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  1. Couple of flaws here and there, like performance (played on Pro) and textures, but I'm very happy with Fallen Order too! It's pretty clear EA was worried about throwing a big budget on this title, so here's hoping for a second game.
  2. Like you, would do only if I managed to borrow an EU version.
  3. Having finished the main story, I don't think DLC is necessary. Rather play a new, polished game, so I hope EA throw more budget on Respawn. Fallen Order has lots of potential, I would buy a second entry day one.
  4. Gonna try it tonight, got a couple os planets stuck at 96%~. Thanks for putting this together!
  5. AC 4 Black Flag. Even unemployed, I spend about 5 days grinding. Made me question if I should drop the Platinum hobbie. I wanna 100% Red Dead 2, but the reports here, man... Working and doing a bachelor's, it leaves me with exactly 2 hours of free time on weekdays. I guess it will be a 3 years wait.
  6. I wanna say GTA, but I never played one single game of the series because I've watched my friends play, and it looks boring af. To be fair, I'll go with Witcher 3. It's a fuckin mess overclogged with systems. Yea, combat can be fun, but not when you need to dump 10+hrs to understand all of it. What about the UI? Wtf was that, I need a lecture to understand my inventory. It's the same mess of AC Origins/Odyssey with useless random items, but Ubisoft had better UI designers. I wanna finish TW3, but everytime I open my inventory, I also wanna stab my eyes. I honesty get why people think this is the game of the generation, but everytime I've read "Let's Play Gwent", I thought "Finally something fun"
  7. Never did something that difficult, but Dragon Age Inquisition was pain. 4+ playthroughs
  8. I honestly believe Control is a generation too early. Played it on PS4 Pro, had some drops during some chaotic fights, and tested it on my gf's base PS4. Unplayable. I mean, 5fps unplayable. Because of the ammount of physics and objetcs going, I think no patch could fix this game for base console models. It's sad, but this project is just too complex for 2013 hardware. Can't wait to see how this baby will run on PS5. Instant 10/10.
  9. Sure you're not missing anything? I finished all quests, and all hidden locations. Got 5 or 6 points to spare. Did you do those Janitor quests? The ones you pick from his room.
  10. Day 1. Honestly, I'm aware that the gameplay loop might be a tad boring, but I thought the cast was a really strong part of what made me buy it. The narrative seems really interesting, and I don't mind doing deliveries. Hell, in RDR2, I used to wander over from Saint Dennis to Waipiti Reservation just for the sake of atmosphere. I do love some "digital travel".
  11. Just earned that trophy and finally got my Platinum. Boy, it is tedious. I don't even wanna look at the MP screen anymore, but I think I've played about 17~ hours of it. • Saw a bunch of posts around internet saying that the game has a XP bonus for the first 20min of play time/day. Don't know where that is now, but I was earning around 6.5k XP per Wolfpack private match. • All Rounder is a problem. Assassinate and Domination Games are a real pain to matchmake. Took around 3 days to find one, without boosting. The other modes are not so bad. • Challenges are your best friend here, especially on late levels. Grab yourself a sheet, and note what challenges you wanna complete. Most of them gives 3k XP when you complete the Gold tier, so that's half a match you don't have to be playing. Hope that's some help to anyone trying to earn it on 2019. As for me, won't even touch it again on my PS3 or buy DLC's. Great game, done with it!
  12. Points and XP are two different things. I scored 42k points, but earned 6.5k XP at the end of the match.
  13. Abilities can be used in private, if counts. I guess the modes can be done in private matches, but I don't have any friends who plays AC mp, so I suffered through public.
  14. Yea, I was playing just like you! Made around 42k points permatch, which translated to 6.5k XP/match. I was mostly focusing on Hidden bonus, as I felt that Acrobatic was too volatile. Besides that, my main focus was the Challenges, like Use Poison etc. I felt that a more reliable source of XP.
  15. Around that, yes, from my first match of the day to the last. Private Wolfpack, standard difficulty with 25 sequences. Wasn't so focused on getting the match challenges like Do Aerial Kill. They don't seem to add a ton of extra XP on your final score.
  16. Aw man, I thought Unravel was really great! Too bad you didn't enjoyed it. I only got two on recent memory: > Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. That game bore for 3 hours. Opened up a guide to speed through it. > Conan Exile's.
  17. I think they're referring to some internet companies having a download limit for your plan. Don't know how it works on other contries, but it's getting pretty popular here in Brazil. Like mobile data cap, but for your wifi. My company, thank havens, doesn't work with internet cap, so I can pretty much download all the shit I want. Drawback is, they only cover a small part of São Paulo. Meanwhile, I know people who have an 80gb cap for the whole month. A buddy of mine had additional charges on his bill when I downloaded RDR 2 on his PS4.
  18. Asking the real questions
  19. Not really into the CoD franchise, but I did enjoyed stressing over Veteran on MWR. Feels well earned. Plus no MP trophies, so I'll sure buy it late 2020 or something
  20. Finished it. I think I played for about 10h total, so I'd give it a 1/10 difficultly. The game's really fun and different. No need to rush this beauty.
  21. I finished them all last night with gold all over. I felt my strong suit was the bike challenges. Besides Outride, I was getting gold with about 30min in. My easiest gotta be Black Friday. I got gold on my third run, and managed to push it to 600k. Killed myself because it is really easy to survive and I was in the shit for about 15min. Really easy, but I don't know how people got the stamina for a 2Bi score. Hardest was Surrounded, even with some other patches. Took me well over 12 runs~
  22. "Arrival" for the second time for a Language class. Enjoyed it more back in 2016. Nonetheless, crazy beautiful photography
  23. Hey, it's an old topic, but I wanna leave my two cents here. Just finished my NG Apocalyptic play, and managed to end up around level 103, glitchless. I think the key to this is the Marauder enhancement, which makes enemies drop more lurchers. Not souls, lurcher itens. It was the first enhancement I've upgraded and I spent all the game with it. By the time I was on Gluttony, I already had 400k souls worth of lurchers. On my way through Scar, managed to drop another 100k. I was dropping loot all the time. Combine it with your luminous visages, and it won't require a third play. TL;DR I think Marauder Enhancement makes enemies drop more lurcher itens.
  24. Always hate difficulty trophies on 100+hrs rpgs. It looks like a cheap way to make the game last longer. Looking at you, Witcher 3.
  25. It has some really annoying trophies. I'd say a 6 is fair enough.