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  1. heeeeeeeeeccckkkkkkk naaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Good topic, so far I’ve done: My Name is Mayo Injustice 2 MK11 My Hero 1 and I plan on doing others.
  3. Congrats on the yugi plat

  4. I'll add you now, love jrpgs!
  5. waiting for v day...
  6. PSN - CyrahOmega Avatar - Cecil Harvey (FF IV) Favorite Movie - Total Recall (90s Version) Favorite Current Anime - Black Clover Into Retro RPGS, Fighters, MP trophies, and don't mind boosting. When adding as a friend just put "PSNP"in the message. #poof
  7. yeah it's easy and fun upgrades can seem like a grind...
  8. call psn
  9. Borderlands 3
  10. MKX
  11. iBadDriveri
  12. Got it thanks to BigSes on PST - Hi guys! With default controls, I just went into vs mode, put the controller on the floor (held in place between my feet, sitting Indian style), and used my right hand to go back and forth quickly on the left and right D-pad arrows while spamming L2. It unlocked almost right away, I tried for like 10 mins to do it normal and couldn't get it. Its basically how us old schoolers would play Track N Field on the NES back in the day, the quick left-rights while spamming the L2 button. Wanted to bring that up. Thanks!
  13. I'll take anything, strats?
  14. How much total gold did you have before you hit 500k picked gold? I have 1.7 mil and still not 500k picked...