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  1. Thanks! I know we were planning on trying to get the Uncharted 4 Survival Mode trophies together with gladiatorrrrr, but after 20ish hours of leveling up and practicing I realized that to do crushing together, each of us would have to put in at least 100 hours practicing to get good enough and to get the right skills/weapons unlocked. I figured that was not a very likely scenario, and when I stumbled across some inhumanly good people who were willing to help me.... I jumped at the chance. I also found a person also looking to finish off Resogun so over the course of 6-7 hours and 3-4 different boosting sessions we got that knocked out too. If you pick up Resogun again, I'd be more than willing to help you out, so hit me up if/when you get there!
  2. Update 15 New Games started: Month: 135-->138 (+3) Year: 120--->138 (+18) Plats Earned: Month: 98--->98 (+0) Year: 75--->98 (+23) 100%'s Earned: Month: (113--->118) (+5) Year: (87--->118) (+31) Completion Percentage: Month: 87.41% --> 86.79% (-0.62%%) Year: 78.83% --> 86.79% (+7.96%) Goal: 85% ---- (+1.79% beyond goal) New Stretch Goal: 90% --- (3.21% to go) Whoops! I let over a month go since I updated! Well, I've slid back this past month as I've started 2 new games and haven't gotten terribly far into either of them. I'm still above my initial goal so I guess I'm playing with house money at this point. I'm still going to try and get up to 90% by the end of the year though. Most of this past month has been dedicated to cleaning up DLC's. On to the games! Games I played this month: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4) 0% --> 100% (non plat game) A wonderful little indie. I played this ages ago on PC, and since it was on sale decided to play through it again. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning. Bugsnax DLC 1 The Isle of Bigsnax (PS4) 97ish?% --> 100% Previously had the plat on this, just went back to clean up the DLC. The actual main part of the DLC (the new island) was actually pretty good, and I enjoyed it probably more than the rest of the main game itself. Two of the new trophies for the DLC (hat collecting and furnishing your home fully) were pretty tedious though. All in all, it was only an extra 2-3 hours, so pretty painless. Outer Wilds DLC 1 & 2 Echoes of the Eye (PS4) 82% --> 100% Another one I'd already got the plat, but went back for the DLC. The DLC was just as engrossing as the main game was, and parts of it even have a really spooky vibe to it. Really great stuff and I loved every minute of it. Wasn't too hard, although there is a new trophy ("Tubular!") which is on par as far as difficulty as the "Hotshot" trophy from the base game. I probably spent 3 or so hours just attempting that trophy alone until I finally got it. Nobody Saves the World DLC 1 Frozen Hearth (PS5) 85% --> 100% I really loved this game and was super excited to see that they'd released DLC for it, and it was only $5! Played through this right away and loved it. It is basically a bunch of challenges to make you get creative and use all the many skills you've amassed in the base game to complete some very clever mini-levels. I enjoyed it so much I even typed up my very first (quasi)-guide and posted it on the forums! Resogun DLC 3 Challengers (PS4) 97% --> 100% I finally finally finally got this game finished out. Met up with a helpful person on the forums and helped each other level up to 50 which was the last thing to do. I've had that trophy out needing to be done for over a year now, and I'm super glad to finally have it completed. I never in a million years would've though I'd be able to get the 100% in this game and it's super satisfying to have done it. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End DLC 1 Survival (PS4) 96% --> 100% Well, after many many hours of practicing the Survival mode and leveling up all the way. I found myself thoroughly stuck on Survival Mode. I got to the penultimate level on Hard, but just couldn't get past it. I couldn't unlock Crushing Mode, much less beat it. Much less get 3 stars on everything. So I did what every other self respecting trophy hunter does.... I found some very kind and extraordinarily skilled people to carry me. In any case. I'm very glad to have this game finished at 100% Godfall DLC 1 & 3 Fire & Darkness and Challenger (PS5) 62% --> 77% I've started into Godfall's DLC. DLC 1 (Fire & Darkness) is a story based one and didn't pose a challenge at all. I still had my endgame build from when I played the originally and I basically face rolled through the DLC's story. I've dipped my toe into DLC 3 and haven't touched DLC 2 yet. So far I'm really enjoying myself. For whatever reason I really like the endgame loot and build grind of Godfall and don't really get all of the hate this game has gotten. It's one of the very few games I've put significant time into even after I popped the plat. There's really a lot of theory crafting and interesting builds to play around with. I look forward to continuing this. It Takes Two (PS4) 0% --> 14% One of the two new games I started this past month. I am playing this with my wife here and there as we get a chance. It will probably take several months, since we don't a lot of chances to play together, but we are enjoying it a lot. I'm seeing why it got so much hype. Kingdom Hearts II (PS4) 0% --> 2% Here is the other reason my % tanked this last month. I'm coming up on plat #100 and want this to be it. It's one of my favorite games from my younger years. My kids like to watch me play and don't want to miss anything, so it will take a bit longer than it normally would have. This is partly why I've mainly been playing things that won't net me plat trophies (DLC's) so I can get this to land on 100. Up Next: - Continue Kingdom Hearts II - Continue It Takes Two as I can - Make my way through the rest of the Godfall DLC's Congrats on the progress everyone and happy trophy hunting!
  3. Hah! That's awesome! I think the genius of this game is how many different builds are totally viable. I'm so glad it helped! I really enjoyed putting it together.
