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  1. Salute too you man if you did it with the DS3 👍💯
  2. Yeah I have the same problem.looks like we have too wait for patch because online trophy's aren't possible man
  3. This is now fixed the tutorial is back on the practice mode.
  4. Any news on this issue yet ?
  5. Resistance-juiced and stuntman would of been great with trophies.
  6. Yeah avoid all lol. I don't understand how they get away with this man - air hockey - table tennis- pool - sniper - snakes and ladders.
  7. You will need the ps move anyway as I can't see the platinum been possible on the DS3 controller. You got too be lighting fast and accurate too get s ranks. Plus it's a better experience with the move as a gun onrail shooters are made to be played this way .
  8. Yeah I had the same problem yesterday when I started the game. Hopefully it gets patched or the platinum won't be possible now.
  9. Great guide bro keep up the good work man 👍
  10. Yeah that's what happened too me Aswell it was the Eu version what broke my trophy database. If I delete my profile to fix it do I lose all my games and pictures and stuff from my profile? Thanks.
  11. I got the platinum earlyer this morning and I enjoyed it alot. Can be done in about 1 to 2 hours.
  12. Watch out with this game it has messed my trophys up from synching. And I keep getting errors everytime I play a game now. Soon as I start a game it's a error and logs me out of my account.
  13. Same as the air hockey game. The same trophys are glitched as it's made from the same people lol.
  14. It has mutiplayer but I don't think coop.