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  1. Don't care about trophy rarity as long as the game is fun. I'm proud of my RDR2 platinum the same way I'm proud of my Spider Man.
  2. You should try to make at least to Colossi 5. It is such a brilliant design and atmosphere, I remember fighting him since the PS2. One of my favorites of all time
  3. Made my preorder in february and haven't cancelled. Managed to avoid most of the leaks, except for one mf on Twitter who went the extra mile to ruin it for people. Still, all this SJW discussion made me a bit less excited for this game, but I don't care about characters sexualities as long as they are consistent and have well written motivations...I'll take my conclusions myself when the game launches. Saw some people stating that they won't buy the game because ND has crunch. This one is a pretty mixed feeling to me...as someone who crunches sometimes, I know it's bad, but at the same time, I want to buy it day one because I want to show my support to the people who put their blood and sweat in this game. If they're so talented and put together a game like this under a bad company, I hope they move on and find a better studio with decent work policies! Also, those animations on the trailers, man...can't wait to hear my mom asking "is this a movie or a game?"
  4. Can confirm. Unlocked the Rush Job running around the Research section. You don't need to kill only Foundation enemies with it.
  5. Besides some really weird facil expressions and voice acting, I found it quite enjoyable. Fun gameplay loop, and the new DLC really makes you interact more with the environment. The lore is quite interesting, I love some weird fictional second dimension shit. Main game map is terrible, yes. Navigation can be a pain, but I didn't mind that much because I was pretty interested in the lore. Great game, it's pretty stylish. Can't wait to play some missions again on PS5.
  6. I've beaten NG+ on Apocalyptic without getting past level 120, so it's definitely doable. Try to focus on dodge damage with the fire blades. They carried me through the whole game! Once you get the hang of dodging, Apocalyptic becomes a cake walk, but don't feel bad about dying. I've counted hundreds of bullshit deaths, but as long as you keep a Dark Souls mindset...learn from your mistakes and keep trying, you'll beat it in no time!
  7. Been playing the Collection non stop for the past three weeks. Just beat 3 on Crushing, and I think I liked it better than A Thiefs End. Chapter 17 is pure bliss, and I felt 3 was a huge leap from 2. Loved the way this series evolved. I think 3 also has a better pacing than 2, with Talbot being the main weakness of the game. I was originally planning on playing each entry with a month break from another, but when I finished Drake's Fortune, I just wanted more. Loved the way each game felt it's own thing, even with 3+ playthroughs required to 100%. Naughty Dog really outdid themselves, and on my terms, Drake's Deception beats The Last of Us as the best looking game on PS3. Still working on my speedrun and brutal on Drake's Deception, while also trying not to screw Reload Master for the fourth time. If I could rank them, I'd go with: 1. Deception 2. Lost Legacy 3. Among Thieves 4. Thief's End (Gotta give a bonus for Rafe as best villain. None of the others had this "competition among thieves" vibe) 5. Fortune Not ready to throw this series under the carpet, need a young Sully spin-off.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn. Back on the good ol days when I could work from home. I'd set to complete all my tasks on 5 hours or so, then play games all afternoon. Now I'm just doing a boring work > university > home routine, can't even game for 3 hours straight, or it'll be too late to wake up the next morning.
  9. That Witcher 3 DLC trophy where you have to slide non stop for 10 seconds. I was in a cave, clueless about where to go next and started jumping around. Geralt glitched on a rock and started sliding...trophy popped. Bought the shotgun on The Last of Us, Factions. Never touched multiplayer again after the platinum. I consider this my derpest derp, since I had already completed the Firefly journey, and was just about to start the Hunter's. I can't remember if it's trophy related, but I equiped a bunch of auto attack chips on Nier: Automata, and left 2B hacking away in an infinite spawn zone. Went to take a shower, a nap, and came back level 99. Also equipped the same chips on 9S, because I suck at hacking. Felt so cheap that I actually didn't used the trophy shop, and did everything else the legit way.
  10. Uncharted 1 Remastered. My first one was 4, so I felt it was about time to know Nathan Drake, and stress over Crushing again.
  11. I still feel my PS4 has a lot of juice left, he's only 2 years old. The only thing that can make me buy day one is an Horizon Zero Dawn 2 reveal, as it is the "oldest" of those big exclusive hits. Other than that, I'm totally fine waiting up until July/2022 or so, I can even make it my bachelor's gift! I just want a reveal, can't stand those minor leaks anymore.
  12. When the game involves some "beat x time on this trial", I usually give some weeks before I try again. I call those "Mile High trophies". My only exception was ...Becomes the Master, on Titanfall 2. Spent well over 6hrs trying to complete this trophy alone. I think I never let the challenge get the best of my sanity. Bought the game, least I can do is platinum it and honor my money's worth.
  13. I was gonna say this, because I just realized I can hear my PS4 Pro from my bathroom. They're about 6m and two walls apart.
  14. Hate Mini Maps, yet can't live without them whenever there's this option. And you?
  15. Bought the PS4 then waited almost a full week for this gem to ship.