  4. Gold Medal Challenges Guide Frozen Hearth DLC ` Welcome to the Gold Medal Challenges Guide for Frozen Hearth - the excellent DLC for the excellent game Nobody Saves the World. The DLC is essentially a series of challenges that will test your ability to be creative and utilize all of the abilities and forms you've accumulated in the main game. The DLC isn't too hard - it took me 5-6 hours to get through the first time by myself. If you use a guide, you can probably finish the whole thing in around an hour. I found it very enjoyable and really liked trying to come up with ways to combine abilities in order to complete the challenges. So to get full enjoyment out of this DLC I would recommend trying to solve everything for yourself, and if you get truly stumped, return here and look up what you need. This guide will end up netting you the following trophies: As I went through the DLC gold medal challenges for myself I noticed that there weren't any guides that I could find. After struggling with one particular challenge (Dance Dance Defender) and getting some help with some fine folks on these forums, I decided to make some guide videos. I've never done anything like this before (make a guide/guide video) so apologies in advance for any deficiencies! I did have fun making them though, and decided to post them here so as to have them all in one place for anyone looking for help. Some of them are pretty easy and probably don't need guides, but since I was enjoying myself, and for completeness sake, I made one for all 12 challenges. I know I didn't play completely optimally on some of these and made some mistakes, but I decided to leave them in just to show people that you don't have to play perfectly to complete the challenges. I'm sure there are multiple ways (and probably more efficient ways) to do all of these, but here is how I managed them, in the order they appear in the game: (Note: This guide assumes that you have leveled up all of the used abilities to 4 (there are a few here or there that can be 3, but most should be 4, especially Quick Cooldown) (Note 2: I do not cover the bronze and silver medals. Most of those will be earned by virtue of obtaining the gold, but there are a few with slightly different requirements, (for example Power Defense) Those do not fall into the scope of what I've done, though they shouldn't present much of a challenge for you.) What follows will be a text description of my solution to each challenge along with a video guide. Enjoy! Power Defense Break the Crystals Dark Arena Swift Striker Dark Speedrun Status Pileup Whackamelee! Hard Shelled Baddies Dance Dance Defender Barrel Breaker Ward Swap Boss Way of the Passive Fist I hope some of you find these useful! If you have found an alternate method or way that worked better for you, please feel free to share your method here! Finally, a big thanks to the developers for making such a fantastic game. I enjoyed every minute of my time with this one!
  5. I got it! Thanks for the tips! @Stockton572 - Your suggestion to use the D-pad instead of the stick helped a ton. @Baker - Using Hive Swarm (I assume that's what you meant by light trap) was a huge help. @MACHONACHO44556 - The Rattler Turret was the final piece of the puzzle! For anyone else struggling with it here was my set-up and explanation of why: Active Abilities: Boo (dark ward) - I preferred this for the AOE making it easier to hit enemies when things get more frantic. Hive Swarm (light ward) - Also useful for the AOE. You can leave it and not have to stay on the light side allowing you to concentrate on other areas. Rattler Turret (blunt ward) - Keep spamming these at every down moment so you don't have to go to the bottom ever. They will occasionally get distracted and miss an enemy or two, but it's not too often. Arrow Flurry (sharp ward) - Really the only option here I could find. Passive Abilities: Fleet Footed - Getting around just a little bit quicker helps a ton. Quick Cooldown - This is the most important as it allows Boo and Hive Swarm to never be on cooldown. Blood Pact - Keeps your Rattler Turrets up longer so you never accidentally end up with none. I uploaded my successful attempt in case a visual might help someone else:
  6. Does anyone have any tips for the gold medal on the Dance Dance Defender challenge? It's the last one I need. I'm using Boo, water spray, pump up, and arrow flurry, but I just can't seem to switch fast enough when they start to come really close together at the bottom and right, then the bottom and left. Anyone use a different setup that worked well for them or do I need to just practice?
  7. Update 14 (Mid-August Update) New Games started: Month: 135-->135 (+0) Year: 120--->135 (+15) Plats Earned: Month: 97--->98 (+1) Year: 75--->98 (+23) 100%'s Earned: Month: (113--->113) (+0) Year: (87--->113) (+26) Completion Percentage: Month: 86.71% --> 87.41% (+0.70%) Year: 78.83% --> 87.41% (+8.58%) Goal: 85% ---- (+2.41% beyond goal) New Stretch Goal: 90% --- (2.59% to go) I'm managing to get in a mid-month update instead of just monthly! I've almost raised my completion by a full percent the last two weeks. Amazing how much quicker it goes when I limit myself to only previously started games to clean up! So far this month I've only played one game: Games I played this month: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) 15% --> 91% #98 Achieved! Another old game pulled off of the dusty backlog. I went back and finally platinumed this game after 5 years, 4 months. The plat for this one isn't really that bad. The speedrun trophy was probably the most difficult, but wasn't actually that bad. The 6 hour time limit is pretty forgiving and it wasn't nearly as tough as the speedrun trophies on Uncharted 2 & 3. (both of which I had to attempt 3ish times each if I remember correctly.) Now I'm on to the really tough trophies... the DLC trophies for the Survival Mode. It's actually a pretty fun mode so far - I'm just playing through the 10 stages solo atm on the easier settings getting my bearings. But the Crushing play throughs... and the 3-star requirements on Crushing..... This is going to be rough I can tell. I've got to first of all unlock Crushing difficulty by beating the stages on hard, but I am quite a ways away from even being able to attempt to do that. I'm going to have to level up A LOT. This does feel like it would be quite a bit of fun in co-op (obviously - the mode was intended for co-op) If @CptToffer and @gladiatorrrrrrr are still interested in trying these together, from what I can tell we will all need to level up quite a bit before we have a shot at the "Crushing" and "....It" trophies. Up Next: - Continue grinding in Uncharted 4 survival mode to level up myself and my weopons, etc. - I may take a break from grinding here and there to finally do the Bugsnax DLC I've been meaning to do. - I also may squeeze in a short Indie game, just to not get burnt out on Survival mode. I might knock out Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons or something else similar in length/complexity. - I also need to decide on what plat I want next since plat #100 is coming up and I'm planning on it being Kingdom Hearts II since that is one of my favorite games. Congrats on the progress everyone and happy trophy hunting!
