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  1. What a careless and thoughtless trophy lmao. Maybe everyone should complain, so they nerf it.
  2. I just remembered that yesterday or so I earned the 10 wins in 1v1 and my stats said 6 wins so hmm? it’s hard to say if they are counting on all versions or just one.
  3. I’ve had the issue too, I’m assuming the update a few days back broke it maybe? I won around 40 games before I realised, all non-win stuff seems to be working fine though but MVP, Wins and buzzer trophies are bugged
  4. I think SMT and Persona really should merge together what with Soul Hackers 2 releasing and everything. If SH2 merges with SMT but not Persona, that really seems kind of silly seeing as they are both spin offs of smt, and SH is in the same timeline as the Persona series. There are many games with spinoffs in series on this site, including Persona itself with the dancing and arena games. SMT has the same Demons, Skills and magic as persona, The older Persona games even had Shin Megami Tensei in the title, not only that but characters from SMT games appeared in Persona games as well. I really hope they can be merged together since there are a lot of similarities with both series!
  5. I’ve got to agree, it always did bother me the all stars games were on the sonic stack list.
  6. All these patches and still no luck agh
  7. Nope, maybe if they make a ps5 ver they’ll have to make an autopop system for it?
  8. Guess all we can do is wait for an update then... Here’s hoping the next one actually fixes this.
  9. So after clearing the Hot ring side mission, my game crashes every time I try to load into my save. I was almost done with the 100% too, and I’m pretty mad about it. My backup save from when I first started the game loads fine, but my main save and auto save both crash the game upon loading. Is there a fix for this? Do you think a patch might fix it? Or am I screwed?
  10. Now that the game is out... the real question is, is there autopop
  11. I’m stuck on two missions that I have no idea on how to complete for “making an overhead shot” and a “direct shot” does anyone know what these mean or how to do them?
  12. Thank you so much, you are a hero for this lol, first video anyone has done of this, so many years after release!
  13. The challenge wait times for daily are like, 30 days instead of 1 day, is this happening for everyone?
  14. I can’t find any videos or information online on how to get these, I can hardly even manage to get 2 of them. The only footage I can find of this level is people beating it by going straight. Does anyone have any replays or tips on how to get the bananas on this stage? it’s the last stage I have left for the trophy.
  15. After the update that fixed Texas BBQ and Milk And Cookies, was this fixed too?