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  1. Was it only 1 person wenching? Think you need to interupt them at nearly 100% and then have the progress reverse back down to the final notch before extraction.
  2. Cool thanks. Need the qualification trophy and 50 cosmetics, so whichever gives the best kudos return is the mode I'll play. Congrats too on the Plat.
  3. Would winning this count as a round qualified? I still need to get the 500.
  4. Yeah broken for me too. Must be the 9.50 system update.
  5. I still need legendary colour too. My level 50 is also part of the costume.
  6. Yeah the new Slime Climb event is harder as there's also 40 people in the first round. Just trying to get through the crowd is a challenge.
  7. You can see from the recent trophy earners, there's still a decent amount playing. Not a lot in the Australia/Oceania region though. US servers a lot more active.
  8. That one appears to be flagged and removed, but the one of the 4th Oct 21 is still there. Anyone able to report it? I don't seem to be able to.
  9. Got the assists trophy today without any issues. Actually unlocked before the 1000 according to the contracts. I was on 994.
  10. No. You can't even launch MyTeam now.
  11. I haven't had issues yet with any trophy glitches, but I'm nearly about to unlock the 2 currently glitched ones. 100 daily contracts and 1000 assists are within range.
  12. The actual trophy on your console should say 1000 miles. Mine unlocked at 1000.
  13. That time wouldn't include loading times and searching times I guess. As well as the times between points. But the only time it felt like a chore was getting the XP to get to Prestige 1. I enjoyed the game and played it normally. I do recall some matches against you.
  14. The game is now free to play and on PC only with a new dev team I believe. This game will probably get delisted from stores.
  15. Works the other way too with the rubberbanding. Let my 3yo drive a few races and he has difficulty after 1 lap. Was able to catchup and finish 1st or 2nd in them afterwards.