I feel this buggy, microtransactions fuckfest is an EA, Ubi, Actvision thing. And even then, they released games I feel happy about without spending an extra dime outside of the dlc for singleplayer related content (AC Origins, Odyssey and Sekiro). Much of the bad side of the industry comes from and because multiplayer games. If you're into that, then you're worries are justified, I guess... I'm all in for PS5 because of their 1st party lineup, that's my gold mine of fun. I honestly have played every 1st party released on PS4 at least 3 full playthroughs.
  8. Same bro...same...fuck fall mountain
  9. Tried to play the beta on my beefy gamer notebook packing a monstruous gtx 760, i7, 8gb. Guess my rig was just too powerful, since I couldn't move past 5fps. I'm excited for this game, and loved the trophy list. A trophy for a no hit run? Seems like Sekiro won't be the ultimate soulslike platinum much longer.
  10. If it's a short to medium game, blind. 100h rpg, always got a guide open on Chrome ready to check on missables as I play. I already screwed my Witcher 3 file pretty hard after racking 40h. Never returned since.. Makes me nervous about Cyberpunk
  11. It's hard to choose between Hoopsie Daisy, Jinx and Rock n Roll. I love them equally! Really creative, and you feel like you can be a decisive factor on your team score. I've lost count on how many times I triggered an overtime on Daisy, or got the golden ring and secured the victory. Jinx can be pretty chaotic, but it's so much fun to trap the opposing player so your buddies can eat him
  12. Here's my two cents: Hoopsie Daisy: if an arc spawns on the side of the blue ramps, dive instead of jumping. Jumping also works, but diving will get you right through the middle 100% of the time. Also, keep a lookout for Golden Rings on both ends, middle ramp and spinning discs. Block Party: dont try to stick to the end of the platform just to give you more time to react. The fuckfest of fallen bodies will be your undoing. Stick between the middle and the start. That fruit logic game: people who know they got the tile right usually wont move an inch. Usefull on the last round if you feeling a bit lost and need to make a split second decision. Team games except Fall Ball: if the timer is closing and your team is either 1st or 2nd, forget about coming first. Pick on the losing team and keep them from scoring any further, even if it means working with one of your enemies!
  13. Bought for the art style, plat'ed it for the funs. Pros: That art Personally, no pacing issues on the main mission Some really good and emotional side quests Combat is fun but not too deep. Should try Hard mode from the start. Jin is very likable. Loved his arc The loading screens are almost next gen Ghost Stance Cons Some bad side quests. AC style Too many foxes leading you to not so great vistas. Less foxes, more bamboo strikes pls I hate saying a game doesn't do something new for the genre, it's a pretty petty argument. Witcher 3 has a side quest about finding a frying pan, and look where that game went..dare I say, it doesn't do nothing new to the open world formula either. So yea, I'd recommend Tsushima if you're willing to invest in another open world.
  14. Hex a gone is the one Ive won the most, so it's my favorite. Fall Mountain and Royal are too chaotic. You can start fine, but one mistake can cost your entire chance. I just got out of a pretty annoying Mountain match. Super close to the crown along another bean, and he decided neither of us deserved the win, so he grabbed me and we rolled down. To me, Fall Mountain is the worst not because it's too erratic, but because it can get your hopes up and then throw you in hell
  15. Been wanting to play a third time, but I'm not rushing it. Probably do Grounded next year so I don't feel burned. TLOU2 is a brilliant game, but a damn long one.