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  1. this one: Long Night Played a total of 50 hours to get The Night Alone Earned all other trophies this game is doable in less then 10 hours... so the other 40 hours...
  2. 1Sb7c5b3.png

    Plat n. 19... at last!

    Master of Time
    Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available.

    1. MidnightDragon



    2. Namenick_Neku


      Thanks :D


    3. ihadalifeb4this



  3. 15Lcd191e.png

    Clock Stopper
    Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies.


    this was more simple and faster than I tought

    also obtained my second-last fragment (the mosnter related one)
    time to do the slot machine related one

    and then I will only be "a lot of chocobo step" closer to this plat xD

  4. I started playing mercadian masques time my friends and I stopped a while during kamigawa set, but came in again for the first ravnica/time spiral sets one of the most beautiful (and probably my favourite) standard time (Ravnica/TS)
  5. I see a very old player like me here
  6. in Italian they changed the "joke" while translated it since "L'ascia" means "the axe" and "lascia" means something like "drop off / release"
  7. Hello Everyone I have 10 codes for a Booster pack of Zendikar Rising Promo Pack they are form the Italian Booster, but I think there are no region limitation about those the limitation is that you can redeem max 5 of them so if you already redeemed 5 please leave the code for someone other rule is "First come first served" sending code via Private Message for those who ask (please let me know when you uset it, so i can throw away the card code) I would like to spicy up things let me know about a card that made you smile for its flavor text, or for the relation about its name/image/effect example this is one of my favourite card of the last set since it does exactly what you expect from its name ๐Ÿ˜€ let me know yours
  8. Have you tried Shaman King master of Spirits (1 & 2) for GBA? EDIT ando also Iconoclast
  9. Bayonetta I'm A Bit... I Mean Witch. Execute a Torture Attack. My "really" first trophy was for FF13, because a friend of mine borrow me his PS3 to try the game I bought (and hate) without still having a PS3, and I did not know about trophy and accounts those days so years later I played again FF13 from the beginning, also with a guide, but nonetheless never really enjoied/plat it
  10. "Almost" done With FF13-2 Ps3 and Rayman Origins Ps3 give up platinum instead Diablo 3 PS3 (updated Reaper of soul, no way i will start a new game on base game only for the 5KK gold trophy) and FF13 Ps3 Too grindy and boring
  11. Namenick: (it could be "Nickname", or also the short way to say "my name is Nick" -> it really is) Neku: see my profile picture
  12. Mine was Paper mario - The origami King on Switch completed main story this sunday
  13. Finally mine!!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  14. some FF13 and ff13-2 Trophy also gives you themes as rewards... are you (@OmegaRejectz looking for games like those?
  15. 29L6ac978.png31Ld2860b.png

    Giant's Fist and Fair Fighter...ย  Obtained!!

    4 more to go!

    1. AK-1138


      That second trophy icon looks like poster art for Winnie the Pooh's Really Bad Trip