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  1. As much as I love this game, it’s a little underwhelming compared to We Love Katamari and Beautiful Katamari. It still confuses me why they chose this one and why it took 2 years to come to playstation. Here’s hoping they rerelease more katamari games, or better yet release a new katamari game.
  2. It worked, now I'm going to just be extremely careful and make a save before each trophy I earn. And I'm sure it will be patched by then, you dodged a bullet!
  3. Yep, this got even worse... I had to start a new game in order to get the trophy for using the terminal for the first time and I still am not able to get the negotiate for the first time trophy, I will delete my whole save and see if this helps.
  4. I died and no trophy popped, I was confused and tried 5 more times and no luck. I ended up restarting the game and it worked, however when I won the next battle and levled up I got the trophies for leveling up and winning first battle, so it turns out they were bugged until I restarted too. I reccomend saving before you earn any trophy and be careful about it.
  5. I made a guide to show where the portals take you and from what direction, Portals with stars next to them indicate that you need to do a task before you can use them. Hope this helps someone!
  6. So I figured out that abusing pause makes this entire fight a joke, all you have to do is pick smoke dash and keep pausing until the number before the one you want to roll appears, then spam X and you will land on the number you want. You can fight the 2nd, 5th and 7th fights which are extremely easy with smoke dash. As for the battle with king dice, keep pausing until you see an animation with one of his arms start, then double dash towards that arm and you will be safe behind it! I recorded a video for reference. You can probably use pause to help with reaction time on levels too, though it’s a cheap method. It’s something to be proud of if you do it properly.
  7. Wally Warbles was a huge pain for me, I still need to do the robot, king dice and the devil.
  8. Will the P ranking cound towards the A rankings trophy? or do you need to get a P and An A on the run and gun levels? Also, are you able to earn a P on easy difficulty? and does an A- count towards the A trophy?
  9. I have done pretty much the entire game in gimme mode and no issues whatsoever, All I need now is the condors on the open courses and the daily revenge matches. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it seems like it's been around awhile now? It could be permanant this many years later but I don't know for sure.
  10. They still seem to be down, I only needed VR Luge Tour, the only reason I didn't do it ages ago was because it made me feel ill.
  11. It seems you can! I just earned a trophy with it active and my Birdie count in my stats went up. Further more, there was a tip on the loading screen which stated you earn the same rewards in Gimme mode.
  12. Are there any penalties for this such as not earning trophies? or scores to unlock vs characters in official matches not counting?