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  1. Bayonetta I'm A Bit... I Mean Witch. Execute a Torture Attack. My "really" first trophy was for FF13, because a friend of mine borrow me his PS3 to try the game I bought (and hate) without still having a PS3, and I did not know about trophy and accounts those days so years later I played again FF13 from the beginning, also with a guide, but nonetheless never really enjoied/plat it
  2. "Almost" done With FF13-2 Ps3 and Rayman Origins Ps3 give up platinum instead Diablo 3 PS3 (updated Reaper of soul, no way i will start a new game on base game only for the 5KK gold trophy) and FF13 Ps3 Too grindy and boring
  3. Namenick: (it could be "Nickname", or also the short way to say "my name is Nick" -> it really is) Neku: see my profile picture
  4. Mine was Paper mario - The origami King on Switch completed main story this sunday
  5. Finally mine!!!😀😀😍😍
  6. some FF13 and ff13-2 Trophy also gives you themes as rewards... are you (@OmegaRejectz looking for games like those?
  7. 29L6ac978.png31Ld2860b.png

    Giant's Fist and Fair Fighter...  Obtained!!

    4 more to go!

    1. AK-1138


      That second trophy icon looks like poster art for Winnie the Pooh's Really Bad Trip

  8. My most common Platinum is Platinum Trophy Earn all other trophies actually at 33.21% and I googled a lot to achieve it
  9. Yomawari: Night Alone Long Night Played a total of 50 hours Seriously!? leave PSVita on for 50 hour without doing nothing!?
  10. Beast Tamer FF13-2 (PS3) After I discovered (it took me 8 years) that I'm not stuck due to a map glitch I finally decide to try again to plat this... it shouldn't need a lot of time, I hope
  11. I played it too, not disc version, but the psplus for ps4 so I can't rage snapping the entire console in half 😡 even more exhausting, as I wanted to plat it before my daughter born (since I wouldn't have time after that) and after i plat it she decided to born a month earlier than expected 😁
  12. I'm still playing the game since day 1 it's a bit better nowadays, the game is improved, but much more need to be done to improve the number of player that plays it
  13. I think you shoul pass I became father about an year ago, and having a family is full time job (and I love it) time for gaming reduced a lot, and you're still trying to play 3 games at once... i would consider to play GTA5 offline for story (i already played and enjoyed it), but trying to plat it is a black hole I think
  14. i hide some trophies not because i hacked them but just because I don't want them to be calculated on my stats for example I started Cross Edge NA version, got some trophies, then buy an European version and can't delete the NA version of the game... so I don't want that Cross Edge NA trophy list ruin my other stats I also hide my Last of us list, because I only have 4 trophy and don't wanna play it again, also for the same reason.. they ruin my "Average"
  15. Hello everyone! sorry for my awful english when I begin this game I looked on internet if there where any missable trophies and nowhere I found evidence that there are missable trophy on this game I quit this game years ago because I discover I can not get the platinum due to a tiny portion of a map in Augusta Tower that can't be reached again after completing that portion of the game, in a location where i can't reset time and play it again so probably the only way out is to start a new game (I really don't want to), or I am missing something? I searched internet for someone that get stucked in the same way, but found nothing. this weekend I load my save and edit this post adding photo of the portion of the map that i can not reach, maybe there is another way to reach it? thanks in advance EDIT: year 300 I just miss that 1% on floor 12 but the elevetar goes only to floor 13 and floor 15 in year 400 it goes from 47 and over floors there is another way to go there?
  16. im' so stupid... it worked 8 years... it takes me 8 years!!!
  17. I added other information and images to the first post it's useless to go for the other 12 fragment if there is no way to obtain the map relates one let me know if I can add some information 😔😔
  18. Maybe also No man's Sky But I'm not sure at all
  19. trivial pursuit googled the answer online and quitting the game before autosave and reload when I did not get the right answer (because you need to play a perfect game for the Plat) 😬
  20. Burnout Paradise Elite #219
  21. I got the legendary pattern from Ratchet & Clank Rewards... that was a relief
  22. I have a code too if someone want/need it let me know (EU)
  23. Rayman Legends Sooooo grindy
  24. My avatar is ready to play, but Amazon just told me that I will receive the game Tomorrow me and also a lot of people I know think that "Neku" in the trailer is not him... but it's Sora 😅
  25. My avatar and nickname are ready to play it PS4 or Switch? I think PS4 because I can stream it 🤔