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  1. Update 5 April 13, 2021 Games started at beginning: 95 Games completed at beginning: 57 Platinum Trophies at beginning: 47 Current games started: 102 (+7 from start) Current games completed: 71 (+14 from start) Current Platinum Trophies: 57) (+9 from start) Completion percentage at beginning: 67.07% Completion percentage last update: 72.69% Current completion percentage: 73.99% (+1.30% from last update..... +6.92% total) Goal: 75% ---- (1.01% left to goal) Games since last update: Destruction Allstars (PS5) Still just one trophy left. I've tried to find games most every night for the last few weeks and most of the time I fail to find a game. This game is sadly already dead it seems. Strangely, although I live in the US and have been on the US Central server since the game began, for some reason the game now has me on the Europe server and won't let me change it. This also coincides with the last few weeks of not being able to get into a match. Dungeon Defenders II (PS4) I played this about three years ago and got one trophy. On a whim these last few weeks I redownloaded it and cleared this out 100%. I figured I should get it done since it's an online only game and didn't want to find out one day that the servers are shut down and it's forever stuck as a 1% game on my profile. It really didn't take very long (10ish hours) and stayed enjoyable for those 10 hours. I played the first dungeon defenders a ton on steam years and years ago and think the original is better, but this one is still fun. It's not hard either so I'm not sure why the 100% completion rate is so low. (about 4.21% as I write this). Dirt 5 (PS5) After saying last update that this one would be on the back burner as I couldn't get into it enough to make it the main game I'm playing, I actually really got into the swing of things and completed the platinum, then purchased and completed the two DLC's that were released. I think that the difference was that I quit trying to control the game as if it were Mario Kart (which is how I approach most racing games... which is probably why I'm so bad at most of them). I acknowledged that the button to brake existed and started using it. After that things were quite a bit smoother! Who knew!? Spirit of the North (PS5) Started and completed the platinum for this one. It's short and sweet and fun while it lasts. The soundtrack is fantastic and fit the game perfectly. Up next: - I'll probably continue trying to get into games of Destruction Allstars just for the sake of trying.... but at this point I've pretty much given up hope. - I started Godfall this week and will probably focus mainly on that for a while. I'm enjoying myself so far. The story is pretty "meh" so far, but I do enjoy the gameplay so far. Also, I wanted to ask some opinions. I'm looking back through my previously started backlog and thinking about going for one of my more difficult games that I only have a few trophies in. The games I'm considering are: Jamestown+ Downwell Titan Souls Hyper Void Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Resogun Of those does anyone have any thoughts which one might be the most doable? Also, are the DLC's for Resogun as difficult as the completion percentage suggests, or is it just low because not many people got the DLC's? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I won't start it for a while - probably a few months until I've cleared other stuff off my plate and I'm ready to dive in, but I just was started to plan ahead. Thanks in advance! Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  2. I'm 100% with you. I had all the other trophies weeks ago. No Escape feels like it's impossible not because I can't get into the right situation on gridfall to do it, but because every time I do, people do exactly what you described and purposefully kill themselves, or hang out in the lobby. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find a game lately (at least when I'm playing) which makes me worry that the game is going to die off before I can pull it off. I'm close to resigning myself to let this one stay at 97% forever. It seems like at least 4-5 people manage it everyday, so it is possible...It's just really discouraging when you see people blocking you from doing it on purpose for no other reason than to grief you. I do enjoy this game in general though. It's a game I enjoy just picking up for a few rounds here and there.
  3. I just did this last week and it worked for me. If I remember correctly, I think that after the credits are done and it puts you back into the hub world you need to run around (or slither or whatever it is that phogs do to get around) the hub area and wake up 3 or 4 different other phogs. I don't remember if you have to do anything to wake them up other then just go up to them, but it'll be pretty self explanatory if I remember right. Hope that helps!
