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  1. The original Final Fantasy VII and Trials of Mana also have PS4 platinums just like their remakes. What’s your point? Some games can get their trophy lists published weeks or months in advance. It’s not uncommon.
  2. This is an action/adventure roguelike with RNG levels and permadeath. I wouldn’t exactly call it “easy”.
  3. Handri plat the game in between 30-60 minutes.
  4. It’s fixed as of December 3rd, 2019.
  5. I just got Handyman a couple hours ago too. Yeah though, definitely better to get Handyman, Medic, and Wounded Healer now before the devs accidentally glitch them again.
  6. I just had a conversation with one of them. In fact, they both were in the same match when they did this. Basically, you repair a gen just until it’s about to reach 100% and then have the killer damage it back to 0%. This method took them 2 hours to do. It obviously works though since they got the trophy to pop.
  7. Some guy just unlocked Handyman a few hours ago. Wonder if it’s finally fixed.
  8. Just when I was praying for the glitched trophies to get fixed tomorrow, they pull this on us... I’m done
  9. They said in their stream just now that numerous bug fixes are coming to the game in this Tuesday’s update. Let’s hope these trophies are some of those.
  10. The devs cared enough back then to fix glitchy trophies but it seems now they don’t
  11. Yeah, I’m not too sure why Handyman isn’t getting much attention on its brokenness too.
  12. You can boost to get all generators done, sure, but there’s no such thing as 100 generators in a single match.
  13. I used the IQA-11. Worked like a charm. I’m usually good with the specialist class though which is why it took me under 2 hours in Strike. I’m mad though because EA made it seem like coop mode was the only mode getting 3XP but it really does look like everything. I better play some Heroes vs. Villains!
  14. @Caesar ClownI had that issue too and went into Strike to do it. Trophy popped there after a little while.