  8. Well, that settles it for me then, I'm gonna go to Uncharted 4 next then, and if the timing works out it would be great to do the MP stuff with you guys. I'll try to add you guys on PSN if that's cool with you. Thanks!
  9. Update 13 (July Update) Games started: Month: 134-->135 (+1) Year: 120--->135 (+15) Plats Earned: Month: 95--->97 (+2) Year: 75--->97 (+22) 100%'s Earned: Month: (107--->113) (+3) Year: (87--->113) (+26) Completion Percentage: Month: 86.12% --> 86.71% (+0.59%) Year: 78.83% --> 86.71% (+7.88%) Goal: 85% ---- (+1.71% beyond goal) New Stretch Goal: 90% --- (3.29% to go) I had a great month! I managed to get some trophies that I'm really proud of and finished off a couple of really old backlog games. Games I played this month: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) 59% --> 100% Plat #96 Achieved! I finally finished this after... 10 years, 5 months!! I think that this was the oldest possible game on my profile, so it was really nice to get this one finished finally. It wasn't too hard, just took some time commitment and a willingness to be organized outside of the game with a spread sheet to keep track of everything for the Treasure Hunter Trophy. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I can see why a lot of people don't like this as a Final Fantasy game, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I like the stagger and paradigm battle system as a nice change of pace. That Treasure Hunter trophy was a serious headache though. Titanfall 2 (PS4) 0% --> 100% Plat #97 Achieved! A friend from work and I each challenged each other to complete a game that we ourselves had already done. I gave my friend Resident Evil, and he gave me Titanfall 2. What a great game this is! The campaign is fantastic and I can see why everyone is asking for Titanfall 3. I was really unsure if I'd be able to complete this one since I am terrible at FPS on console (I usually play any FPS with a mouse and keyboard) but I did manage to pull it off in the end. It took a lot of practice for the ...Becomes a Master trophy, but it finally happened. I went from realizing that I wasn't good enough and that I'd probably have to forget about the plat, to a few hours later after seeing slow steady progress finally getting that one magical run. I was so excited to finally have it done that I forgot to save the gameplay of the run. So I went back the next day to see if I could replicate the feat.... and after 3-4 hours I still couldn't do it again. It really was a one in a blue moon occurrence. Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) 33% --> 100% (non-plat game) With my new found confidence of pulling off something I didn't think I was capable of I moved over to this game. The game requires you to 5-star every track in the game (40 of them) and I had tried previously and had low-key given up due to the difficulty and the requirement on many tracks to both utterly perfect the track AND get lucky. Well, after much perseverance (many tracks took many many hundreds of attempts to pull off) and going through the same cycle of "this is entirely impossible, I'm giving up" to "I'm so close, it'll happen any run now!" on most every track I finally managed it. It's probably the single most difficult trophy I've ever earned and I'm super proud of myself. *self back pat*. This was another really old game cleaned off of my backlog at 9 years, 5 months. So yeah, super pumped about this month's trophy accomplishments. Up Next: - I'm thinking I'll do something quick and not so difficult and go back and do the DLC for Bugsnax. - I'm debating on doing another old backlog game since I'm on a roll. I'm thinking maybe either Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us Remastered. Any recommendations from anyone on one of those (or any other game on my backlog) that they think isn't too bad? Congrats on the progress everyone and happy trophy hunting!
  10. Update 12 (June Update) Games started: Month: 133-->134 (+1) Year: 120--->134 (+14) Plats Earned: Month: 93--->95) (+2) Year: (75--->95) (+20) 100%'s Earned: Month: (107--->110) (+3) Year: (87--->110) (+23) Completion Percentage: Month: 84.95% --> 86.12% (+1.17%) Year: 78.83% --> 86.12% (+7.29%) Goal: 85% ---- (+1.29% beyond goal) New Stretch Goal: 90% --- (3.88% to go) Monthly update time! I meant to do these more frequently, but here we are. I'm well beyond my goal for the year, so now I'll add a stretch goal to reach the elusive 90% - never thought I'd get this far! I've been able to play a bit more than usual this month - getting back surgery and being in bed for a while will do that for you! Anyways, On to the games! Games I played this month: Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (PSVR) 0% --> 100% (non plat game) I played this a few days before I went in for surgery as I knew it would be a while until I was physically able to play VR again. I adore the original Psychonauts game and have been wanting to get to this for a long time so that I can play Psychonauts 2. Loved the game and it was a short sweet experience. Psychonauts has a special place in my heart - I got to spend a day at Double Fine when it was in development, if anyone cares I can go story time on you guys about that. Nobody Saves the World (PS5) 0% --> 100% plat #94 Absolutely loved this game. It's by the same team that made Guacamelee and is so so well made. It's a top down dungeon crawler with a great class system (you can be everything from a ranger to a rat to a zombie to an egg to a bodybuilder to a horse and many many others that you can switch between on the fly. The gameplay is great, the combat system is amazing as you can mix and match skills from different classes and come up with some really cool synergies. I loved every second with this game and really recommend it to anyone. If you're looking for a shorter (20ish hours for platinum) game that is a joy to play pick this game up. I would also recommend SkillUp's review on youtube for a better understanding of what this game is about as that was where I found out about this game. Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) 18% --> 100% plate #95 Eh, it was alright. It wasn't bad, but didn't really engage me. It's a step above the first one, but I was honestly quite ready for it to be over several hours and levels before I finished it. I'm not sure what it was that didn't really gel all that much with me. I honestly had more fun with the first one although I can objectively say this is a better game. I think most people enjoyed it a lot more than me, so don't let me meh-ness dissuade you if you were thinking about playing this some time. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) 10% --> 59% This has taken the bulk of my time this month. I've beaten the game and put in my gil farming time which from what I understand is the majority of the grinding in the game. I've still got all 64 C'ieth missions to 5-star and quite a few items and weapons to find and craft. I have all the money I need to buy the materials, so the worst of that grind is already done. The rest I should get as I complete the c'ieth missions. I'm not sure how long those missions will take, but I'm estimating I should be able to finish it this week. Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) 33% --> 33% Didn't play at all this month. I'm not shelving it, I just never got around to it. I'll pick at it this upcoming month. Up Next: - (hopefully) complete FF XIII's post-game. - Pick away slowly and Urban Trial Freestyle. - I'll probably start Titanfall 2 after I finish off FF XIII - I'm also thinking about going back and doing the DLC for Bugsnax. Can anyone who's done that already give me an idea of how long or involved that is? Thanks in advance! Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  11. Update 11 Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->133) (+13 from start of year, +3 from last month) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->107) (+20 from start of year, +2 from last month) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->93) (+18 from start of year, +3 from last month) Completion percentage (last month---> current) 83.91% --> 84.95% (+0.04% from last month) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 84.95% (+6.12% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (0.05% to reach goal) Been a long time between posts again. I always mean to do the most after the weekend is over, then get busy and don't. I have a few minutes here on Saturday, so I just decided to post now instead of not at all. I actually made good progress and was 0.5% above my goal, but started a new game, and now I'm back below 85%. I've done mostly PS3 gaming this month with a few small PS4 titles thrown in as I try to clean up old stuff I always meant to do. I have to say, it has been really satisfying this year as I finish off stuff from a long time ago. It kind of feels like cleaning up some mess I'd left dirty for a long time and finally getting it all clean. (Though that's not the perfect example because I'm having fun doing it too). Games I played this month: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3) 60% --> 100% Plat achieved! all DLC completed! Finally finished this one off. This is not my reigning longest time to completion on my profile with 10 years, 1 month(!!) of time elapsed between first trophy earned to final completion. The platinum wasn't too back and the DLC was pretty painless too. It's a good game that got overlooked back in the day and I enjoyed it a lot. It did take a while to get used to really low framerates again since we are spoiled with how much better games have gotten (technically speaking). I was lucky enough to have bought the DLC back when the game first came out (10+ years ago) so I wasn't locked out of the 100%. Yoku's Island Express (PS4) 0% --> 100% I've been feeling like doing a metroidvania style game for a while so I decided to go through this one. It's pretty well done and the plat isn't hard. There are just a few annoying collectibles to get. The gameplay is totally unique though. It's a metroidvania mashed up with pinball gameplay. It sounds weird and like it totally wouldn't work, but it really really does. It's really fun and totally worth doing just for the change of pace it offers. Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) 33% --> 33% No trophy progress here, but I did make some progress on 5-starring some levels. This one can get pretty difficult and is going to be quite the grind. Untitled Goose Game (PS4) 0% --> 100% I've meant to get around to this one for a while and finally did. It's really quick and not hard. The speed run trophies are the most difficult but not really hard. They only to 2-3 attempts each. It's really silly and fun to just mess around being a jerk to everyone in town as the goose. If you want to do a chill fun game between some bigger projects, I totally recommend this one. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) 1% --> 10% This is the first game I ever played when I first bought my PS3 over 10 years ago. I got one trophy, then never played it again. I've finally come back to it to complete it. I'm like 20 hours in (a lot of that is probably afk time though) and actually enjoying it. I get why everyone calls it "corridor simulator" because the level design thus far is very linear. It's supposed to open up eventually from what I hear. I like the combat and the leveling system so far too. When I finish it, it will take the win for longest time for completion on my profile and probably won't every be beaten. Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) 0% --> 18% I just started this game a couple days ago to play with my kids at bedtime. Starting this game is what pushed my completion down below 85%. It's fun though and shouldn't take too long. Up Next: - Continue my way through FF XIII's story. - Pick away slowly and Urban Trial Freestyle. - Keep going through Sly 2. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  12. Yea, I had purchased it back when I originally started it in ~2013 I think. I played through a little bit of it back then but never finished it for whatever reason.