  4. Update 4 March 20, 2021 Games started at beginning: 95 Games completed at beginning: 57 Platinum Trophies at beginning: 47 Current games started: 102 (+7 from start) Current games completed: 68 (+11 from start) Current Platinum Trophies: 55) (+8 from start) Completion percentage at beginning: 67.07% Completion percentage last update: 69.78% Current completion percentage: 72.69% (+2.91% from last update..... +5.62% total) Goal: 75% Games since last update: Planet Coaster (PS5) Finished the platinum on this one. It's a lot of fun, and a nice change of pace from the games I typically would play. Phogs (PS4) I finished the platinum on this one too. It can be played entirely single player, but is quite obviously supposed to be a co-op experience. Sadly, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone. There are really some good ideas here, but the controls can be absolutely infuriating, and I was constantly getting stuck in the environment. I only finished it off because I didn't want it mess up my completion % and it really wasn't too hard to finish. Destruction Allstars (PS5) After probably 10 hours trying to get Boxtop's and TwinkleR10t's trophies, I lucked out and got them each in back to back matches - which was really exciting. I'm down to just one trophy to go. I need to wreck the entire other team in one match with Ratu's hero car's special attack. I've tried a ton but no luck so far. There's some pretty well documented problems with this one - including people being able to keep you from getting it by simply staying in the lobby if they are eliminated. I know that it's possible - around 5 people it seems are getting it every day still - but I don't know if I'll ever manage it. Half the time I queue up for a match I'm unable to find one. I think they just need to downgrade some of the settings and get this working on PS4 as well so that there is a better player base. I'll keep trying here and there, but I'm afraid this one may end up being and eternal 97% complete =( Last Day of June (PS4) This one was completed 100%. A quick indie story driven game with cool time travel cause and effect gameplay where you can play through the events of a day as 4 different characters trying to change the outcome of that day. What you do as one player changes what is possible if you switch over to another character. So you are replaying the day switching back and forth between the characters after each run trying to get everything to work out just right. It's cool without being overly complicated and can be completed in 4-6 hours tops. I really enjoyed it although it is a bit of an emotional gut punch. There's not platinum (just 21 bronze trophies) but I felt very much worth the playthrough. The Last Campfire (PS4) I got the platinum on this as well. It's a short, simple, cute and well done indie game with light puzzle and exploration elements. Maquette (PS5) Another short puzzle game I got the plat on. Very cool recursive mechanics that were really well implemented and didn't outstay it's welcome. 4-5 hours total. Dirt 5 (PS5) I'm slowly making my way through this. I enjoy racing games, but only in short bursts. It will probably be something I only play a couple hours a week for a month or two until i eventually finish it. I don't think I'll be able to make it my main game - it'll just be a side game - but it is fun and I'm enjoying my time with it. Outer Wilds (PS4) I completed this game and man was it a great experience! The year it came out it made a lot of the lists as contenders for game of the year in a lot of places and now I know why! The exploration was always interesting and I loved finding clues throughout the game and trying to piece together what was going on and following the bread crumb trails to completion. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone. The less you know the better. The game doesn't give you too much direction, you are expected to find your own direction from the clues that you find. There is a great "rumor map" that the game keeps up for you so that you can look through all the clues you've gotten previously so that you don't have to keep everything in memory. If you like a good mystery and enjoy exploring and putting clues together. definitely check this one out. As a side note, the trophy "Hotshot" for manually landing on a research station orbiting the sun was one of the most fun I've had going for a trophy. Trying to get on that station while you battle getting too close to the Sun and getting sucked in, or too far out and getting flung out into space while the roar of the sun fills your ears and you're flying super fast hanging on by the skin of your teeth... Man. It was such a rush and I loved it even though it took quite a bit of practice to get it right. Up next: - Keep trying a couple times a day to finish off Destruction Allstars. - Chip away at Dirt 5 here and there. - I'm not sure what will be my next "main" game. I'm thinking of either starting Godfall or Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Or like what usually happens is I'll decide at the last minute to do something totally different =P Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  5. Oh I'll try to maximize the casualties for sure haha!
