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  1. I already played Crash 4, but I think it is a good month with that. It is one of the titles what made Playstation 1 good, and the 4th game is actually very nice. Arcadegeddon doesn't have trophies, I may play few rounds to see and I'll check Man of Medan, it seems an interesting game. All in all, I think it is a fairly good month.
  2. I just want to point out, one of the major reasons why this website/platform is great because of the community. When I say community, it is not just the forum posts, it includes the guides, comments on these guides, certain users (voluntarily or by part of some teams) who keeps helping people to make gaming more fun for everyone. It is true that this website enabled to create this community, but with complete honesty I didn't see such community like this in anywhere else (beyond gaming). I think it is very unique. That's why even though I am not part of the leaderboards, this is my #1 gaming site and also keep me close PS over other consoles 😅 Still, mostly all the goods things come to an end sadly. With the existing attitude and abandonment of this platform, it doesn't seem to have a bright future. The owner, for sure, earns a good amount of money thanks to his previous effort. But he doesn't use this money to give it back to community (i.e. hire few devs part-time). In the end, it is his choice, but don't worry even if this platform sinks at some point, there will be others in the future. Just play, have fun, and benefit from this community.
  3. Hi, I think this becomes a bigger need day by day, because there are a lot of games having both PS4 and PS5 trophy lists. The problem, in my opinion, is there could be a very useful information in a forum post of one version which is not visible to a player if following the other version. Of course, you can check other versions manually but this just an unnecessary user experience. i.e. This works beautifully for guides, you can have PS3 guide on a PS4 game page, and when you click guides you see all guides together for the title. My suggestion is merge the forums in terms of titles, instead of the version (this can include EU,NA,JP etc.) or at least update the box in the game page. Not sure how possible is it, but I realize this becomes a pain, and it also causes same topics/questions discussed in different versions whereas there could be one unified place.
  4. There is a penalty for AFK for sure, but I don't think there is a penalty for backing out before the game, yet I don't know. What happens if you are AFK for a few times is the game doesn't let you play online for a long time after. Yesterday I had to wait 2 hours and I am not sure if it accumulates (i.e. next time you are AFK it becomes 10 hours). It was saying 'failed to connect the server' however, when I tried with my US account at the same time with the same internet I could open the game. So, there is definitely some kind of moderation.
  5. I can confirm that playing 100 matches trophy is taking out the disconnected games. You need to see the end screen of the game, which popped me at 105 matches. However, I suspect the 1000 games doesn't need that as I saw in another post the trophy popped for people at exactly 1000 matches. The trophy definition is also different: "Took part in 1000 battles" vs. "Completed 100 battles as a X Type". Would be great if anyone can confirm this.
  6. There is an OP character in this game with a broken move: Toph. I used it for this one, hard arcade and 3 vs 1 game. Anyways, when you are going for all characters arcade trophy, you'll get it for sure, but Toph is an easy start. Here is a video guide, it is extremely easy with this character:
  7. Hi, after spending around +600 hours on one particular game, I finished my second list. This was the easiest (skill-wise) and hardest (patience-wise) 10/10 game so far. Although, they changed the difficulty to 9 now, I'll use 10 based on PlatPrices Here is my list: 1/10 - Spectrewoods - PSTrophies 2/10 - L.A. Noire - PSTrophies 3/10 - Mass Effect 3 - PSNP 4/10 - Hitman 3 - PSNP 5/10 - Immortal Fenyx Rising - PSTrophies 6/10 - Yakuza Kiwami 2 - PSNP 7/10 - Dark Souls 3 - PSNP 8/10 - Bloodborne - PSNP 9/10 - Vanquish - PSNP 10/10 - Diablo 2 - PlatPrices I think, this is it for 2022, thanks a lot for the challenge @Rebourne07! I played a couple of nice games that wasn't in my backlog. It is also nice to see what everyone is listing 😀
  8. Hey @Rebourne07 this is a very nice challenge and always a pleasure to join your challenges! It seems I am missing three genres as there isn't too many options, but I'll later look into it, if there is a game I would like to try. 4X: Action: Grand Theft Auto V Adventure: The Last of Us Remastered Arcade: Monster Energy Supercross Business: Cities: Skylines Card & Board Game: Energy Cycle Comedy: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Drama: Marvel's Spider-Man Educational: Memory Lane Erotic: Legends of Talia: Arcadia Fantasy: Bloodborne Fighting: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Hack and slash/Beat 'em up: God of War Historical: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Horror: Until Dawn Indie: Goat Simulator Kids: Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch MOBA: N/A Music: Radio Squid Mystery: Detroit: Become Human Non-fiction: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Open world: Red Dead Redemption 2 Party: That's You! Pinball: Platform: Crash Bandicoot: Warped Point-and-click: Grim Fandango Puzzle: The Witness Quiz/Trivia: Knowledge is Power Racing: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Real Time Strategy (RTS): Role-playing (RPG): The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Romance: Autumn's Journey Sandbox: Red Dead Redemption Science fiction: Horizon Zero Dawn Shooter: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Simulator: The Sims 4 Sport: NBA 2K20 Stealth: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Strategy: Assassin's Creed III Survival: Days Gone Tactical: Dragon Age: Inquisition Thriller: Batman: Arkham Knight Turn-based strategy (TBS): Worms Battlegrounds Visual Novel: Blind Men Warfare: Call of Duty: WWII And my biggest surprise was GTA San Andreas as Non-Fiction
