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  1. Thank you! very appreciate your answer. At first, I contacted Ubisoft regarding DLC and ability to play arcade on the same console but other accounts - answer below. Quote: "Please be advised that it’s more common for PS4 to have difficulty trying the "family share" add-on to the game when this kind of error is not seen with basic games. Since this is a function of PS4, for more detailed and detailed information on this issue, I ask you to turn to SONY PS4 support service. Thank you for understanding." Then I contacted SONY about "Merching Fire DLS for For Honor", answer below. Quote: SONY "If you purchase DLC this is one use only and can only be used on the account it is downloaded on. Single use products cannot be shared. Sorry I couldn't give the answer you were looking for!" ME "So that there will be no questions in the future, how do I know if this is a "Single use product/dlc" in your PlayStation Store? Because I have many different DLC's, and in-game Items/emojis/skins (For example on MonsterHunter World, Alienation, etc.) purchased on my Primary Active account, and I can use them on other family/secondary accounts on the same console. Is there are any way to detect it in the future, before making purchases?" SONY "Thank you for your recent contact with PlayStation Support. All DLC and in game items are classed as single use items, they should not be able to share between accounts at all.As you are able to share DLC between accounts it will be due to the way that the developers have coded the DLC to behave. Unfortunately there is no indication of what can or cannot be shared between accounts as we advise that no DLC should be able to share between accounts." I feel that both support teams are not competent.
  2. If I buy the Marching Fire Expansion, and I set my account as primary, do my family members also get the Arcade access on their accounts on the same console? I ask, because for Standard version other accounts on the same console got all benefits, unlike Starter version.
  3. It's true, especially if you are in Programming, or Design, you'll get your irl name all around the internet. I wish I could continue to use my real life first name and last name in my PSN. But my account was blocked due to Term of Service regarding PSN ID Rules after reporting. I didn't know that using a real name or part of it, is not possible and against the rules. Quote: "It is recommended that players do not create Online IDs that might personally identify themselves to others. Using any part of your name in an Online ID is a violation of the User Agreement made when setting up an account."