  13. Update 10 (week 14) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->130) (+10 from start of year, +1 from last month) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->105) (+18 from start of year, +4 from last month) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->90) (+15 from start of year, +4 from last month) Completion percentage (last month---> current) 83.09% --> 84.91% (+1.82% from last month) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 84.91% (+6.08% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (0.09% to reach goal) I was doing so good posting every week, but suddenly missed posting for the last month. Things got a little crazy for me with some health issues but I'm back to it for the most part now. I did get some gaming done over the last month though! Super close to getting to my goal already! Games I played this month: LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS4) 28% --> 100% Platinum #87 achieved! + all DLC completed! I actually ended up liking this one a lot more than LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The post game grind didn't feel quite so soul crushing as the previous one I completed. (although it WAS quite a grind, just not as bad by comparison.) I think I'll be taking a good long break from LEGO games after this though. I've been looking forward to the new Star Wars Skywalker Saga Lego game, but I'm gonna hold off on it for a while so I can appreciate it more by not playing it while I'm very Lego'd out. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS4) 10ish% --> 100% Platinum #88 achieved! Finally got back to Kena this month and boy did I really enjoy myself. Great game, fabulous animation and art, good puzzle design, beautiful environments, challenging combat. I got through my first playthrough, nabbed all the collectibles and knocked out all of the combat trophies. Then I tackled the Master Spirit Guide difficulty and man, was that a good challenge! I honestly struggled with some of the bosses on Master difficulty more so than a lot of the bosses in Demon's Souls. The parry window is so small, and took me quite a bit of practice to get it right. I was able to get away on the lower difficulties without really needing to utilize parry, but it was very important for Master. It felt tuned correctly though. It was a good challenge without feeling like BS. I could feel myself getting better with each boss attempt and it was very satisfying to complete! Totally recommend this game to everyone. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3) 30ish% --> 60% I played this through on normal probably 8 years ago or so and really enjoyed it but never went for the trophies back then. I decided it was time to dust this disc off and finally finish it. It's a good narrative action game with fun combat and platforming. It was a breath of fresh air back in the day since it's color palate was very bright at a time when everything else seemed to use only brown, gray, and more brown. The performance feels very dated though. I've gotten used to 60 fps, and a lot of this runs at 20 fps or below with tons and tons of screen tearing. After a few hours I'm able to not notice it too much. I'm currently doing a playthrough on hard while finding all of the collectibles. I've done all of the combat trophies. After I finish the hard playthrough I'll clean up a few level specific trophies for doing some things within a time constraint and the plat should be mine soon! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4) 91% --> 100% Platinum #89 & #90 achieved! I finally bit the bullet and used the sessions to find some kind people to get the squad goals trophy. I was motivated by the fact that they released a new launcher with a separate trophy stack and will be retiring the original in 4 weeks or so. Not wanting to forever be locked out of the original trophy list being completed, I quit putting it off. That was all that was left and I got the platinum. I had given up on ever getting this one completed and am really glad I was actually able to do it! Then I launched the game from the new launcher and everything auto-popped. So I ended up with 2 plats for the price of 1 =P Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3) 15ish% --> 33% Another old unfinished PS3 game I decided to dust off this month. It's got a very low completion percentage (non-plat game) so I don't know if I'll get it done all the way, but we'll see how close I can get! Up Next: - Continue hard difficulty playthrough on Enslaved and get all the collectibles. Hopefully I can finish it up this week and also work my way through the DLC - Pick away slowly and Urban Trial Freestyle. There's a ton of tracks and I need to get 5 stars for time and stunt points. There are also hidden collectibles on every track, so this one might take a while. - That should keep me busy for the next week. Off on the horizon I'm thinking about dusting off Dragon's Dogma (PS3), another uncompleted game on my profile. There are some trophies having to do with some online things and I want to get that done before I wake up one day and it's too late! Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  14. **PSA** To those of you who (like me) have Fall Guys sitting on their profile unfinished: There is a new event for the next 5 days that makes it REALLY easy to rack up a bunch of wins and get Infallible! My son earned it earlier today without even realizing it. He was just playing it and was surprised to see the trophy pop up! So if you want to finally clean it off of your backlog, now's the time! On another note, now my only trophy needed to get the platinum for Fall Guys is Squad Goals (win a show while in a party of 3 or more). This event makes this pretty quick too. If anyone else needs it and wants to knock that trophy out this weekend, send me a message or something and we'll get it done.
  15. Update 9 (week 9) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->129) (+9 from start of year, +1 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->101) (+14 from start of year, +2 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->86) (+11 from start of year, +2 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 82.54% --> 83.09% (+0.55% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 83.09% (+4.26% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (1.91% to reach goal) Games I played this week: Call of the Sea (PS5) 69% --> 100% Platinum #85 achieved! I had finished the main story on the blind playthrough last week, and it took all of 2ish hours to wrap up collectibles with chapter select this week. It is a good game that I enjoyed. I'd recommend it if you like adventure/mystery games - especially if you like point and click adventure style games. It is short though, so I'd say wait for a sale. Aer: Memories of Old (PS4) 0% --> 100% Platinum #86 achieved! I enjoyed this quite a bit. This was the third of 3 indies that I downloaded last week when I felt like going through some shorter experiences that I'd wanted to get to for a while. (the other two were Thomas was Alone and Call of the Sea which I did last week). This is a minimalist open world adventure with no combat put really enjoyable flying mechanics and some light puzzles. The music is so relaxing and it was just the type of game I was needing. It's short - about 4-5 hours to 100% if you take your time like I