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  1. I can second that, just did it on Master. Won 2nd on the first two races, then gold on the other two. Tied with AI and got gold. Between Macchina and Nano (my top 2 cars), I feel the Macchina is best for Tournaments because of the extra speed. I don't know how you guys like the Gentleman, I can't see a darn inch in front of me with that car!
  2. I'd say the Nano for the World Tour and Endurance. For Tournaments, I like the Macchina best, because it has the same handling as the Nano, but better top speed. Hated the Gentleman...too tall, can't see anything right in front of me!
  3. God of War 3. This game got me so hyped to buy a PS3, that I love it to this day. I think I've beaten it at least 8 times.
  4. I got only 2 uprades left, and I'm did noticed that they're exactly the same that I've passed earlier on World Tour. Thank guys!
  5. Hello, I'm playing this game local coop, and whenever there's an upgrade race, I always pick handling, because I feel it's the best stat. But my partner keeps complaining that the car is not that fast, and wants Nitro/Speed. So, are the upgrades fixed? I mean, if I choose Speed over a Steering upgrade, that's it, this upgrade is never coming back. Or... no matter what stat I pick, the 20 Upgrades are fixed, I can choose one of three, but I can get them all by the time we finish the World Tour. Thanks!
  6. I'm fine with it. This game is tons of fun, but I pity newcomers who will buy the game a year from now...they'll have a literal odyssey of content.
  7. Right now, only Cyberpunk. But I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna resist Ghost of Tsushima. I haven't done much preorders in the past, only if it itches too hard.
  8. Not gonna lie, beautiful game, but I'm itching to get it uninstalled. Tired of npcs freezing and crashing while I'm clearing forts.
  9. That is an unpopular but relatable rule. Savig a few laughs, I hated almost every match of Factions on The Last of Us. About to finish my first The Last Guardian run. Please, email me your prayers, for I have seen the trophy list and it is tarnished.
  10. Oh man, they're all soo good. Owl 2.0 was my favorite. Beating him required so much focus, that I left my father talking alone behind me if I wanted dinner. Beat the boss, freaked out on the couch and my father said "Jesus son, what was that" Genichiro and Gyoubu hold a special place in my heart too, because they were huge walls. I think I needed about 17 runs to beat Gyoubu. The combat was simply not clicking for me.
  11. Got the ending for Survivors trophy on my first run, but almost ruined it during Also, I almost killed Luther by the end, just about to cross the border. Made a few stressed decisions and eveything turned out fine. Pretty awesome for a first blind run.
  12. Just got these babies. Here's my two cents: If you suck like me, go for: • Burst Rifle. Even on the hands of a noob, you can still get solid downs per match. • Reviver 2 and First Aid 2. Play as support, people really appreciate that, and it's easy! Just follow the nuts who go full rampage on enemies. • Maintain your clan on 10-25 survivors range. Get them all healthy and skip two matches. You'll only need one match to gather the supplies to make them healthy again. The only thing I haven't tried is to skip two matches if my clan is below 9 healthy people. Play another match just to be safe. • Don't complete the 60% risk missions on the first five weeks. Use them to lower you clan size and manage them better. About the 100% risk mission: I failed my first Hunter run because of the Mark Enemies mission. When you do the same mission again, it scales a bit up. 1st 100%: Mark Enemies. Easy enough to get 7 Marks on the first tier. 2nd 100%: Marks Enemies: Also easy to mark 14 on the first tier. 3rd 100%: Heal. It's super easy. You can get more than 10 counts of heal by reviving and healing one downed friend. First tier is 5 Heals 4th 100%: Heal. First tier is 10 heals. 5th 100%: Heal or Down. First tier Heal will be 15, and first tier Down will be 3. Managed to get my Firefly trophy only one day after my Hunter following these steps, and do 100% risks without even thinking about them. Also, try to not complete the second tier of the 100% risk missions. Use every chance to keep you clan on a small size.
  13. 1. Don't waste money on a game just for the trophies. Buy only what I'm interested. 2. Check trophy list real quick, but don't show Hidden Trophies. 3. First playthrough must be blind (and pray that the collectibles can be acquired after the story. If it can't, well, I'm gonna get my money's worth and give the game another go with Guides) 4. Do multiplayer last, because it is super boring and random. 5. Region stack is a no, console stack is a yes if I loved the game. 6. Take my time. Give the game a break when I feel burnt out. Don't rush that platinum. 7. Playing a franchise chronologically is not required. Pick up wherever I want to. (Just bought Metro Exodus and I don't know jack about the lore). 8. Don't stress over DLC. I just buy them if I loved the game and they add a significant story mission. HZD: Frozen Wilds = 10/10 / Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenge Tombs = Away with that thing! 9. Save scumming is ok, ain't no shame in it. 10. Glitches are ok if they don't make it too easy. Like The Last of Us Grounded NG+ glitch. Wow, I didn't thought I had so much rules.
  14. Hollow Knight. The only thing I am worse than online shooters are 2D platforms. I wouldn't buy Super Meat Boy even on my wildest dreams.
  15. Yea, my gf wanted to 100% it too, so we played it again this weekend. Does anyone know if Overcooked 2 has this issue too?