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  1. I'm in Australia, so I set my auctions to end when I'm asleep as the rest of the world is awake. I'd probably sell Durant and Yao before LeBron as those two have decent stock levels so you can buy them back easier. LeBron, depending on the version, is in very limited supply.
  2. As someone who went around buying those players, they are going for around Durant: 400k LeBron: PG around 1mill, SF around 600k Yao: 300-400k MJ: 160k The MJ I bought didn't have Diamond contract though, so if yours has it, then maybe pushing 200k. As @Royze said, I would've sold them and use that MT to buy all the HC under 15K. You may have already finished the collection with that.
  3. I wouldn't bother with weekly challenges. The MT and Tokens you'd get from them, you'll get just as many from Spotlight or Domination as well as cards towards your collection. Also at this stage in the game and you just starting, TTOffline would be fantastic when the vault opens.
  4. It's going to be near impossible for you I would think. For perspective of how much MT you'll need, if you sell your GOAT Jordan, you'll probably get 10 Heat Checks in echange. If you did want to do the spotlight and weekly challenges then you should buy whatever cards you can afford and reassess when you've completed enough of them. If you haven't done Dwyane Wade or Andre Iguodala, then you won't get too far on those as there are cards you need that aren't in their respective packs anymore and extinct from AH. If they do get listed, they're selling for over 200k.
  5. If you don't have 3 of the NIB/GOAT players, you'll get destroyed on TTO. While I was still collecting, I'd constantly face the budget cards in those packs which are automatically better than what I was running with. If you win, you only get a chance of maybe a HC pack being on the boards. I still think TTOffline is the best way to go. Get the milestone rewards, use the tokens on the market, MT you acquire to buy any card that's in your range. Have you collected the balls, historic uniforms, historic logos, courts and playbooks?
  6. Have you completed any of the spotlight sims? There's about 80 cards there. The player spotlight if you haven't completed, may be tougher now with player availability but I can sell you any required cards that I haven't locked away. Except Haslem and Bogut as I'm missing them. With the remaining 2 Dominations, you may not need to buy anymore. Obviously be more convenient than grinding.
  7. People are buying at 15K BIN. It's not just one seller, as it seems to be accepted that 15K is the current going rate. I saw a bunch of listings at 20K BINs but they will never sell. I've listed all of mine at 15K BINs and they mostly sold. Only time I've listed them for below 10K was when selling to a poster here the cards he needed. Once I listed a card at 14,500 and it sold within 30mins.
  8. I was browsing HC cards earlier and it's very noticeable now. Was able to scroll to the final listing at 23:59 without lagging. If you have any offline cards to earn, you'll need to rely on those to get you over the line.
  9. Sadly, they've moved on to 2K21. There's not even updates to the weekly login rewards.
  10. With Simcast Live, I was getting 300vc for 12min quarters. 125vc when I set it to 5mins.
  11. This method would work great for me, as I have the game on during work. Lots of pausing here and there between working and taking a break where a 4min qtr Challenge game can take me 2 hours, so this AFK method is perfect.
  12. It's the only mode that's dropping those packs, but it's not guaranteed that they will appear. Best method that worked for me, was grind TTOffline and hope the vault opens for that 5K. At the time I was doing this though, HC cards were 5K each, so each vault open = 1 HC card to buy. If you're under 1000 wins, the milestone rewards help too. Use a high tier evo card and 2 bronzes for quickest method of getting through games. HC cards are now having bids of 14-15K as far as I've been seeing.
  13. Heat Check Deluxe pack is what you are thinking of. Those give guaranteed Heat Check cards. The base pack gives you a chance of a Heat Check.
  14. How many token cards do you have so far? I cleared everything below Diamond. Got 20 diamonds and 15 Pink Diamonds for the Agenda Balls.
  15. Yeah I had a look and put some bids at 10k and was outbidded. There are still people putting them up under 10k now and then but it's few and far between. I'll be putting all my heat check cards up when I'm done.