did. Look for it on sale (i'm pretty sure it still is) if you want a short relaxing experience. The only downside to this one was the ending. The world building and mystery building was great and I was really invested. Then the story just sort of stops. It feels incomplete. I'm fine with a story that is open ended and gives room for interpretation... but this one just sort of felt like someone pushed stop during the final act of a movie. That being said, it didn't ruin the fun I had with it before the ending as this game was more about the experience and ambience than anything else. LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS4) 12% --> 28% I did just finish LEGO Marvel Super Heroes a few weeks ago and was really burned out of the LEGO games. I didn't think I'd try to clean this off of my backlog so soon. I was planning on doing Kena instead, but it's been so long since I've played I just didn't have the energy in me to re-learn what I was doing and how the game works. So I killed time here instead and made some progress. Hopefully the grind isn't as bad as Super Heroes was. Up Next: - Make more progress in LEGO Avengers - Mayyyybe Kena - No progress last week: Kena. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  16. Update 8 (week 8) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->128) (+8 from start of year, +2 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->99) (+12 from start of year, +3 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->84) (+9 from start of year, +2 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 82.09% --> 82.54% (+0.45% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 82.54% (+3.71% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (2.54% to reach goal) Another productive week! I made some good progress (I had a couple that I'd been working on for a while close to done and finished both this week) and even checked off one of my start of year goals: break past the 100,000 world rank mark. Since it's only 2 months into the year, I guess I should've set my sights a little higher. I just figured that the higher up in rank you go, the harder it is to gain any more ground, but obviously WAY overestimated the difficulty. Games I played this week: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) 65% --> 100% Platinum #83 achieved! Boy was I ready to be done with this game. There were so many collectibles and it felt like it took forever. I generally enjoy the lego games, but this one felt like it outstayed its welcome. Moss (PSVR) 75% --> 100% Platinum #84 achieved! The final trophy was the no death run. It wasn't bad at all. I failed on my first try about halfway through, then pulled it off on my next attempt. The game can be completed in around 1 hour if you know what you're doing so not too annoying to fail on an attempt. It's really a great game, if you have a VR, play it! Now I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel! Thomas Was Alone (PS4) 0% --> 100% (Non-platinum game) After the slog that was LEGO Marvel Super Heroes I wanted to do some shorter games. This was the first one I downloaded. This is one of my favorite games. Its writing is just so so good and the music is superb. I played this when it first came out ages ago on PC and decided it was time to play through it again. It's a 1-2 hour experience that everyone should try. It's on sale right now for a few dollars so if you have a few to spare, I highly highly recommend giving this a playthrough. Call of the Sea (PS5) 0% --> 69% This is the second shorter game I downloaded. It's a first person point and click style adventure/mystery. I've played through the story (which wasn't the most amazing ever, but still worth experiencing) The voice acting is really good and the puzzle design was fantastic. It rides the line of hard enough to make me feel smart to figure some puzzles out but not so hard or non-sensical as to make me resort to a guide. If I reviewed my clues and thought for a minute I could always think of something to try. Each chapter in the game has kind of a bigger puzzle, with some smaller puzzles who's solutions make up the parts to solve the bigger meta-puzzle for the chapter. Each chapter's puzzles ramp up at a perfect rate in difficulty. I really enjoyed it. I now just have probably 2ish hours to clean up collectibles and misc. trophies via chapter select. Up Next: - Finish the collectible trophies for Call of the Sea - Probably play 1 more short indie game before I dive into something bigger. - Is this the week I finally circle back to Kena?? - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers, Kena. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  17. Update 7 (week 7) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->126) (+6 from start of year, +0 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->96) (+9 from start of year, +0 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->82) (+7 from start of year, +0 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 81.30% --> 82.09% (+0.79% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 82.09% (+3.26% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (2.91% to reach goal) Made some great progress this week. No platinums or 100%'s completed, but I made up quite a bit of ground completion %-wise! Games I played this week: Moss (PSVR) 8% --> 75% I finished my first playthrough and completed the DLC. The DLC is kind of unique in that it is integrated into the main story so that it is now part of the main story playthrough. I'm really liking this one. Great game, fun gameplay, good puzzles, great sound/music. A must play for anyone with VR IMO. I have some collectibles to clean up and a no-death run to complete. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) 50% --> 65% I actually played this game a ton though the percentage increase doesn't show it. There are an absolute ton of collectibles and mostly all of the trophies left have to do with getting all of them. I've completed a couple of other LEGO games before and don't remember the collectibles being so soul crushing. This is turning into quite the slog. Up Next: - I should be able to get Moss completed this coming week. The collectibles shouldn't be too bad as I managed to find most of them naturally through my first playthrough. The no death run may take a little practice, but I read if you know what you're doing a playthrough can be done in 1-2 hours, so shouldn't be too bad. - Hopefully I can finish off LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Just need to keep my head down and finish off all of those bajillion collectibles. - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers, Kena. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  18. I did it in sandbox mode. I started a park with only one straight path and all the ride's queues directly off of it. I built the start of one of the coasters that has the jet propelled start, but only the starting area, and oriented it such that it points directly down the straight main concourse pathway. After I had 1000ish guests in the park I deleted the path that leaves the park so no one could get out. Then I closed all of the rides in the park so that everyone was crammed into the one single pathway. After that I turned my incomplete rocket coaster to test mode and watched the bodies fly! I loved this game, glad to see more people get to appreciate it!