  9. Sony just shared investor presentation today. It gives lots of insight where Playstation gaming will go in the future, but gaming is a very dynamic industry, so who knows. My key takeaways are: - DLCs will be more important in gaming or at least they expect to monetize them more. Hope this won't cause more unfinished base games. - F2P games have significant revenue share on digital spendings, so we might see more free games with microtransactions - I am not sure how they measured the existing PS Plus subscription satisfaction and achieved 33% extremely satisfied No one asked me in past 6 years - In slide 34, they say in 3 years the console releases will be only half of the releases by Sony, which is a significant and bold change. I don't think it will turn out that way, but wonder what they have in mind. - It seems PSVR2 will get 20+ 'major' games I don't want to be negative, but I personally don't like the shift to mobile gaming, F2P games, or tons of DLCs. Probably, it is because I am getting old and the popular gaming is changing with the new generation. I'll be happy with a few quality games per year anyways, there are much to play already. What is your thought?
  10. Amazing! Thank you
  11. No worries and thanks for the tool. It will be useful for other sites too, I really liked it. Would you know if it is possible to split the elements further? i.e. this Flagged for Removal part seems using the same element as Rarest Trophies box. So, is there a way to split these elements from each other?
  12. Hi @HusKy hope you are doing well. I have a suggestion for people myself who are off the leaderboards. Not sure how moral request is this, but I am sure most of the people still use this platform, play for fun and don't care leaderboards. I see more and more users without leaderboards on the main page. I personally love here for my own game tracking, forum community and UI (+your tool made this much better) so I am fine with leaderboard removal due to using a PS3 console I didn't own, I still continue playing and tracking my games. .. anyways, my suggestion is to put an option of removing the 'Flagged for Removal' part which is only visible for the user and mods. Since they already know they are off the leaderboard, they don't need to see this window all the time. Mods will still see it anyways. It is a quite annoying window tbh Is this something easy to add, and would you consider adding it?
  13. It seems not allowed, but maybe available somewhere else with 6 or 6.xx average rated
  14. Hi everyone, I am a PS person since PS1 and had all consoles except Vita (and not yet PS5). I never played Xbox except once at friend's home and it was mostly same. Tbh, I also don't care technical differences much, I feel all the games are kinda same for last 5 years, so I don't care about graphics much. If you asked me a year ago, the chance of getting an Xbox for me would be max. 10%, but now I am seriously around 50-50% and I wanted to get some opinion here if someone went through the same. Main pros are: - Backwards compatibility. I shocked when I saw that I could play Dragon Age Origins & II, TES:Morrowind, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Fallout 3 & NV, Witcher 2, Metal Gear HD collection and much much more I didn't check completely on Xbox Series X. No streaming, no stress over which game is included in PS Now or expiring etc. I also don't have PS Now enabled for my region. - Game Pass and day 1 releases. Doesn't seem Sony will be matching their swiftness for new games - Xbox exclusive games like Starlink, Outer Worlds 2 and TES6 - Better local pricing by Xbox (at least for my country) - Console itself is cheaper and easy to get Cons: - PS Exclusives: I don't care about Marvel games, and seems new GoW will be on PS4 too. So, I don't have anything to lose at least for next few years for now - My whole digital library consist PS games, so there is no way I can completely abandon PS ecosystem - PS Plus: I still have it until late 2024, so I will be playing both probably - Trophies: I am not sure if this is a con or not, it may be a blessing to free myself from trophies or achievement - I'll have two consoles when I am moving around which is an extra space My alternative would be getting a PS3 and move to PS5 later, mainly because I am craving for the previous generation games atm, but I also don't want to regret next year when Xbox exclusives start to kick in (i.e. Starlink) whereas for sure there isn't any huge exclusive for PS5 only. Did anyone make the shift or considering? Do I miss any point?
  15. Ah okay thanks, didn't see that post. Maybe preventing access to that page would be better then, it is hard to follow what is going on through different forum posts. I am sure this post won't help either, so you can remove if needed.