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  1. Same. I just won with 1 thief in the jail and didn’t pop either. Maybe you have to win when the thieves are at 11/12?
  2. The PS5 list is on here now.
  3. Maybe they didn’t pick up some of the missable collectibles and are now having to start over to get them? Because not a single person still has the Archivist trophy.
  4. Missions are like bonus objectives for the stages that you got to complete.
  5. Not a sequel, actually. It’s a spin-off. The devs did mention that there’s no doubt Grey Skies was flawed, but they learned from it and are hoping Darker Skies does better.
  6. I recall Nightmare in Quake being easier than Nightmare in Doom from back in the day.
  7. They confirmed it a few hours ago that there’s no save transfer or trophy autopop. We have to start over again, but that might be a good thing to some people.
  8. Either way, it was a great feeling to witness some of my friends finally obtaining the trophy earlier today with this method.
  9. Well, that might stop some from now working on a backlog of PS3 games, but I will continue anyway.
  10. My US disc for Dante’s Inferno has a patch once again.
  11. JP
  12. Even if it’s not true, it’s motivation for me anyway to platinum my PS3 backlog.
  13. Single player only.
  14. If you already had it, you can just download it whenever you want from your library.
  15. I don’t think you should be talking when you did both Mayo games... And the fact too that you haven’t replied once implies this post to be bait.