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  1. My Name is Mayo. I heard it was cheap and easy. I didn't realize how cheap and easy it was until I started playing. That's about all I can say about it.
  2. I just got it to work a few minutes ago. I think your team also has to make enough points for it to count.
  3. I managed to get it to work once a day or two ago. The main problem I'm having now is actually getting the slime races to even show up in rotation. Either I'm just having bad luck or their frequency has been reduced.
  4. I bought the PS4 versions of Atelier Ryza 2 and Scarlet Nexus specifically to get both versions. I have a fee other games whose upgrades were announced after I had already bought them like Jedi: Fallen Order, Dead by Daylight, ESO, etc. The first digital PS5 game I bought was War Theatre: Blood of Winter. The first PS5 disc I bought was FFVIIR, just for the Steelbook though since I already owned the PS4 version. But other than those two games I can't remember anything else that I've bought that was specifically a PS5 game. I've actually bought more PS3 and Vita games than usual in the time after getting a PS5. I've been more focused on that, trying to get what I can while prices are still somewhat reasonable. Been mainly using the PS5 to play PS4 games at smoother framerates which is awesome enough for now.
  5. Does jumping into the slime still count for getting first place in the slime races?
  6. Can Squad Goals also be earned here?
  7. Rip lmao. I've put over 700 hours into the PS4 version and I don't even have the platinum yet. There's no way in hell that I'm ever touching another version of the game if it doesn't autopop. Final Fantasy XIV did it correctly.
  8. Good to know. I may skip this one and go for the PS4 version at some other time instead.
  9. I've never played any Dragon Quest game besides XI so I'm excited for this. I kinda wish they would've started with the first game though, especially if they plan on remaking that one anyway.
  10. If you read a little further through the thread, you would've seen that I confirmed the DLC functional.
  11. It seems that was a false alarm on my end. I just checked. It seems that even though Dante's Inferno has version 1.04 patches the 1.00 UK digital version is fully patched. All DLC works properly.
  12. I just bought the UK version of Dante's Inferno and all DLC digitally a few days ago. Game stuck at version 1.00. EDIT: The digital UK edition is fully patched at ver. 1.00. DLC is completely functional. All information I have found online has said 1.04 is the most recent patch but I suppose that only applies to the disc version.
  13. Drakengard 3 arrived a few days ago. Got BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Limited Edition, Tekken 6 w/ the holographic slipcover, and X-Blades in the mail today. Still waiting on The Darkness, Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, and Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel to come in.
  14. I just finished getting my bonding trophies today. All of Class VII was at link level 7 minus two characters that were at 6. Had zero trouble unlocking the trophies on my end. Maybe you did something wrong? Did you trigger the final bonding event, special blade 2 match, and/or the divine knight battle for those characters?
  15. 5,567 earned trophies. 6,403 unearned trophies. 43.12% completion rating. Started in 2011. First PS3 broke. Bought another half a year later. I was focused more on just playing the games then. Pretty casual with a small collection. Earned a whopping total of 4 Platinums. Got a PS4 at the end of 2015. Earned exactly 1 Plat. Got robbed in 2016 and lost absolutely everything. Got a 2nd PS4 in 2017. Got a 3rd PS3 in 2019. PS4 broke in 2019, got a PS4 Pro. Now I have a PS5 and I'm hoping to have a Vita within the next year or two. Something about getting robbed triggered something in me to play as much as I could while I have the ability to do so. From 2017 to now I've gone from 5 Plats to 60. I'll never have 100% completion because of server closures and all that, lots of which happened while I physically could not finish the games I had started. But that's okay. My trophy list is more than just numbers and badges on a screen, it's also a record of what I've been through in life. And it's okay that it isn't perfect.