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  1. Thank you so much, you are a hero for this lol, first video anyone has done of this, so many years after release!
  2. The challenge wait times for daily are like, 30 days instead of 1 day, is this happening for everyone?
  3. I can’t find any videos or information online on how to get these, I can hardly even manage to get 2 of them. The only footage I can find of this level is people beating it by going straight. Does anyone have any replays or tips on how to get the bananas on this stage? it’s the last stage I have left for the trophy.
  4. After the update that fixed Texas BBQ and Milk And Cookies, was this fixed too?
  5. is it possible to earn all the trophies online? or does it not count for unlocks with individual characters when you play online?
  6. Is Near Death experience bugged as well?
  7. Yep, this and the challenge for hooking survivors is bugged!
  8. Does progress from ps4 carry over or do I have to do everything like protection hits all over again?
  9. As much as I love this game, it’s a little underwhelming compared to We Love Katamari and Beautiful Katamari. It still confuses me why they chose this one and why it took 2 years to come to playstation. Here’s hoping they rerelease more katamari games, or better yet release a new katamari game.
  10. It worked, now I'm going to just be extremely careful and make a save before each trophy I earn. And I'm sure it will be patched by then, you dodged a bullet!
  11. Yep, this got even worse... I had to start a new game in order to get the trophy for using the terminal for the first time and I still am not able to get the negotiate for the first time trophy, I will delete my whole save and see if this helps.
  12. I died and no trophy popped, I was confused and tried 5 more times and no luck. I ended up restarting the game and it worked, however when I won the next battle and levled up I got the trophies for leveling up and winning first battle, so it turns out they were bugged until I restarted too. I reccomend saving before you earn any trophy and be careful about it.
  13. I made a guide to show where the portals take you and from what direction, Portals with stars next to them indicate that you need to do a task before you can use them. Hope this helps someone!