  6. Update 1 - January 12 Update 2 - February 2 Update 3 February 20, 2021 Games started at beginning: 95 Games completed at beginning: 57 Platinum Trophies at beginning: 47 Current games started: 98 (+3 from start) Current games completed: 62 (+5 from start) Current Platinum Trophies: 50) (+3 from start) Completion percentage at beginning: 67.07% Completion percentage last update: 68.34% Current completion percentage: 69.78% (+1.44% from last update..... 2.71% total) Goal: 75% Games since last update: Resident Evil HD (PS4) 50th platinum obtained! I really enjoyed my time with it. I ended up completing it in 5 playthroughs. I know I could've been more efficient but I was enjoying myself and didn't mind the extra playthrough. I really enjoyed how by the time I got the platinum I knew the route through the game like the back of my hand and could finish a playthrough in 3 hours without really trying. My first playthrough was 16 hours to give that context. I would've thought that playing through it 5 times in a short time would get tedious, but for whatever reason it remained fun throughout. Planet Coaster (PS5) Slowing making my way through the career mode and I am really enjoying this. It's a low stress fun way to relax compared to other games I've played. Inly 4 more career missions to go before I complete the few requirements in challenge mode (not sure what that entails yet). Then I'll finish the plat off with the trophy for causing a roller coaster accident involving 300 guests, should be fun!! Phogs (PS4) No movement here. My daughter hasn't felt like playing this week. Tools Up! (PS4) Finished off the post-platinum trophies with my son this last week in time attack mode. This was a really fun little game. It's basically Overcooked, but you are contractors instead of chefs. It's got a little more jank and less polish than Overcooked, but for whatever reason I enjoy this one more. Check it out if you are looking for some fun couch co-op with a friend. Donut County (PS4) I had fun playing through this quirky little adventure. I did it to get a fast platinum done so that Resident Evil could be my 50th plat. Pick it up on sale if you're interested in it, it's only 1-2 hours of playtime to plat. Destruction Allstars (PS5) I've actually had a lot of fun with this game. I'm getting close to completion with 13/16 of the character specific trophies completed and 44/50 wins done. The 3 character challenge trophies left are going to be a pain though (Boxtop, Ratu, and Twinkle Riot left to do). I've probably spent 8ish hours alone already trying to get Boxtop's trophy. I'll continue playing a few matches everyday and eventually I should get this. Up next: - Continue through Planet Coaster. I should be able to wrap this up this week. - Continue Destruction Allstars. I'm close, but the few remaining trophies may take a while. - Phogs here and there with my daughter. - I might start a Lego game with my wife, maybe one of the Marvel ones. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  7. I meant to quote and hide my first update just above, then have my 2nd update visible. Somehow I've hidden everything and can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry about that, I'm a forum n00b!
  8. I'll definitely check those out after I've played through with each character and scratched the nostalgia itch. Thanks so much for pointing those out to me!
  9. Update 1 (posting updates mainly for my benefit, maybe someone else will find them interesting) Jan 12 Start games started: 95 Start games completed: 57 Current games started: 95 Current games completed: 59 (+2) Platinum Trophies at start ---> current (47 ---> 48) (+1) Start completion percentage: 67.07% Current completion percentage: 68.34% (+1.27%) Goal: 75% Games this week: Resident Evil HD Making slow progress through this. I've picked this as my 50th platinum since the original is one of my best memories of gaming of all time. I played the original on PSOne when it first released back when I was a kid. I remember staying up late with my friends arguing about who had to take the controller because we were all too scared to play. We eventually beat it and I became a hero when I played through the whole game on whatever the hardest difficulty was back then without saving once. Because of this I figured I'd have no problem starting on hard this time around. I'm currently ammo-less and health item-less and may have to start over being more careful. 😂 The Pathless Played all the way through and platinumed this one this week. It was a lot of fun. I loved the gameplay, the art and the music. I liked how they told the story. The game was just the right length and an easy platinum experience. It was a nice change of pace after really having to dedicate my attention for the plat on Sackboy: A Big Adventure (the speed run trophy "Stringing it Together" was tough for me) Sky Force Anniversay After years of chipping away at this off and on with my son we finally got 100 medals and got all the cards to drop to reach the 100%. It's a fun little game and it was satisfying to finally finish it. Maybe we will dive into Sky Force Reloaded later this year.... Up next this week: - Continue through Resident Evil HD - Chip away at the new time trials added to Tools Up - Maybe start Spirit of the North, I'm not sure yet Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  10. Isn't too late for me to join? Current - 67.07 Goal - 75% Thanks!
  11. So I crashed a third time in the same way with the storage having to be rebuilt. (I know previously said I'd wait for a patch,but I got impatient =P) I noticed that every crash for me has been right about at an hour after starting playing. This just happens to be when my console is set to go into rest mode with no activity. I changed the settings on the console to not go into rest mode at all after any amount of no activity. Three hours later and I haven't had any more crashes. Maybe its a coincidence, but after changing that setting I'm having my first crash free time with this game. If it crashes again I'll post here and debunk my own theory, but so far so good. On a side note I'm loving the game. I missed it the first time around and I'm glad I'm getting the chance to play it.
  12. Same issue here - last night it happened twice within a 2 hour play session. Game freezes, console shuts down and won't turn back on for several minutes. When it comes back on the storage is corrupted and has to be repaired. One time it successfully repaired. The other time it said it couldn't repair the data and had use backup data off of the cloud. Everything is up to date, no external hard drive, not using rest mode at all. I've completed Astros playroom, bugsnax and Maneater, and spent several hours with dirt 5, godfall, demons souls, sackboy and planet coaster. Spiderman remastered is the only game that has given me any issues. Guess I'm waiting to play anymore for a fix in fear of bricking my console.