  19. Update 6 (week 6) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->126) (+6 from start of year, +1 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->96) (+9 from start of year, +1 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->82) (+7 from start of year, +1 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 81.77% --> 81.30% (-0.47% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 81.30% (+2.47% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (3.70% to reach goal) Had a bit of slide backwards from last week since I started a new game, although I did finish one off and make a little progress on another. Games I played this week: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (PS4) 83% --> 100% Platinum #82 achieved, DLC finished Got the speed run trophy done and actually finished off the DLC trophies added to the remastered versions done before I got the platinum. The last trophy was the defeat 75 enemies without dying myself. With that I've finally cleared the Nathan Drake Collection trilogy off of my backlog. It's nice to have that completed. I think I'll take a break from Uncharted before I go back in to clean up Uncharted 4. Moss (PSVR) 0% --> 8% This was the one new game I started that netted me a negative for the week. I've only put 30ish minutes into it so far but I think I'm really going to like it. I'm trying to have one game going on VR at a time and this one is the next one up. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) 39% --> 50% Now that I've beaten the main game with my son I've started chipping away at the collectibles on this one. So. Many. Collectibles. Up Next: - I was planning on giving my main focus to Kena after I finished off Uncharted 3, but ended up doing Lego Marvel Super Heroes instead. Feels like that's my new main focus now. I just needed something that required a little less focus after burning through some difficult trophies in Uncharted 2 & 3. Kena should be next up after this little detour. - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers, Kena. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  20. Update 5 (week 5) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->125) (+5 from start of year, +0 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->95) (+8 from start of year, +1 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->81) (+6 from start of year, +1 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 80.91% --> 81.77% (+0.86% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 81.77% (+2.94% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (3.23% to reach goal) Had a lot of progress this week even though gaming time was pretty sparse this week. I was pretty beat after work so didn't play at all during the week, but did get some time in Friday night and Saturday with a little bit squeezed in on Sunday (today). Played Uncharted on Friday night until I got too frustrated with the BS that is brutal difficulty then went and finished off Ghost Giant VR in the wee hours of the morning. Got back to Uncharted on Saturday and finished the brutal difficulty run with small gaming sessions here and there throughout the day between playing with the kids. I did finally hit the (not official PSNP) milestone of 1.00 trophies per day. Woo hoo! Games I played this week: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (PS4) 65% --> 83% Finished my Brutal playthrough and cleaned up all of the misc. combat trophies. All's that's left is the speed run and related trophies. Ghost Giant VR (PSVR) 19% --> 100% Platinum #81 achieved I really liked this one. It was basically a VR point and click adventure. It was short and sweet just as I thought. The plat was pretty painless. Did a blind playthrough then cleaned up with chapter select. Took a total of 4ish hours. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) 35% --> 39% Actually played a few hours with my son this weekend and picked up a couple of bronze trophies. Up Next: - Complete the speedrun and related trophies for Uncharted 3. This one should be finished this week some time. - I'm not sure what game I'll give my main attention to after I finish Uncharted 3. I think I'm pretty Uncharted-out for now so I probably won't go right into cleaning up Uncharted 4 from off my backlog. Maybe I'll just do the multiplayer trophies just to get them done if they don't look too bad. I might re-focus on Kena. I'm not sure. - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers, Kena. Hope things improve for you guys that have been sick or been dealing with crappy IRL stuff. Happy trophy hunting everyone!
  21. Update 4 (week 4) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->125) (+5 from start of year, +1 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->94) (+7 from start of year, +0 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->80) (+5 from start of year, +0 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 81.07% --> 80.91% (-0.16% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 80.91% (+2.08% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (4.09% to reach goal) Games I played this week: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (PS4) 30ish% --> 65% Did my first playthrough on hard and found all of the collectibles. Then I turned right around and did my second playthrough on crushing and tried to clean up some combat related trophies as I went. I'm going to start into my brutal playthrough tonight I think. Ghost Giant VR (PSVR) 0% --> 19% Decided to go through another shortish VR title and this one seems to have good reviews. Starting this gave me a negative % for the week, but I should have it done in the next few days. I've only played a couple hours. I think I'm about 75% through the story, then I'll clean up some trophies via chapter select. Up Next: - Starting through the brutal playthrough on Uncharted 3 tonight. After that I'll do the speed run trophies and finally clean up any misc. combat trophies at the end that I didn't get naturally. I doubt I'll get all of that done in one week, but working on this will probably be 90% of my gaming time. - Finish Ghost Giant VR. I'm expecting it to be short and sweet. - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers & Marvel Super Heroes, Kena. I figure I'll just do one roundup at the end of each month for the monthly goal points thing, so here it goes: Monthly goals for points: 1. Complete a non-platinum game: The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets (PSVR) 2. Complete a story mode from a game that you have not played in a year or more: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered (PS4) 3. Complete a PS Plus game: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4) (I think this was the very first PS Plus game I ever claimed long ago and just now got around to it) 4. Snag 100 Trophies: 3431 --> 3609 +178 trophies this month 5. Finish a DLC for a game you have already completed: Maneater: Truth Quest DLC (PS5) 6. Complete a new game added to your profile that month: Job Simulator (PSVR) 7. Raise your score by a whole PCG point: 78.83% --> 80.91% (+2.08% for the month) Total 7 points for January Happy trophy hunting everyone! Have a good week! As always, thank you to everyone for posting your progress, it makes for good reading and inspiration to complete my own goals!
  22. I feel your pain! It took roughly 10 hours of farming for the pure bladestone before it finally dropped for me, and I read horror stories of some people spending up to twice that! (I was doing the original PS3 version which I've read has a worse drop rate than the PS5 remake, so hopefully you don't have as painful of an experience!) For the PS3 version, the drop rate is higher when the world is at pure black tendency, so maybe it's the same on PS5?
  23. Update 3 (week 3) Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->124) (+4 from start of year, +1 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->94) (+7 from start of year, +2 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->80) (+5 from start of year, +2 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 80.55% --> 81.07% (+0.52% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 81.07% (+2.24% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (3.93% to reach goal) Games I played this week: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered (PS4) 65% --> 100% Platinum #79 achieved Finally finished off this game (5 years, 3 weeks) I also have been getting over covid for this last week and used my down time to get through the brutal playthrough and finish off the speed run. It's nice to have finally gotten this one checked off of my list. Job Simulator (PSVR) 0% --> 100% Platinum #80 achieved Another short VR experience that was fun for the the few hours it lasted. My kids have been playing this a lot and had a great time coaching me through everything. I played it more because they wanted me to, but it was still a fun time. Up Next: - I'm going to turn around and go right into finishing off Uncharted 3. I'll probably start tonight with a playthrough on hard with a collectible guide then go from there. - No progress this week: LEGO Avengers & Marvel Super Heroes, Kena. Happy trophy hunting everyone! Have a good week!
