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  2. Dose anyone know if there is a trophy guide for this game? Just got it and I'm alil lost on how to get a few trophies.
  3. Hey someone sent me a request and I did see who sent it before i hit add. Who ever it was please send me a message so i know who you are Psn: YUK5884
  4. Hey I'm having problems wit the building kombos, advantage & pressure,and positioning &resource tutorials. No matter wat I do I wont go through. Been spent the last few days n nothin seems to work. This is by far the biggest pain in the ass I had to deal with. Really did wana do this but I almost go the platinum. Can anyone help me wit this? I dont know how to share play but if you tell me how to I can do it. Just hit me up YUK5884 Thank you P.s. will to trade name you price(dont say nothing stupid tho)
  5. This trophy is alil funny, I got this with only 46 bodiesso I guess if you having problems just keep at it till it pops
  6. So I was tryin some of there and I realized that it's just timing that's a bitch. I was doin a scorpion one and I had to hit raden as he got up wit the third hit of my combo, you k ow how much of a pain in the ass it is to try to miss the first 2 hit and make the next one hit just rite to get this done. It's like you gota have bad time on purpose to get this done. I dont know what the was thinking when they came up wit this part but this is by far the biggest pain in the ass
  7. Dose anyone know of any way to get souls faster? Trying to get the shinnok amulet for 10,000 souls but it's taking for ever.
  8. Need some help with tag battles in towers of time, add me : yuk5884
  9. Just did every head in about 30 minutes and got both trophies. Once you unlock the 3 room in the back of the krypt every chest I out have a intro inside it
  10. I been having this problem. I believe it's just a glitch in the game because when I click to see the demo even the game ant doing it right on some of them. I did a few yesterday just for s fun n got 2 done that been given me problems. You just gota keep at it and try to just luck up.
  11. As far as I see, it's been there since yesterday for me. I dont see a time limit on this tower so just take your time
  12. Just an update, in towers of time on the first platform tmcalled the gauntlet, there is no time on it so you can take all the time you need. When you get stage 4 of the platform there is is a tower with 8 Johnny cage fights. Set the a.i. on and just go to the the last fight. Once u start the last fight just quit an do it over again. I did this 8 times and just got this trophy in about an hour with no problem. I would upload pics n vids to show it but cant figure out how to do it on this site.
  13. WTF

    Just had the same problem had to turn my system off for about 5 min n start up again, probably just mk server problems
  14. No, I have one key and it's for a a different tower I ant use yet
  15. Idk if this has happen to anyone else but in towers of time on the gauntlet platform, after you beat the shoa Kahn tower, the is a tower of 8 fights all Johnny cage single rounds. Nice spot to face for this trophy. Just do the first 7 fights with n restart should work.