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  1. All of your list, except 1, is autopopped and out of order.
  2. I’m not too sure about that. There’s so many trophies that you popped before completing the necessary chapters(which all autopopped aside from chapter 16).
  3. Connorsonicblura Dark Souls: Remastered My user has been acting been up lately which is why the trophy didn’t pop when it should have. Couldn’t even manually sync my own trophies. Once I deleted my user and logged back in, I was able sync my trophies properly. The trophy popped in my NG+ playthrough.
  4. Single player only.
  5. It’s impossible to 100% JC2 on console anyway due to a few bugged collectibles and locations. It’s only possible on PC by use of mods.
  6. If you already had it, you can just download it whenever you want from your library.
  7. I don’t think you should be talking when you did both Mayo games... And the fact too that you haven’t replied once implies this post to be bait.
  8. You posted in the wrong forum.
  9. You platted Energy Cycle though.....
  10. Less competition to race against.
  11. Okay, so what I did was tape the R2 buttons on all 4 controllers. I handled 2 controllers while my brother handled the other 2. All we did was just watch my top screen and watch his bottom screen while moving the L3 buttons. Worked and got the trophy!
  12. What an awful awful trophy this is. Terrible. Thanks though, I’ll try that.
  13. Yes, I did read that. Though it just seems impossible when there’s no way to turn off the AI.
  14. You mean you did it solo with 4 controllers? If so, what was your method?
  15. The list looks pretty easy and fun to plat twice, so I would suggest PS4 version to get the free PS5 upgrade.