  24. Update 2 (week 2) I made great progress this week, managing over 1% increase. This is an outlier though. I probably won't have another week like this all year. Most of my time was spent working on old backlog games that were holding my % down, and the few games I did start were short enough that I also finished them. Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->123) (+3 from start of year, +3 from last week) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->92) (+5 from start of year, +4 from last week) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->78) (+3 from start of year, +2 from last week) Completion percentage (last week ---> current) 79.46% --> 80.55% (+1.09% from last week) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 80.55% (+1.72% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (4.45% to reach goal) Games I played this week: Along Together (PSVR) 0% --> 100% Platinum #77 achieved Short (3.5 hours) platinum. A simple puzzle/platformer that I never would've played, BUT since it's in VR, I really enjoyed it as I haven't gotten over the novelty of how cool everything in VR is. Maneater DLC (PS5) 0% --> 100% (Platinum previously achieved, game now at 100%) I had platinumed the base game over a year ago, but finally got around to pushing this game back to 100% by completing the DLC. I really enjoyed it. Much like the base game, it's great dumb fun for awhile. The length is perfect. It's short enough that the admittedly shallow gameplay never gets old and is always fun from start to finish. LEGO Marvel's Avengers (PS4) 11% --> 12% Played one more level with my wife. We will finish it someday! Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PS4) 0% --> 100% Platinum #78 achieved I had played this on PC when it first came out and loved it. I've always wanted to go back and play it again and this game me an excuse. Spent a couple evenings and knocked out the plat. The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets (PSVR) 0% --> 100% (non-plat game) Even shorter (1 hour) VR game. Another little game I never would've looked twice at, but since it's VR, it was a super cool little experience. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) 20ish?% --> 35% Finished the main story mode with my son. Now that I've finished the story with him I can cleaning up the completion when he's not looking. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered (PS4) 24% --> 65% This one's been sitting on my backlog unfinished for a long time and I'm finally going to get it done. This week I did one playthrough on hard getting all the collectibles. Then I did a playthrough on crushing to unlock brutal mode. Now I'm going through my Brutal playthrough. Currently on chapter 17, so I'm passed the infamous train level. Up Next: - Continue my Brutal playthrough on Uncharted 2. I've got some of the parts behind me that I was dreading, but still have some tough parts yet to go. After that I'll do the speedrun trophies and then mop up whatever misc trophies I have left. - Pick away at the LEGO Marvel games as I can when I get to play with my kids. - Start a new game on VR. I'm thinking either Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin or Moss - I didn't touch Kena again this week, maybe next week. I've enjoyed reading about everyone's progress, good job everyone! Happy trophy hunting!
  25. Update 1 (week 1) First update of the year! I'll try to be here updating weekly, it seems to help me stay on target and I enjoy chronicling my progress. We'll see how consistent I can be. I mainly do this wall of text because I enjoy writing it, but maybe there will be a few who also enjoy it - I know I like to read everyone else's updates. Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to write up your progress! Games started (Jan 1 ---> current) (120--->120) (+0 from start of year) Games completed (Jan 1 ---> current) (87--->88) (+1 from start of year) Platinum Trophies (Jan 1 ---> current) (75--->76) (+1 from start of year) Completion percentage (Jan 1 ---> current) 78.83% --> 79.46% (+0.63% from start of year) Goal: 85% ---- (5.54% to reach goal) Games this week: Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR) 100% Platinum #76 achieved This is really all that I played this week. Got a PSVR for the family for Christmas and I've been just blown away at how cool it is. This game was an absolute joy to play and complete. Up Next: - Get back to Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I started this right before Christmas but have been sidetracked. Hopefully I'll get back into this soon. - Pick away at the LEGO Marvel games as I can when I get to play with my kids. - Maneater DLC - I bought the DLC and got one trophy from it for basically booting up the DLC. I haven't actually played it yet though. Hopefully I can get through that this week. - I'll probably also play a number of smaller VR games as it's new and exciting to me! Personal Goals for the year: I thought that since this is my first post for the year I'd put down some of my personal gaming goals for the year here to make myself accountable. Goal 1: Complete the following very old backlog games: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - last trophy: Feb 2012 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3) - last trophy: July 2013 Uncharted 2 Remastered (PS4) - last trophy: Jan 2017 Uncharted 3 Remastered (PS4) - last trophy: March 2017 I'm sure I'll do more, but these are the one's I'd really like to cross off the list. Goal 2: Finish off Resogun DLC's. I only have 2 trophies left. Get to level 40, then get to level 50. I'll need to find a boosting partner for this, so if anyone else here has Resogun on your backlog and wants to finish it off, send me a message and we'll get it done. Otherwise I'll just go brave the boosting session part of this site for the first time. Goal 3: Choose one of the following difficult ultra rare plat games from my backlog and complete it: Downwell Jamestown+ Titan Souls Hyper Void (non plat game) Urban Trial Freestyle (non plat game) In 2021 I chose Resogun and managed to complete a lot of trophies that I had given up as impossible for me to do. Now I'm encouraged and want to tackle another difficult game. I just haven't decided which one yet. Goal 4: Crack 100,000 in the World rankings Goal 5: Get my unearned trophies below 600. Goal 6: Reach the 100 platinums milestone. (currently at 76) I usually try to make my milestone platinums something meaningful or just one of my favorite games. This last year I hit the 50 platinums (Resident Evil) and 75 platinums (Demon's Souls PS3) milestones. Some games I'm considering for plat #100 include: Alan Wake, Kingdom Hearts II, Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy X. Those are some of my favorite games of all time. Not sure which one I'll choose or if I'll think of a different one. Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to a fun year in gaming! Happy trophy hunting!