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  1. You’ll have to hide the game and move on. This was definitely save file usage.
  2. Was that the PS3 version or something? Because I can see the PS4 version and that list is an absolute mess.
  3. Either way, it was a great feeling to witness some of my friends finally obtaining the trophy earlier today with this method.
  4. 7,273 hidden trophies...
  5. Ah okay, so just Dive In 25 and 50 Unique Players at the same time are out of place?
  6. Your last 5 trophies before the platinum all popped together in 25 seconds.
  7. Well, that might stop some from now working on a backlog of PS3 games, but I will continue anyway.
  8. My US disc for Dante’s Inferno has a patch once again.
  9. JP
  10. I looked over your lists before you hid them. For ICO, you unlocked the 2 hour and 4 hour speedrun trophies at the exact same second. From a speedrun video I just watched, the guy popped both trophies a few seconds apart. As for KH2, the platinum wasn’t your last trophy.
  11. I absolutely don’t believe for one second that it took you 3 weeks to plat NecroDancer...
  12. Even if it’s not true, it’s motivation for me anyway to platinum my PS3 backlog.
  13. You definitely used a save file for Skyrim too.
  14. All of your list, except 1, is autopopped and out of order.
  15. I’m not too sure about that. There’s so many trophies that you popped before completing the necessary chapters(which all autopopped aside from chapter 16).