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  1. Well done i did not get the platinum because the post game grind is huge
  2. did you defeat all the pig noise?
  3. too bad for me I will not be one of the lucky winner 😬😁
  4. closed codes expired on 30 june 2022
  5. Hello my vote for: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS3) 3/48 4% reason: really love the GBA version of this game nice memory related to this game prize if avaiable : italy/europe psn card
  6. NEO: The World Ends with You 4,384Game Owners i really don't believe this number is "real"...
  7. a comparion like diablo 3 and diablo 3: reaper of souls?
  8. perfectly agree mhtrii I used only Switch Axes then I tried Hammer and 99,99% use of it
  9. hello just asking... why did you interrupted playing Dark Cloud 2? did not liked it?
  10. I'll give up on those so I would probably quote those collectible as my worst 😡 yeah monster have different dimension and you need to catch a very small and very large dimension of almost each monster of the game when you start a quest you can find the monster and seize it to discover if is big/small enough and, if not, restart the quest... so boring to do, since dimension is totally RNG
  11. how long does the event last?
  12. so bad this was one of the best NDS games in my advice and one that use all the NDS feature (you also need to "sleep mode" the console to beat a pig noise)
  13. 54 days 16 hours
  14. Some JRPG (especially sone Nippon ichi ones) have trophies for just put the disc into the console, or watching the opening video 😀
  15. you leave me no choice 100% profile... *.* you really enjoyed every bit of every game you play